Bound To Please Volume 555

Video: Bound To Please Volume 555

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G.D. Douglass

She’s blindfolded in the dungeon- stripped and spread for inspection! Then the training really begins! Flogged, suspended, nipple clamps, gagged and bound- placed on a pedestal to be sold for auction. She’s ordered to pose for her buyers (you) with a series of spread leg spread cheek show pink prove its a girl poses!

Mr. Len’s day job is the manager of a department store. When our lovely shoplifter is caught on videotape, she’s given the classic choice of calling the police or submitting to a strip search. Then what follows is 100 licks with the leather belt and a finale of an over the knee bare bottom spanking. A very red butt and a very wet pussy all in this one video!

Stars: Nika, Master Len

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While hubby sleeps, Sasha fucks Mr. Fix-It

While hubby sleeps, Sasha fucks Mr. Fix-It

While hubby sleeps, Sasha fucks Mr. Fix-It

Sasha, 40 and from California, is sitting at home, wearing a sexy dress, sipping a glass of wine, ready for action, but her deadbeat husband is sprawled out in his chair, snoring his face off.

“I just want to have some fun,” Sasha thinks.

She wakes him up, but he tells her the repairman is coming over and he’s going back to sleep. The repairman, eh? You know where this is going.

The repairman doesn’t speak English, but Sasha doesn’t care as long as his cock is hard. Which it is. So Sasha takes him upstairs and fucks the lucky dude while her husband sleeps.

Again, let this be a lesson to you: If you have a hot, mature wife, fuck her until she’s satisfied.

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Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes of 1992

Video: Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes of 1992

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Mr. Skin

1992 was the year Sharon Stone made skinema history by flashing her shorn snatch in Basic Instinct. But she had some stiff compe-tit-ion from a bevy a babes showing skin that year. So tune in to the hot and heavy nudie beauties on Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes – 1992

Sharon Stone produces the crotch shot heard round the world when she uncrosses her legs to show her panty-free poon in Basic Instinct,

Jeanne Tripplehorn’s T&A are bouncing all over the place as she and Michael Douglas go at it like animals in Basic Instinct,

Nicole Eggert is mounting her man in front of a roaring fire but the hottest thing in the room is her perky set in Blown Away,

More mini-mams from Nicole Eggert while Corey Haim laps on her love cave in Blown Away,

Jane March marches out her melons, muff, and duff while watering the plants then riding her man in The Lover,

Jane March gets humped across the bedroom floor baring heaving hoots the whole time in The Lover,

Helen Hunt’s titty treats are so sweet that her man has trouble containing himself in The Waterdance,

Penélope Cruz’s chest missiles get vigorously mouthed and sucked by some lucky guy in Jamón, jamón,

Jennifer Tilly shows off her wild woman wobblers and a hint of pelt while riding Lou Diamond Phillips in Shadow of the Wolf,

Get a super close look at Claudia Koll’s backburger and roundeye as she lets her lover lick and probe every hole in All Ladies Do It,

Shannon Whirry’s jumbo jugs get a thorough tongue-lashing before she gets humped doggy style in Animal Instincts,

Emmanuelle Béart drops her robe to reveal her pink-tipped pyramids and velcro triangle to a lucky old man in La Belle Noiseuse,

See Helen Slater’s supple set throughout a long montage of lovemaking in Betrayal of the Dove,

Jennifer Ehle’s funbags are floating out of the suds while she takes a bubble bath in The Camomile Lawn,

Catherine Bell bares buns and boobs as Isabella Rossellini’s body double, and it’s no wonder why she was chosen in Death Becomes Her,

Claire Forlani lets us ogle her chest eyes while she skinny-dips in Gypsy Eyes,

Svelte brunette Anne Parillaud is handcuffed on the bed and displays her dainty dumplings while getting rammed from behind in Innocent Blo od,

Lisha Snelgrove shows off her itty bitty tan-lined titties and trimmed thatch after stripping nude with gal-pals in the locker room in Just One of the Girls,

Barbara Williams lets the neighbor boy see her two heaping cups of sugar while she takes a topless swim in Oh, What a Night,

Lena Headey bares her bountiful butterbags while gabbing with her dude in bed in Waterland,

Get an amazing look at Bridget Fonda ass-tonishing rump as she walks through a dark apartment in Single White Female,

First Claudette Maillé gets her stupendous suckers wet in the outdoor shower then bares her fort bushy and meaty seat while running through the desert in Like Water for Chocolate,

