Tiny Blondes Get Fucked

Video: Tiny Blondes Get Fucked

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Haley is changing into sexy lingerie for a photoshoot, when she catches the homeowner eyeing her bootyful bod! The only way to convince the prude to let the show go on is to ride his massive cock right there on the patio.

When Kirk got a hard-on massaging Sierra Nicole, she was more than happy to suck him off. Already naked and wet, it wasn’t long before Kirk and Sierra were fucking doggystyle on the floor. This spinner even swallowed his tasty cumshot before the hour was up!

What do you do when you see your stepsister naked? Keep filming, of course! Jade is mad at first, but when she sees Kyle’s massive dick grow hard in his pants, she pulls it out for a quick suck and fuck before their parents arrive and catch them!

Eliza’s neighbor spies on her swimming naked in his pool, then hides her clothes to teach her a lesson! But this hot teen blonde is more than willing to beg his forgiveness, sucking his big dick and offering her tight teen pussy for a hard pounding.

Kimberly Moss was upset that her date stood her up, but when she caught her pervy roommate masturbating to her while naked in the shower, she forgot all about him. This nympho was already so horny, so she joined her roommate and fucked his big dick!

Stars: Eliza Jane, Haley Reed, Jade Amber, Kimberly Moss, Sierra Nicole

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Dirty Coach 5

Video: Dirty Coach 5

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Sandra is the definition of naughty. In this set, she pretends to need some help with her flexibility in order to get into this big hung dude’s pants. Well, it’s not like he’s gonna stop her! Watch cute petite Sandra stick her super hot bum in the air, get fucked with her flexy legs spread wide, and pulled up in the air for a stunning stand-up 69 fuck.

Izi wants personalized workout guidance. Let’s see what kind of guidance she can get from our perpetually horny instructor! That outfit is too tight and too revealing for him not to start feeling her up almost right away. These shorts go off easily and soon he’s poking both her holes with his throbbing tool. Izi loves it, and she loves getting her pussy all glazed!

Kortny is a sportive teenage cutie, who adores action, sports and fucking. Being seduced by a dirty couch during one of her private training sessions, she is involved into amazing fucking. He licks her sweet pussy and she sucks his big and hard rod in return. Afterwards, he nails this horny bitch as hard as its possible. She moans and screams getting a lot of pleasure. Finally, he cums on her face and soft lips.

Candy tries to concentrate on her workout but she just can’t stop thinking about what her instructor has in his pants. He must feel it, because he starts caressing her ultra tight tits and has her mouth all over his dick in like seconds. Check out flexible Candy bend her body in most amazing ways as the dude keeps pummeling her pussy.

Stars: Candy C., Izi, Kortny, Sandra C.

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Cum Eating Cuckolds 36 – Ode To The Cuckold

Video: Cum Eating Cuckolds 36 - Ode To The Cuckold

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Kick Ass

Audrey Noir has a new stud to suck and fuck as her sissy boy is made to watch. Her new stud was so horny, he shot a huge load in Aubrey’s tight pink pussy and let sissy boy clean it up.

Maya Morena is tired of her tiny pecker sissy boy. She calls one of her big dick studs to get her off. Don’t worry, sissy boy won’t go in the closet this time. He’ll be watching every minute of it and lick that last drop of cum like it was his last meal.

Victoria Valentine loves to get off riding a hard stiff cock and making her husband watch and join in. She meant sucking dick too. She takes the hot messy cream pie and makes her sissy husband clean it up.

Stars: Audrey Noir, Maya Morena, Victoria Valentine (i), Donnie Rock, Logan Long

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Pleasure Productions 2062 – 3-Way Honeymoon

Video: Pleasure Productions 2062 - 3-Way Honeymoon

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Alpha Beta Media

Number 2062 from Pleasure Productions

Jim and Bobby can’t believe their luck getting Angela to come party in their motel room. They don’t know whether to feel her up or to strip her first. Both haul out their heavy ricks and Angela’s tiny young mouth is soon sucking on both big boners at once. Hungry for heavy action she sits on Jim’s fat dick and Bobby pushes his hard cock right up her incredibly tight ass. Both spurt heavy loads, climaxing their passionate embrace.

Stars: Crystal Dawn, Angelo Rivera, David Morris

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Fucking Brit MILFs

Video: Fucking Brit MILFs

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Tamber Videos

I’ve wanted to play with Vickie P for a long time and I finally got the chance to do so. I was not disappointed, she is great fun and I really enjoyed myself, I told her to be as dirty as she likes and she did not hold back, she loved spitting on my cock and balls, she also spat on my chest and even my face, I fucking loved it. I got to finger her, lick her out and fuck her bareback. She played with my cock and balls, sucking and licking and I finished off by blowing a good load over her big tits. I will be playing with her again.

I met Emma on an escorting site, she agreed that I could film our meet. She is a bit sub and enjoys giving blowjobs, giving and receiving rimming and getting well fucked. She took my jizz straight in her mouth and she swallowed.

I saw Diamond advertising on Twitter. She has done shots for a couple of studios and wanted more work, I wanted a fuck, so I contacted her. Arrangements were made for her to be brought to my place by her husband. At 4 foot 11 inches tall she is a pocket rocket. She has had her areolas tattooed into heart shapes. Her tits are big too! Very suckable. Her husband decided to go for a walk while his wife and I played together. We started off with Diamond sucking on my cock, she has great blowjob skills. Next, I went down on her, her pussy tasted good. As I was licking her out her husband returned, he went and stood in the kitchen. I was now ready to fuck Diamond, she got on her hands and knees on the settee and I slipped my cock into her wet pussy, she was a good fuck, very enjoyable. I asked her to hand me her panties as we were fucking, I sniffed them as we played together. That turned me on even more. I knew that I was ready to shoot my load, so we sat together and Diamond used lube on my cock and started giving me a handjob. It was not long before she had me shooting my load. It felt good.

Stars: Diamond, Emma, Vickie P.

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My Girlfriend’s Mom 2 – All The Way Up Her Ass

Video: My Girlfriend's Mom 2 - All The Way Up Her Ass

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Sally D’angelo
It’s been about a year now that I’ve been fucking my girlfriends mother, we’ve been quite the couple fucking every chance we get, (so far undetected) …let me explain, the annual family get-a-way to a luxury resort started out fantastic , Mom (I call her mom) and I planned on getting there a day early before everyone else and like usual we started fucking the minute we landed , she has a surprise for me, she wants my big 10 inch fat cock up her tight asshole (my girlfriend never lets me up there) as a matter of fact I have never fucked any girl in the ass before, (it’s heaven guys) that tight lil bum, as I am slamming home my 10 incher I CUM deep in her ass and spray the extra all over her but butt cheeks and crack… as we’re laying in bed we hear what we think is the maid, FUCK NO it’s her husband (my future father in law) no fucking way can this be happening (but it is) …he says “thought I would surprise you, honey, are you surprised”…

Stars: Sally D’Angelo, Big Red

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