Girlcore 2

Video: Girlcore 2

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Adult Time
Scene 1 – Jane (April O’Neil) is deep in her dreams when her bedside phone rings and wakes her up. When Jane’s boss Veronica (Alexis Fawx) wants her at the office, she has no choice but to get dressed and get herself there pronto, despite her boyfriend’s protests.Jane knocks on the door and her boss is right there waiting for her. She stares at her blankly, asks her to sit down and start typing. But Jane can’t keep up and Veronica is furious. She looks at her subordinate for a moment and can’t believe what she’s wearing. The girl looks like she’s about to go to the gym! Veronica scoffs at her appearance and tells her she’s certainly pretty enough to fix herself up properly. Does she need her boss to do everything for her? Veronica certainly thinks so!She leads her to the next room where she has a dress waiting for her. As Jane tries to leave the room to change, Veronica raises her voice telling her there’s no need for that, she’ll be changing here. Her eyes emanate control, no is not an option. If the boss wants Jane to get naked, she’ll do what she is told. As she takes off her clothes, Veronica is sitting on the couch enjoying the view. Her eyes pierce through Jane’s soul, Jane feels uncomfortable but knows she must proceed.Veronica gets up and pulls the elastic off Jane’s hair and starts applying makeup on her face. She’s going to make Jane look like a real business woman if it’s the last thing she does. She paints her toenails and gives her a pair of high heels. Now that she fits the part, it’s time to get some work done. Jane sits down and starts typing again but when her boss can’t stop looking at her, it looks like the girls will be working overtime in more ways than one!

Scene 2 – The last thing Miranda (Kristen Scott) wants to do is meet her dad’s new girlfriend, Marjorie (Chanel Preston). She’s NOT impressed by the whole thing, so she does everything she can to grind his nerves. Even while sitting in the car in front of Marjorie’s home, she ignores her father (Tommy Gunn) as he begs for her to be on her best behavior this weekend.In a huff, Miranda leads the way to the front door. Marjorie sweetly greets her, though Miranda’s not won over by her charm. She’s even less hyped about the whole weekend when it’s revealed that Marjorie has two twin daughters. Great, it looks like Miranda’s going to have to babysit. Her bitterness turns into morbid curiosity as the two practically identical teenage girls descend the staircase with their hands clasped together. Becky (Jenna Sativa) and Vicky (Shyla Jennings) are bright and cheerful, wearing cutesy pink and white dresses that make Miranda want to gag. When Marjorie announces that it’s dinnertime, Miranda’s thankful for the distraction. As she jabs at her sushi, she eyes the twins sitting across from her. There’s something… off… about them, but she can’t quite place a finger on it. She reaches down to the foot of her chair where her bag is, hoping that she remembered to pack a snack, and catches the twins holding hands beneath the table. She was NOT expecting to see that! Unaware of what’s going on, Marjorie brings up how she and her late husband adopted the two girls, from two different countries, to give them a fresh start. ‘So they’re not even real twins?’ Miranda asks with raised brows. A mischievous idea starts forming in Miranda’s mind…After dinner, they all move to the living room to settle down and watch a family movie together. Miranda enacts her plan and insists that her dad and Marjorie go out on a date. They don’t get to see each other often, so why not take the chance? She and the girls can take care of themselves while they’re out. Although the parents are hesitant at first, they’re excited at the idea of a change of pace… which is exactly what Miranda is counting on. It isn’t long before her persuasive powers have them scurrying out the door like giddy teenagers. Once the girls are alone, Miranda grins and begins the seduction. She puts on a ‘romance’ movie, but it quickly becomes obvious that it’s just lesbian smut. Becky and Vicky are uncertain about what’s unfolding, especially once Miranda starts simultaneously caressing their hands and knees, but they don’t tell her to stop. Although Becky and Vicky seem so innocent, they gradually become aroused as Miranda palms their cute pussies through their clothes, casting them sly looks. Now she sweet talks them into kissing each other, knowing that they’re attracted to each other. She takes those sweet darling twins and brings out a rebellious side they’ve never seen before as they lose themselves in a fiery threesome. Maybe this weekend won’t be so bad after all.

Stars: Alexis Fawx, April O’Neil, Chanel Preston, Jenna Sativa, Kristen Scott, Shyla Jennings, Tommy Gunn

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My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 4

Video: My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 4

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Kinky Europe Productions

Scene 1 “The slave and cuckolds reward” (Nikky Thorne – Vicky)

Nikky is rewarding her slave, and allows him to lick her pussy before bringing him a cock hungry 19
year old. Nikky and Vicky give Nikky’s slave a good blowjob. Nikky jerks his dick when he is at the spot,
and he cums in Vicky’s face. Then it is time for the cuckold’s reward. Nikky calls him over, and just says, “you know what to do!” Eagerly he licks the cum from Vicky’s face and the two of them start to cum kiss.

Scene 2 “Cum slut secretary” (Nikky Thorne – Vicky)

Nikky is fed up with her husband who never is home. So when she comes into the house and finds him
relaxing on the sofa, she instantly starts seducing him. She lets him lick her pussy, and rub his dick
along her pussy.
But he will not get this pussy!
Nikky has already captured his secretary, and leads her into the living room. If they do not do
whatever Nikky wants them to, she will post videos of them, and they will loose their job! So her
husband is led to lick her pussy, before she is giving him a blowjob.
Nikky makes her climb his dick, and start riding it, before he fucks her doggy style. Nikky is enjoying
the power over her no good husband, and his slut secretary. Nikky makes them fuck until he comes,
and her husband comes over Vicky’s face. Then she looks like the cum slut she really is!
Then she tells him that the marriage is over, and Vicky will lose her job!

Stars: Nikky Thorne, Vicky

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Lesbian Femdom 90

Video: Lesbian Femdom 90

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Kinky Europe Productions
It’s time for another edition of lesbian femdom! This edition features Daniela, Princess Nikki and Angel Vicky. The movie starts out Princess Nikki and Daniela sitting on the couch and chatting, both girls are in a flirty mood and end up licking each other’s lady parts! Second scene showcases extremely hot lesbian actions in the shower!

Stars: Angel Vicky, Daniela, Princess Nikki

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