Obsession – Marina Montana Die, Mit Der Riesenfotze!

Video: Obsession - Marina Montana Die, Mit Der Riesenfotze!

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Scene 1: Marina Montana never fails to bring you the very best when it comes to being kinky. This seasoned, tatted and very horny woman takes on 3 cocks in this film. She’s brought in on a leash and immediately begins gobbling cocks. One by one these three lucky guys get to have their way with her experienced pussy, each leaving their loads on her pierced twat.

Scene 2: This woman has come to have an affair with a kinky businessman. He gets off on binding her, playing with her nipples and fucking her doggy style until he cums.

Stars: Marina Montana

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The Chiropractor

Video: The Chiropractor

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Construction worker Mia Malkova hurts her neck at work and gets a recommendation to go see chiropractor Angela White. When Mia arrives for her appointment, she can’t believe how hot her doctor is. She soon finds out that her unconventional methods are to her liking as she gets more than she bargained for. Chanell Heart gets her dream job and gets interviewed by Carter Cruise. When her potential new boss tests her loyalty, Chanell can’t help but do everything she’s asked in order to seal the deal. Jayme Langford gets her head checked out by psychologist Karlie Montana. When Karlie finds outs that Jayme is a gynecologist, she convinces her client to check out all her special parts. Super satisfied from her first visit, Mia Malkova brings her friend Georgia Jones along to see chiropractor Angela White for a second round of pleasure.

When lesbian construction worker Mia Malkova strains her neck on the job site whistling at a hot chick, her colleague refers her to chiropractor Dr. Angela White. Mia Malkova goes to the clinic for her appointment and her jaw drops when she sees Dr. White’s enormous tits pouring out of her extremely low cut blouse. The sexy Australian doctor goes over some points on the consent form Mia’s signing. Her treatment approach quite literally requires her to get very close. It is imperative that Mia not misconstrue the intimacy for sexuality. Mia agrees and Angela assess that Mia’s aching is isolated in her neck, but wants to evaluate that the aching isn’t originating from another part of her body. Mia lies down and Angela examines the comparative strength in her muscles. Mia lets Angela do whatever she wants to her, checking her reflexes, focusing on the tightness in her hips, which is a common source of tension for women. She assess her glutes are also holding tension and uses a pressure point massage technique to relieve it. Angela suspects that Mia is holding tension in her rib cage from her back and around her breasts. She massages a smiling Mia’s natural tits and uses her own tits to show Mia how to do these exercises at home. Angela unearths her natural boulders from her shirt and bra as Mia watches with wide eyed fascination. Lesbian Mia’s eager to touch Angela’s amazing tits. But when she holds on a little too long and enjoys it a little too much, Angela suspects that Mia’s intentions aren’t entirely pure and she tells her as much. But to Mia’s giddy surprise, lesbian Angela yanks down Mia’s tank and sucks Mia’s nipples. Dr. White makes an exception for Mia because the lesbian blonde makes her wet. French kissing as they peel off their clothes, Angela goes down on Mia, eating her pussy and fingering her ferociously. Then Mia gets her back, sending shivers down the spinal specialist’s spine with her mouth work. Mia turns around and Angela eats her ass and thumb fucks her pussy, pleasuring herself while Mia cums in her mouth. Then the lesbians align their dripping pussies and trib intensely till they explode. What a devoted chiropractor! She keeps her patient cumming! Enjoy!

