Muscle Vixen’s Exotic Stripper Domination

Video: Muscle Vixen's Exotic Stripper Domination

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What could be more exciting and enjoyable than having an exotic Muscle Stripper come to your hotel room for a private Lap Dance? Well guys, sit right back and enjoy this one . . . this Stripper is Brazilian and drop dead gorgeous! Muscle Vixen puts on a great show with some great tits to boot!

Did you know that Exotic Dancers can also dominate their men through wrestling moves? Well . . . this Exotic Muscle Dancer Muscle Vixen is doing just that in this video with a man that is almost twice her size! Look how easily she makes him melt in her hands and between her long muscular thighs.

Muscle Vixen has been absolutely inexhaustible in her domination of this large man while doing a very exotic lap dance for him. She has demanded that he worship her muscles and feet, then it’s back to head squeezing him with her luscious shapely glutes, then more head scissors sitting on top of his back until finally he is exhausted, but she has one last trick up her sleeve to pull on him. . . proving her victory and rule over him!!

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