Blondest Bitches

Video: Blondest Bitches

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Femdom Empire

Goddess Brittany Andrews and Gigi Allens have been saving up a year’s worth of cum from the many slaves that have served them. The batch is finally ready to be served to a lowly male and they have just the boot bitch to make lick it all up!

The world would be a far better place if women ruled and penises were eradicated from the planet. Gigi & Brittany are making it their personal mission to disable as many penises as they can in their lifetime. They have brought 2 more males in their clinic to turn into docile eunuchs. These evil nurses transform their male patients appendages into little pussies.

Goddess Brittany Andrews and Gigi Allens team up to mercilessly fuck and destroy their slaves slut-hole. They each take turns passing the bitch back and forth while keeping each hole filled at all times, one in the mouth and one deep in his ass. No hole is safe when you are just an owned fuck-slut for two sadistic Goddesses.

Here at The Milking Clinic Nurses Gigi and Brittany make sure all male patients get every drop of sperm removed from their balls. The more testosterone that is taken from a man, the more obedient they become to the Female gender. No cum goes to waste at The Clinic as both Nurses scoop up his huge load and force it down the throat of their kept cuckold bitch.

Stars: Brittany Andrews, Gigi Allens, Marcelo

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Teen Thailand 11

Video: Teen Thailand 11

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Third World Media
Four all natural Asian cuties that love to suck and fuck foreign white men. They’re banging cock in Bangkok! It’s all bareback and all interracial all the time! These tiny teen Thai girls are searching for a bigger cock than Thai man’s, and they found it in these white dude tourists.

Stars: Brownie, Kandi, Pui, Manny

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Angela meets Christy Marks in Big Boob Paradise

Angela meets Christy Marks in Big Boob Paradise

Angela meets Christy Marks in Big Boob Paradise

Shot on-location in the Caribbean, this is Big Boob Paradise. Angela and Christy Marks, two of the most-popular SCORE super-models, get down and dirty on the beach. Here is what happens when two cover girls bump T&A. Clash of the tit-ans!

Who is the most-aggressive of the two? Both girls are aggressive. Both are passive. This one-and-only pairing has been called epic. They were separated by half the world, yet they became BBFs (Busty Breast Friends). This sex rave was a highlight of living in paradise for a week. They are the ultimate girls-next-door.

You’ll see how fascinated they were by each other’s super-bodies as they explore their nipples, wet cunts, asses and every other erogenous zone a chick has.

Angela White, hands down,” said bikini-buster Christy when she was asked who was her favorite to do girl-girl with. “She was really into it. Personality-wise, she was the best, too!”

The biggest tourist attraction in Sydney, Australia, Angela was equally excited about her beach blanket bang partner.

“Christy’s boobs are just out of this world!” Angela said. “I think they are the biggest I’ve ever seen, especially on a girl who is as slender as Christy. That makes her even more phenomenal than most others.”

See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!

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The Tits Make The Dress

The Tits Make The Dress

The Tits Make The Dress

“You would not see me walking down the street and think, ‘She is a slut,'” Arianna told us. “I dress sporty and usually cover up my boobs. I don’t like people to stare, and I know they can’t help it when I dress in a way that shows off my chest.”

Two things about that:

1. In these photos, Arianna is wearing a dress that, on just about any woman in the world, would be described as casual, sporty and not revealing at all. But Arianna’s body is so bodacious that she takes the simplest dress and makes it eye-catching. G-cup boobs will do that to clothing.
2. Even though Arianna is dressed relatively modestly in these pictures, make sure you check out the matching video, in which Arianna walks into our makeshift studio in Prague, Czech Republic wearing an outfit that must be seen to be believed. So that comment about usually covering up her boobs? Apparently, this day wasn’t “usually.”

Check it out and you’ll see what we mean.

See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!

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Weeping Willows Celebs Nude And Crying

Video: Weeping Willows Celebs Nude And Crying

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Mr. Skin
While these actresses need tissues for their tears, your need them to mop up the load you’ll drop after you catch an eyeful of nudity. It’s in these times of sadness that have given us some of the best times of flesh-filled fun.

Mischa Barton reveals her rump and rack in Closing the Ring,

Julianne Nicholson shucks off her clothes to show off her three B’s in Flannel Pajamas,

Jennifer Stock gives up her bush, butt, and boobs in Bloodsucking Freaks,

Caroline Cave puts on a full-frontal performance in This Beautiful City,

Kelly Preston gets her blouse ripped and her rack exposed in 52 Pick-Up,

Paz de la Huerta bares every inch of her faux pregnant form in Boardwalk Empire,

Monica Bellucci makes with her massive mams, then she shows muff and seat meat in L’ultimo capodanno,

Maggie Gyllenhaal serves up all three B’s in Strip Search,

Elizabeth Shue shows some skin in the shower in Leaving Las Vegas,

Diane Lane reveals some nippage in Must Love Dogs,

Béatrice Dalle teases tits and bush in Betty Blue,

Barbara Hershey shows it all in Drowning on Dry Land,

Kate Winslet wows us with her totally nude body in Holy Smoke!,

Emma Booth’s boobies peek out from behind her hair in Underbelly,

Sissy Spacek towels off her nip-tastic pair in Carrie,

Shinobu Terajima teases looks at her T&A in Vibrator,

Leah Viens-Gordon shows her suck sacks while Alison Whitney gets weepy in Hooking Up,

Sandrine Kiberlain goes full-frontal in For Sale,

Beverly D’Angelo boobs out in the shower in Women in Film,

Kerry Fox reveals her plump pair while riding a dude in The Last Tattoo,

Sigourney Weaver shows off her suck sacks in A Map of the World,

Ashleigh Snyder teases some titty in Still Green,

Christelle Benoît puts on a three B performance in Desire,

April Potter bares boobs and bush in This Hallow Sacrament.

These gals will guarantee that there won’t be a dry guy in the place!

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The Unbelievable Ass

The Unbelievable Ass

The Unbelievable Ass

With girls, things usually go one of two ways. A girl will either have big-ass titties and a small butt, or she’ll have a phat apple bottom and some tittle bitties. Well, don’t say that to our girl Daylene. This chick is 46-30-48. In other words, if we held a bad bitch contest, she’d probably be in first place.

“I’ve modeled for SCORE for a long time,” Daylene said. “But I felt like my ass never got the attention it deserved from guys who look at my videos and photos.”

“I’m the best tit-fucker in the world,” she said. “And I love being face-fucked. That’s just foreplay for me, though. After face-fucking me, I want him to turn me around and fuck me from the back. Doggy style.”

So, we can fuck her tits, mouth and ass? Call Daylene a triple threat.

See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

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