Summer intern Carter Cruise gets the chance of a lifetime to interview for her dream job at Girlsway. She shows up for her appointment with network boss Chanell Heart. The beautiful ebony executive asks pertinent questions about Carter’s work experience and rules out potential conflicts of interest with her side job as a DJ. Carter insists she’s a team player, but Chanell says that remains to be seen. Carter stammers that she gives everything of herself. Chanell fires off a few questions about Carter’s sexuality. She wants to know if she’s ever been with a woman, and would she consider herself bisexual. Carter tries to answer honestly, but when Chanell crawls under the boardroom table, and starts licking Carter’s thigh and removing her panties, Carter is too flustered to speak a sentence. Especially when Chanell sticks her tongue on her pussy and starts sucking her clit with her full lips and flicking it with her pink tongue. Chanell licks Carter’s pussy expecting Carter to articulate her strategy ideas and product plans at the same time. Carter’s trying but she’s feeling an orgasm cumming. She doesn’t want to blow the interview and come off sounding dumb but her pussy is going to blow. After the orgasm, Chanell pops up from under the desk and praises her for being ready to handle the pressure. That means she can handle a lot of responsibility. Chanell continues to explore the candidate’s potential, slowly removing her business attire, until she presents her black pussy with a trim bush. Carter agrees to take the initiative and make her pussy cum. She proves she really wants this job and Chanell rewards her with an orgasm. The nubile lesbians get totally naked, Carter’s pale skin contrasting beautifully with Chanell’s ebony skin as the working girls devour each other’s bodies. Carter’s pierced nipples jiggle as she gyrates her hips cumming hard in Chanell’s mouth. Chanell suctions her pussy onto Carter’s juicy pussy and they grind together as fast as they can, tribbing until they cum simultaneously! Does this mean Carter gets the job?

Karlie Montana, a licensed Psychologist, obsesses with the Girlsway website, perturbed that there are not enough redheads on the site. Her sexual libido is peaking through the roof, unable to help herself from touching her pussy before her patient Jayme Langford arrives. Unaware of the time that has passed, Karlie hears a knock at the door and quickly pulls up her skirt, almost getting caught with her pants literally down. Jayme sits down admitting her failing relationship may be attributed with her long hours at work. Karlie asks which field of medicine Jayme practices and her reply, to Karlie’s delight, is Gynecology.Karlie seizes this opportunity to apply her psychological background in the most deceiving way possible to get exactly what she wants sexually. She makes Jayme believe her inner subconscious has always been attracted to pussy, and today, Karlie is going to give her the chance to act out on all her lesbian desires. Coincidentally, Karlie has a pair of examining gloves ready for Jayme to use on her sweet and tasty pussy.Karlie instructs Jayme to give her a boob exam and reluctantly starts fondling her psychologists perky boobs. Jayme admits that pinching another girl’s boobs excites her. Karlie is getting exactly what she wants. Jayme admits she wishes she could get away with doing this at work, so Karlie spices things up by asking Jayme to push her tiny little fingers inside her pussy and feel the warmth from inside in order to fulfill her subconscious fantasies. Karlie begs her Jayme to lubricate her pussy with her mouth. Jayme falls to her knees, opening her mouth and licks away giving Karlie a nice dose of lesbian delight!

Mia Malkova is at the construction site bragging to her fellow butch lesbian coworker Georgia Jones about scoring with chiropractor Dr. Angela White. Mia is so confident that her doctor is down to fuck that Georgia gets wet just thinking about her adjustment. They book an appointment and go to the office together. Dr. White comes in wearing an extremely low cut decollete. Mia gives her friend a telling look, but Dr. Angela White is disconcerted by Mia Malkova’s divulgence of what should have been kept private. The lesbian chiropractor continues the consultation but stresses the importance of doctor patient confidentiality. She puts Georgia on the table and begins to examine her new patient’s neck. Georgia Jones insists the ache is in her hips, tricking the lesbian doctor into stretching her torso and resting her huge natural tits in Georgia’s face. When Mia and Georgia giggle in cahoots, Dr. White clues into the ruse. Ache over being objectified, she gives them a condition. If they want to play with her tits and assets, the girls have to get down with each other. Mia and Georgia pause to consider. The butch girls never fucked each other before. But, they are willing to anything for a taste of Dr. Angela White. First she tells Georgia and Mia to undress and kiss. Next thing they know, Mia’s face is buried in Georgia’s muff and Angela is calling all the shots. She rewards Georgia with a mouthful of her enormous nipples and begins to feel her and Mia’s heat. Dr. White strips naked to straddle Georgia’s face. She instructs Mia to eat Georgia’s pussy while Georgia makes Mia cum with her mouth. After the girls cum simultaneously Dr. Angela rewards the lesbians with the privilege of fingering her pussy. She tells Georgia to sit on her face, and Mia to lick her bare pussy. Angela’s cumming hard as she clutches Mia’s jabbing fingers while Georgia’s wet pussy suffocates her. Dr. White nestles into little Georgia who jiggles her big boobs. Meanwhile, Mia makes Angela cum again tribbing their horny pussies. Angela chows down on Mia’s hairy pussy making her cum while Georgia licks the good doctor’s asshole from behind. Then Mia rides Georgia’s face while Angela mounts Georgia’s pussy, tribbing her then finishing off her orgasm by rubbing one out with her tits. This lesbian train is cumming to the station! Choo choo!

