Debutantes In The Rain – Leah Luv

Video: Debutantes In The Rain - Leah Luv

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Acid Rain

In this episode of Debutantes in the Rain, Ed and Mitch discuss how looks can be deceiving. Leah Luv is known for having a youthful, innocent look complete with braces. But, Mitch recalls, she had a hard edge to her. She is a no-nonsense girl who takes no guff. But, she takes a cock exceptionally well as you can see in her very first scene with Ed in 2003 and then she gets nasty along with Tiana Lynn and Lee Stone in I Dig Em in Pigtails .

Ed Powers and Mitchell Spinelli are two iconic directors in adult entertainment. Ed shot many adult performers early in their careers before they went on to become famous porn stars working for feature directors like Mitchell Spinelli. Ed and Mitch have collaborated on this new compilation series where they will give their first impressions of many of the well known porn stars who performed for both of them and then show you the scenes from each director.

Stars: Leah Luv, Tiana Lynn, Ed Powers, Lee Stone

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Faye Runaway vs. 29 Loads

Video: Faye Runaway vs. 29 Loads

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Brandon Iron Productions
I met Faye when a mutual friend introduced her to me. The friend wanted to fuck her and promised her a bunch of work, placing a lot of pressure on himself to deliver. My slick silver tongue bargained hard with her and convinced her that she could fuck her friend and earn an immediate payday if she would be so kind as to do a bukkake, too. I was the most surprised person in the room when she agreed! Faye serviced 29 cocks in total, and I was fortunate to be the lead one. She ate my load with ease and the next night the bukkake party went down at a nearby studio in Canoga Park, California. She returned once more to swallow 4 more loads, finding herself in yet another sticky situation. The takeaway lesson I learned from this tattooed teen freak? Never underestimate a newbie’s cumslut potential. She just might be a bigger pervert than you are

Stars: Faye Runaway

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Blondest Bitches

Video: Blondest Bitches

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Femdom Empire

Goddess Brittany Andrews and Gigi Allens have been saving up a year’s worth of cum from the many slaves that have served them. The batch is finally ready to be served to a lowly male and they have just the boot bitch to make lick it all up!

The world would be a far better place if women ruled and penises were eradicated from the planet. Gigi & Brittany are making it their personal mission to disable as many penises as they can in their lifetime. They have brought 2 more males in their clinic to turn into docile eunuchs. These evil nurses transform their male patients appendages into little pussies.

Goddess Brittany Andrews and Gigi Allens team up to mercilessly fuck and destroy their slaves slut-hole. They each take turns passing the bitch back and forth while keeping each hole filled at all times, one in the mouth and one deep in his ass. No hole is safe when you are just an owned fuck-slut for two sadistic Goddesses.

Here at The Milking Clinic Nurses Gigi and Brittany make sure all male patients get every drop of sperm removed from their balls. The more testosterone that is taken from a man, the more obedient they become to the Female gender. No cum goes to waste at The Clinic as both Nurses scoop up his huge load and force it down the throat of their kept cuckold bitch.

Stars: Brittany Andrews, Gigi Allens, Marcelo

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MILFs Like It Black #7

Video: MILFs Like It Black #7

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Darla Crane

This week we’re raising money for Lil’ Regg cause he busted his head and now is in a coma, and we can’t pay for his doctors bills. Anyways, we were taking calls and greedy fucking is picking up MILFs over the phone! Crafty bastard gets Darla Crane!

Andy San Dimas

We’ve got Bugsi shooting his music video for “My Swag”. As usual, we would rather trade services instead of getting the IRS taxing us on our money. So, we got Jon Jon to fuck the music video producer Andy San Dimas.

Lisa & Brooklyn

Amazingly, Lil’ Regg wakes up from his fucking coma! Well now we’re in shit ‘cause we got to pay his doctor bills. So fuck it. We’ll kill him and collect the death insurance money…just kidding. But we did fake his death, and invited a bunch of MILFs.

Ashley Winters

After performing Lil’ Regg’s fake funeral, the MLB crew decides to put him on the payroll and give him his first paycheck of $118.83, but Lil’ Regg’s moment doesn’t last for long when the feds show up. Ashley Winters is back for some more fucking.

Stars: Andy San Dimas, Ashley Winters, Brooklyn Jade, Darla Crane, Lisa DeMarco, Nicky Hunter, Flash Brown, Jon Jon, Lucas Stone

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Spanking Climax

Video: Spanking Climax

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Shadow Lane
When charming Adriana confides she longs for a truly erotic scene, Brian knows that she wants to be spanked until she comes. He uses expert rope bondage to expose the lovely submissive’s treasures, spanks her stunning bottom until she writhes and squirms, then devastates her with a golden buttplug. After a sustained session of stinging corporal punishment and deft manipulation, Adriana is thrilled to give it up to this experienced and amiable spanking master.

Stars: Adriana Evans, Brian Tarsis

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