Gangbang Creampie – Squirters Edition

Video: Gangbang Creampie - Squirters Edition

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I knew it was going to be a great day when this hot little Latina walked through the door in her short see thru dress without a bra on. She asked me if she should change before we went out in public, that was a easy question to answer. The server at the restaurant could not keep his eyes off her hard nipples pointing thru her dress, needless to say our service was outstanding. We even got her to remove her panties at the table and spread her legs wide enough to see what she called “bat wing pussy lips.” On the way to the gangbang station Mitt had some fun with her in the backseat of the car getting her warmed up for the cocksmen that were waiting for her arrival. Once she was on the bench it did not take long for the cocksmen to start having their way with her. She took on 5 Creampies, 2 facials, got fucked missionary, doggie and reverse cowgirl. One of the most interesting things I found about this scene was her ability to have squirting orgasms one after another.

It’s time to start fucking, filling, and feeding to begin. Sadie starts off in those almost nonexistent jean shorts and that cute top. The guys get her naked quick fast and in a hurry and don’t hesitate to start filling her mouth, hands, and pussy with cock. She’s a squirter so it gets slick quick, but at least this time she doesn’t fall off the bench…. The guys go down town on her then all take a turn testing out her pussy. She gets two loads back to back, then rides before taking a load doggy style. We get out the BUZZBUZZ machine and get that pussy even wetter. She gets spit roasted and takes a load while sucking a cock. She takes 6 loads in her sweet pussy. The #Cocksmen finish her off with a nice facial and because she isn’t dirty enough apparently gets cum and spit all down her tits and stomach. She definitely got covered and needs to get cleaned up!

Stars: Leana Debrov, Sadie Santana, Elmo, Focker, Kyle, Mason (M), Mitt, The Colonel, Thomas, Token, Tony

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Totally Naked Under The Sun, As Nature Intended It

Totally Naked Under The Sun, As Nature Intended It

Totally Naked Under The Sun, As Nature Intended It

Living doll Demmy Blaze arrived from Ukraine with lots of special bikinis, bras and lingerie. Demmy is also a bra model for Brazerie in addition to her other posing pursuits so she knows everything about one of the greatest inventions in history.

This trip was an adventure for Demmy, allowing her to meet some of the girls she has admired. She was thrilled and excited to share a week with them in paradise.

“Demmy is soft and kind, but she’s definitely not shy,” her photographer wanted to point out. “She’s sweet and gentle. She doesn’t have a strong personality. She’s mellow.”

After Demmy gets totally naked and shows her pussy for the first time on-camera, she heads over to the outdoor shower to soap up and rinse down her perfect, hourglass body and dangling breasts. A nearby hammock is a good place to relax afterwards.

See More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!

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Will It Fit?

Video: Will It Fit?

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Fantasy Massage

Scene 1: Will It Fit?

Buddy Hollywood’s pregame ritual always starts at the Nuru Massage with his favorite masseuse. Angel Smalls will be taking care of him today, and has all the details of how particular Buddy can be. Angel undresses and Buddy is definitely impressed evident by his half erect cock. After a quick rinse down in the shower, Angel guides Buddy into the bathtub and begins sucking on his massive cock. Angel tries to sit on it but her pussy is too tight for such a huge shaft. Angel comes up with a plan to stretch her pussy out on the Nuru bed. She lathers their bodies in gel and slides his cock between her tits and hungry mouth. Angel turns around and tries to put his huge cock in her tight pussy again with a little patience and persistence, his shaft is absorbed inside Angel’s tight wet hole. She rides his cock vigorously, changing positions, and moaning in pure ecstasy until she is awarded a nice load of hot jizz over her shaved pussy lips!

Scene 2: My Sons Friend

Codey Steele’s been hot for Mikey’s mom Jaclyn Taylor since high school, so when his buddy runs late for gym plans, Codey naturally accepts her invitation to hang out. But when she offers him a massage for that pain in his shoulder, Codey admits he would rather to see a chiropractor or osteopath. When Jaclyn insists that she is a professional masseuse, Codey confesses it would be awkward, because she’s Mikey’s mom. Jaclyn assures him, she massages all of Mikey’s friends. Codey finally concedes, reticent but excited. He’s jerked off to Jaclyn on many occasions. A massage from her sure would be nice. But Codey’s not expecting a naked massage covered in stringy lube. She calls it Nuru Gel, and spreads it across his back and all over her body. She slinks on top of him working out his kinks, and his cock stiffens under her weight and wetness. She wants him to do as she says, because she’s Mikey’s mom. She wants his cock in her mouth. Then, slurping his cock with her magnificent lips, she tells him to fuck her pussy, or she’ll tell his mom he’s been a bad boy. And he’s not allowed to cum until he begs. Pumping her pussy with his thick cock, he begs her to drain the cum from his balls. She fucks his cock with her MILF pussy and he cums hard!

Scene 3: Landlord Have Mercy?