Stars: Angela White, Carter Cruise, Chanell Heart, Georgia Jones, Alana Langford, Karlie Montana, Mia Malkova

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Mean Jobs

Video: Mean Jobs

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What happens when two young, Jerky Girls put on tight Yoga Pants…take their shirts off and go to work on a cock? The answer is … the cock explodes with sperm!!! Daisy & Montana do exactly that!! Both blondes, clad in tight black yoga pants go topless and perform a cum extraction! Alternating between jerking and sucking, the girls work the guy into a frenzy. Then the girls oil up their tits and go for the boy goo!! The sperm explosion is spectacular, as the girls empty all of it.

When a boy comes to her house to pick up her sister for a date, Logan doesn’t waste any time!! Since her sister is still in the shower Logan goes straight for the boy’s crotch and takes his pants down! Logan won’t pass up an opportunity to jerk, so while her sister is upstairs in the shower Logan takes all the sperm out of his balls!

It’s MILF day in the Jerky Girls Laboratory!! Josey is on duty and she is training a male to be obedient and compliant. Josey is quite experienced in adjusting male behavior, she knows that cock teasing and denial are key components. With the lab rat firmly and helplessly secured to the exam table. Josey is able to quickly induce an erection and after that training, a male is actually very easy!! lol After some frustrating Jerk/Stop Josey puts the male in a timeout when he talks back and she walks out. After 10 minutes she returns and he seems to have learned his lesson. Josey proceeds with some extended brainwashing, first with an open shirt, then topless. Once the male has been thoroughly brainwashed Josey puts a hand firmly over his mouth and with her big tits bouncing up and down she jerks a geyser out of him and compelles him to eat it all! The trained male eagerly accepts his lowly position and swallows every drop of his filth.

What is it about you boys? Why do you like us girls to be mean to you?! Ha Ha Ha We are going door to door humiliating boys and door after door after door, you guys are dumb enough to let us into abuse you! Stacy goes to this house and tells the moron that she is there to beat him off and humiliate him and, of course, he lets her in. The first thing Stacy does is spit right in his face!! Then she orders him to take his pants off and Stacy alternates between cock jerking, hard slap to his face, spitting on his face, Spitting in his mouth and choking him. When the guy cums all over himself Stacy scoops it up, and shoves it down his throat! Then She says “here’s some dessert for you” and spits in his mouth, so he can wash down his own semen with her spit.

When one of these girls are on their own they are mean but, put these two sisters together and wow!!! They are extra mean! Nicki and Kira have their way with this guy. The guy is spanked until his ass is beaten and red, then they flip him over for a compelled milking. The Sisters strip down, as they spank & jerk. First, they take their shirts off, then they take their panties off. Once they have stripped down Kira puts her feet in the guy’s face and the Two Sisters jerk in tandem, making him scream as they yank out a massive load. Nicki didn’t appreciate the fact that the asshole was really loud during his compelled milking, so she got her sister Kira to make him eat his mess!!!

