Tiffany’s Secret Life

Video: Tiffany's Secret Life

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Tiffany is the perfect wife. Shes very sexy and is always on her best behavior. But Michael is about to find out what she does when he’s not home! He pretends to go to work but comes back and catches Tiffany in the act of having cyber sex. That was the first sign. Little does he know that when he’s not home she also brings other women into their bedroom. But when he finds out he’s not only interested in this secret life of Tiffany’s but he wants to join in!

Stars: Molly Saint-Rose, Tiffany Leiddi, Michael Cheritto

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Flexible Females

Video: Flexible Females

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Mr. Skin

These ladies have the moves and the flexibility to enthuse, entertain, and send tingles to your main vein. If you like seeing nude chicks do the splits and bend like a pretzel, you’re really going to enjoy this playlist.

Pixie Le Knot teases a look at her thong-clad crotch in Game of Thrones,

Denna Thomsen shows off her moves and her sweet milk duds in Fjögur píanó Video,

Tammy Morris gives us a look at her fit fanny while getting pounded by Dane Cook in Good Luck Chuck,

Carrie Ann Inaba puts on a topless show on the pole in Madonna: The Girlie Show,

Carolkim Tran does some three B-baring interpretive dancing in The Bathers,

Wanda Mendres undresses and impresses us with her three Bs in Police des moeurs,

Zoli, Bambu, Posh, Rambo, and James Suicide do some totally naked yoga in SuicideGirls: Guide to Living,

Francis Raines isn’t shy. She shucks her clothes for a rump, rack, and rug exercise routine in Breeders,

Ariane Labed wipes away the tears and gets topless while proving her flexibility in Alps,

Spanky Doll lifts her leg to tease her hairy box in Bloodspit,

Nadine Velazquez stretches in a skimpy outfit on My Name is Earl,

Taylor St. Clair and Ahmo Hight both get totally nude and leztastically close in Hotel Exotica,

Taimie Hannum puts on a topless, thong-baring show on the pole in The Awakening of Gabriella,

Jessica Saint flaunts every inch of her tight body by the pool in Poolside Heat,

JoeLean does her stretching routine in the buff in First Nudist Retreat,

Meg Tilly proves her flexibility but shows no skin in The Big Chill,

and Yvonne Racz reveals some rackage while getting drilled on the dance floor in The Next Step.

These flexible femmes will have you stretching out the elastic in your underwear!

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Ella The Sex Addict (French Language)

Video: Ella The Sex Addict (French Language)

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Marc Dorcel
Ella is a true sex maniac. Thanks to her position as an accountant in one the the big companies in the London “City”, she manages to show herself as a strict, rigid and flawless woman. Between her charts and sales figures, her private and business lives follow a very strict pattern. But two nights per week, her sexual impulse takes over and reveals a whole different character. Not being able to restrain her desires, Ella turns into a huntress. Pubs, private clubs or even a simple public park, her hunting territory is limitless. Her preys, men and women from all classes, alone or in groups only serve her needs, without any feelings. Once she’s done with them, Ella goes back to her regular life… until next time.

Stars: Cara Saint-Germain, Ella Hughes, Lucia Love, Ava Austen, Emilio Ardana, Dru Hermes, Dorian Del Isla, Erik Everhard, Freddy Flavas

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Plan Reel Deluxe

Video: Plan Reel Deluxe

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Marc Dorcel

As a general rule, porn actresses and actors only fuck each other. Yet today, just for you, they have agreed to take real amateurs into their home, for a meeting that is just as hot as it is exceptional. Sophia and her husband have the chance to share a scene with one of the hottest couples of the XXX world, the Spanish Alexa and Joel Tomas. After a very short presentation, the two amateurs, far from being intimidated, will benefit very much from the opportunity given them to play as much as they want with the bodies of the two pros.

Before becoming one of the most renowned French x-rated stars of her generation, Manon Martin was initiated into porn by her girlfriend Lola Rêve. A brunette and a hot blonde like embers, two well-hung guys and you will be entitled to an ultra exciting scene.

Between two planes, Anissa Kate agreed to shoot a hardcore scene with one of her favorite actors, Pascal St James. When two pros are found, the pleasure is assured.

Stars: Manon Martin, Sophia, Anissa Kate, Lola Reve, Alexa Tomas, Joel Tomas, Guillaume Valmer, Josh, Fabio, Pascal Saint James

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Cara & Lucy Escorts Deluxe (English)

Video: Cara & Lucy Escorts Deluxe (English)

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Marc Dorcel

Mina, Cléa, Cara, Lucy et Anna are high end escorts. This very special activity allows them to travel the world, visit the most beautiful cities in the world and meet rich business men to fulfill their most perverse fantasies. They each have their own specialty and the ability to satisfy all their customers’ demands, even the weirdest ones. These are the reasons why these men call them so often. Their outfits are always the same : The finest lingerie, high heels highlighting the curves of their legs. These five young women all have one goal: make their partners come.

For her first appointment of the day, Mina enter a flat where two tied and masked men are waiting for her. The two strangers will take full advantage of their Mistress’ body and holes. Today, Cléa meets a man who has a fantasy for French maids. After putting on her outfit, the young women will clean much more than the furniture. Cara is a very experienced escort who loves to dominate the men who call her. Ricky, her partner for the day will have to obey her before eventually be given the right to please his dominatrix.

Later that day, Mina has an appointment in a rich Parisian flat where she meets Yanick, a man with a huge libido and an even bigger sex. This won’t scare the young pleasure expert. Fully convinced by Cara’s sexual abilities, Ricky has invited her to a party with some friends. The only condition is that she brings a girlfriend along. Lucy, a blonde girl with a body to die for but still a rookie will join her. Two will be just what it takes to satisfy the four male guests. Anna just received an emergency call from Joel, Mina’s first “”date””. Although he was entirely satisfied by his first partner, he needed more. It will take all the beautiful Russian’s experience to fulfill him completely.

Stars: Anna Polina, Lucy Heart, Cara Saint-Germain, Mina Sauvage, Clea Gaultier, Rico Simmons, Ricky Mancini, Joel Tomas, Ian Scott, Jakub Forman

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