Struggling spa owner Lyra Law realizes she can’t afford to pay her rent this month. When the landlord’s son Codey Steele comes to collect, Lyra proposes a barter arrangement and offers Codey a massage with an extra happy ending. Codey knows he can’t go back to his father empty handed, but when he hears that his dear old dad never accepts favors in exchange for rent money, he develops a soft spot for Lyra’s plight. He hears she gives good massages; maybe they can work something out. They go into the NURU massage room where she inflates his cock with fellatio. The waif blonde offers him a shower, but he wants to hurry up and get down to business. Lyra’s not being kinky enough in the bath, she’ll have to ramp up her performance if she wants to barter the full amount of her rent. He stands up just about ready to bolt, pointing at her accusingly with his erection. She appeases him and swallows his meat. She bends over and shows him her pussy, and he takes her from behind till he’s just about to cum. But she stops him, and instructs him to get on the mat. He lies down on his stomach and she slathers the NURU gel over his body and hers. She glides over him seductively, while he tries to grope her naked pussy that’s making all kinds of contact with his skin. She turns him over and adds more NURU gel. She sits her juicy pussy on his hard cock and fucks him. Then she slinks her gelled up body all over him and sucks on his cock and balls. He fucks her deeply sideways till he mattes her hairy pussy with a deposit of spunk! Will that cover her rent? Click to find out!

Scene 4: Engagement Present

Before fiancé T. Stone gets married, his uncle brings him to his wife Sarah Vandella’s spa for a last hoorah, a NURU massage experience that his uncle wisely advises will pay dividends during his marriage, by alleviating possible regret and resentment over the fun he didn’t have before settling down at an early age. Uncle Stone leaves his nephew with Aunt Sarah, and they head to the NURU room to meet the girl who will be his masseuse. But Aunt Sarah throws T. Stone for a loop when she announces that she will be the attending masseuse today. T. Stone is very confused about the propriety of her suggestion, but the MILF reminds him she’s only his step aunt. In that case, he agrees to go along with the engagement present, and follows her naked into the shower. She also reminds him that cleanliness is next to godliness while sudsing up his cock with soapy water. Next in the bathtub, the groom-to-be asks for reassurance that what they’re doing is okay, right before Aunt Sarah puts his cock in her mouth. She even let’s him have a taste of her MILF pussy. Then they head onto the mat for the NURU treatment. She slathers him with NURU gel, which feels cold but amazing. Aunt Sarah is very attentive to her step nephew as she slides her slippery body up and down his. He loves the pressure she’s applying, her naked pussy is working wonders to relieve the tension in his muscles, especially when she turns him dick side up and starts slurping. While she works his groin, she pivots her ass over his face and lets him feast on her glistening pussy. Making sure he gets the full service before he pops, she mounts his cock and takes a pounding with her pussy. Aunt Sarah cums lickity split rubbing her asshole at the same time. T. Stone side loads his favorite aunt and makes her cum again. She rides him reverse cowboy locking his cock in her pussy grip. He ravages her pussy, fucking her hard till he busts a nut, giving her a creampie! Will T. Stone’s cum be the evidence that gets Aunt Sarah in trouble with her hubby? Click to find out!

Scene 5: Me So Horny

Petite Japanese masseuse Marica Hase doesn’t speak a word of English, and her client Justin Hunt can’t understand his service options. He’s interested in a NURU massage but doesn’t know what it’s about, and she can’t communicate in his language. So, the consummate massage professional puts down her fan and escorts him to the shower room.

She undresses her client and removes her traditional kimono robe, surprising Justin with her nudity. He follows her into the shower where she washes his body and gently strokes his cock. When he sits on the bench, she sucks it and rides him in reverse cowgirl. After more sumptuous head in the tub, Marica concludes their soak with some vaginal penetration. She slowly fucks his cock from behind, then moves to the NURU mat with Justin.

She cloaks him in NURU gel and licks his back as she slides along his body. Playing with the stringy lubricant on her natural tits, she grinds her wet pussy on his leg and almost cums. Then she turns him over and sucks on dick before spooning him for entry. He fucks her deeply and makes her cum, then pulls out to cum on her pussy!

Stars: Angel Smalls, Jaclyn Taylor, Lyra Law, Marica Hase, Sarah Vandella, Buddy Hollywood, Codey Steele , Justin Hunt, T. Stone

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34N-cups to drive you insane

34N-cups to drive you insane

34N-cups to drive you insane

When I first saw Elaina Gregory‘s boobs, I was frozen in what I can only describe as a mixture of shock and adrenaline. They are truly spectacular. When I found out that her husband, a reader, encouraged Elaina to send her photos to Voluptuous, I was grateful we had this ally whom we hadn’t known about.

“Before I met my husband, I went out with a lot of guys who just didn’t respect me enough to look at my face,” Elaina said. “And I’m all about respect. I served in the military, and that is a big thing for me. I met my husband when I was in boot camp, actually. I served in the army and I was stationed in Texas.”

We seem to have an increasing number of models who are married, and I’m really getting a kick out of this trend. Some of them are encouraged by their spouses to give it a whirl. It surprises me because we as men are a jealous and possessive breed when it comes to women. So this act of generosity and sharing, this selfless act of letting a wife show off every millimeter of her naked body, is a lesson for the entire world in achieving world peace in our time.