Romane Bohringer mounts her man and her enormous udders bounce up and down in Savage Nights,

Joanna Pacula gets slippery in the shower displaying her moist T&A in Husbands and Lovers,

Joely Richardson frolics nude in the rain with every luscious inch of her furry front and pert posterior exposed in Lady Chatterley,

Joan Severance and May Karasun get graphically sapphic in a hot tub threesome licking water off each others wet wobblers in Lake Consequence,

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Scarlet and the happy cuckold

Scarlet and the happy cuckold

Scarlet and the happy cuckold

“I’ve had sex on the top floor of a 747 in the lounge,” says Scarlet Andrews, a 65-year-old wife, grandma and mom from Tampa, Florida who, today, has sex on top of a 21-year-old’s cock while her husband watches.

“I’m gonna take this big, young cock in my mouth,” she says to her husband. “Just watch while I do this. This is going to be a big turn-on for you and for me, too.”

She sucks James’ cock. Her husband rubs her back. Nice guy, don’t you think? And James doesn’t seem intimidated at all by the presence of Mr. Andrews. He’s hard as a rock.

“Oh, god, what a huge cock,” Scarlet says as hubby rubs her some more and she sucks some more.

Eventually, Scarlet’s hubby moves out of the picture so we can have an unobstructed view of Scarlet getting her old mouth and pussy fucked. But rest assured, he’s right there every second, standing just a few feet away, watching. And that’s how Scarlet turned her hubby into a happy cuckold.

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If fucking a 24-year-old is wrong, Sindee doesn’t wanna be right

If fucking a 24-year-old is wrong, Sindee doesn’t wanna be right

If fucking a 24-year-old is wrong, Sindee doesn't wanna be right

Sindee Dix, a tall, sexy, 52-year-old wife from Florida, makes her porn debut by sucking and fucking a guy who’s half her age. Sindee is a MILF in a non-traditional way. She doesn’t have children, so she re-defined the term.

“I like to think of myself as a mature you’d like to fuck,” Sindee said. She’s thinking right.

Of her age, Sindee says, “I feel pretty good about it. I think it’s an incredible time. The 50s are the new 40s. The 40s are the 30s. It’s not what it used to be at all. Life can start at 50.”

Sindee enjoys a very open marriage (Mr. Dix was sitting just a few feet away while she was fucking Rocky) and a very open attitude about her body.

“I am an exhibitionist and so I embrace other people’s fetishes because it feeds back into my exhibitionism,” Sindee said. “If a guy loves my feet, I get off because I’m showing my feet. If a guy is into seeing me wear a type of clothing like leather, then I’m thrilled because I’m showing off my leather.”

Sindee is 5’8″, weighs 125 pounds and has D-cup tits. She used to be a professional massage therapist.

“I had guys who wanted happy endings, but I was a good girl. Don’t think I didn’t think about it.”

Now she’s not just thinking about it. She’s doing it!


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Madison’s revenge. It involves a big, black cock.

Madison’s revenge. It involves a big, black cock.

Madison's revenge. It involves a big, black cock.

Poor Madison Milstar. She just found out her husband is cheating on her. What a bastard! What a jerk to cheat on a piece of ass like Madison. Fortunately for Madison, she has the tools for revenge: her dick-sucking mouth and tight pussy. So when the opportunity arises, she sucks and fucks some big, black cock. That’ll show the cheating scumbag!

Madison had just turned 66 when this scene was shot. The dude is 35, easily young enough to be her son.

What makes Mr. Milstar’s cheating even more upsetting is how well Madison treats him. For example, she told us this story about what happened when she and her hubby watched her scenes together.

“My husband was sitting there with a hard-on, so I wasn’t going to leave him high and dry! First I started jacking his cock, then I thought, ‘I’m going to do to him exactly what I’m doing in the video,’ so I sucked his cock, then I sat on his cock and rode him reverse-cowgirl so we could both watch my scene while we fucked. Usually he cums in my pussy, but that time, I got on my knees and jacked him off onto my face and into my mouth and ate his cum.”

Who would cheat on a wife who does stuff like that? And this?

“My husband used to shoot pictures of me,” she said. “The first time, he strapped me down on the bed, which was my first time being tied up, with Velcro straps, and he blindfolded me and started tickling me with a feather and touching me with different things, like ice cubes, and I was going crazy. Pinching me with little clothes pins.”

It led to fucking, of course, because almost everything Madison does leads to fucking.

Madison, if you’re looking to replace that rat fink hubby of yours, we know plenty of volunteers.

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