Elaina was never a stripper, swinger, nude model or a nudist. She never went to nude beaches. She was brought up in a strict, Catholic family, she said.

“My husband and I dated for about two years on and off. But before that, all the guys were like, ‘Look at that girl!’ and ‘Did you see that girl?’ pointing at me. I mean, even though I was in uniform and it was a baggy shirt, you can’t hide tits like mine. And we would run, like, every day, or every other day. So, I had to secure my boobs with a support bra and like, three sports bras, just so I could run.

“I didn’t get a reduction because I knew that I wasn’t done growing and that if I got them reduced, that there was a chance that they would get big again. And so I didn’t, and now that I have served my time in the army, they will actually pay for me to have a reduction, but I won’t do that now because now I love my tits.”

Okay, now this is the perfect wife.

Many busty women cover themselves up. I see it all the time. Fortunately for all of us, Elaina is proud of her incredible tits. In this video, Elaina not only unleashes her hooters and rubs them down, she fingers her pussy and cums. It’s like being invited into her bedroom to watch her when she needs some self-relief. I thought we were lucky enough to see her tits, but she gave us more. And let’s not forget her Tits & Tugs scene. That guy was not her husband, by the way. Now, that is not mere generosity. That is philanthropy.

See More of Elaina Gregory at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Bath Time Spankings Volume 1

Video: Bath Time Spankings Volume 1

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While taking a bath, Joelle was having phone sex with a boy from school. This was overheard by Veronica who pulled the brat from the tub and spanked her with the bath brush.

Lady Bianca summoned Penny to her room as she had prepared a bath for her. Penny assured her owner that she could bathe herself, but Bianca instructed that she wanted to give her pet girl a bath. The tall patrician slowly removed the uniform that identified Penny as a pet in training. Soon, Penny was in the tub as her owner washed her. When Bianca’s hand wandered too near to her private area, Penny pulled back. An angry Bianca noted that pets have no rights except those given to them by their owners and she would touch her anywhere she pleased. Penny was pulled from the tub, taken into the bedroom, and bent over the bottom of the bed for a hard punishment with the leather paddle. Lady Bianca punished her pet until she believed in her promises to be obedient always. Once Penny stood up, her heart sunk as she saw the spiked punishment chair. When her already sore bottom touched the spikes she let out a scream and cried.

Kitty was busy relaxing in the tub when an angry Bianca approached her about a bill not paid due to insufficient funds in Kitty’s account. When the brat seemed less than concerned about this matter she was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet bottom with a hairbrush. Soon, tears were streaming down Kitty’s face as she promised to pay the bill if only the spanking would stop. As the hairbrush descended upon her naked bottom time and time again, Kitty promised to pay her portion of the rent and to never be late again. After her ordeal was over, Bianca warned her tearful roomy that if this were to happen again, she would be spanked with a truly fearful implement.

Ava was sent to Audrey’s house for a play date with Chloe. When Mommy-Audrey went to call Ava’s mommy to let her know that she arrived, both girls talked and found that their stories were precisely the same. Both were very young wives caught by their mothers-in-law in the arms of another man and now forcedd to live as little girls and subject to many humiliations. After returning, Audrey noted that Ava needed her bath. She was taken upstairs, her clothing removed and placed in the tub. When Mommy-Audrey went to wash Ava’s most private places she pulled away. She was taken from the tub and marched into the bedroom and spanked on her wet bottom.

Ava was spanked until Mommy Audrey was sure that little Ava had learned her lesson. Once the spanking was completed, the naked girl was placed on display in the corner, her bottom nearly as red as her hair.

Chloe wondered what had happened to her playmate and walked into the bedroom. Upon seeing Ava standing in the corner, freshly bathed and spanked, she thought it best if she made a hasty retreat. Mommy Audrey stopped her from leaving, noting that she had gotten a call from school and she was not applying herself. This had earned her a spanking. This was especially humiliating to her as this punishment was to happen with Ava in the room.

After a long, bare bottom spanking, Chloe promised to be an obedient little girl. She was then placed next to Ava and they both stood in the corner with their red bottoms exposed.

After a hard day at school, Bianca decides to take a relaxing bubble bath. She was shocked when her mother came in to confront her about being rude to teacher. During a discussion of the Civil War, she asked her teacher what side she fought on? She noted that it was just a joke, but it was a joke neither her teacher or mom found funny. She was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet, soapy bottom with a bath brush. Bianca, through her tears promised never to disrespect any of her teachers again, but her mother continued to spank her with the bath brush until she felt the lesson was learned. Just as Bianca thought her torment was over, Bianca’s mother began rubbing her sore bottom with the bristles of the bath brush causing the bratty girl to shout in pain. Then Bianca was made to stand naked in the corner of the bathroom. She was cold and filled with shame and remorse. with Bianca Rose and Miss Lisa

Stars: Penny, Joelle, Bianca Rose, Veronica Bound, Kitty (General), Miss Lisa, Ava Little, Bianca, Audrey

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