Stars: Daisy, Kira (General), Logan Lace, Montana, Nicki

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Juicy Licks Volume 4

Video: Juicy Licks Volume 4

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Reality Kings

It was a nice after the afternoon in sunny Cali and Karlie and Aidra decided to spend some quality time with each other over brunch. The went to grab a bite and then to Napa Valley for some delicious tasting. After a few moments, the girls starting feeling a little happy and decided to take things to the house. There Aidra and Karlie teased other with exotic lingerie and they released all their sexual urges. Aidra and Karlie covered every hole possible and licked each other in places that never seen a tongue!

Caseycalvert was hanging out with Dani Daniels. Dani was shooting her on camera and Casey was wearing a robe. Dani wanted to know what Casey was up to. Casey explained that she was going to visit Vanessa who was in the next room webcamming. Casey was wearing some sexy see-through lingerie and was going to get laid. Casey went into the room where Vanessa was at and she took off her robe. Before long, Casey was all over Vanessa and Vanessa loved it. They kissed and licked each other’s pussies and assholes. Casey found a toy under the pillow and they decided to use it on Dani. They fucked Danis pussy with the sex toy and licked her pussy nicely. It was another great day of living together.

Gabriella Ford and Alice Green had an excellent time at a fetish party together so they decided to spend more time together in a private setting. They went back to Gabriella’s place where after some Hookah smoking, they started to sensually kiss. The girls then went indoors and tongue fucked each other. Alice licked Gabriella’s tight little asshole and after experiencing a massive assgasm, she reciprocated.

On the way home, Kelly invited Cali over to hang out. Kelly enforced the idea that it was cool since nobody was going to be home. Kelly has been eager to get Cali alone, for she was horny eighteen year old. Once they got inside Kelly pushed her mark against the wall. They locked lips because there was nothing needed to say. Cali was all for it as Kelly moved her hand up Cali’s skirt. Cali seemed to be ready for action since she had no panties on. These two were naughty girls that love to eat pussy. Kelly made her self at home with her face planted between Cali’s legs as she was urged to go harder. They moved over to the couch where Cali shared the love. Their pussy really got wet when they moved into the 69 position. The sounds of slippery wet pussy filled the room. These two will most likely be study buddies for some time.

Its time for the lovely Kenna James to go house shopping and sexy Aspen is the one showing her around. This particular home really gets her juices going and it doesn’t take long for them to get naked and see who has the nicest pussy in the house.

Naomi Woods asked her roommate Lily to help her with a photo shoot. She figured she was the perfect person to ask since she was a photographer and knew her way around a camera very well. The shoot was fun and exciting for Naomi but even more so for Lily. Ever since Naomi had moved in Lily had her sights set on making the move on her. There was always a little flirty vibe going on and a bunch of sexual tension and this little photo session really took Lily and Naomi over the top! Naomi creamed all over Lily’s fingers when she popped her slender digits in and out and caressed her G-spot until she gushed all over her hand. Naomi’s pussy was wet and creamy the whole time! It looks like these two sexy gals will be living together for a mighty long time.

Stars: Aidra Fox, Alice Green, Aspen Rae, Zoey Taylor, Casey Calvert, Gabriella Ford, Karlie Montana, Kelly Greene, Kenna James, Lily Rader, Naomi Woods, Vanessa Veracruz

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The Princess Diaries

Video: The Princess Diaries

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Princess Kira and I are naked, except for our white knee high socks. We decide to milk the slave boy. I jack his big, hard cock, while Princess Kira twists his balls! The pig made a big cumshot that we didn’t appreciate! He soaked Princess Kira! She had boy goo all over her big princess tits, so we made him eat his mess from her tits!

Today, after blowing bubbles, and story time, I got the very best surprise…a big cock came to visit me in my playhouse! I just LOVE big cocks! I played with this cock and it got really, really big and hard! I kept jerking it and then all of a sudden when I wasn’t expecting it, it sprayed me right in the face! I laughed and kept jerking…and boy oh boy, it kept on cumming! There was a big mess in my playhouse. Boy goo everywhere.

Dear Diary, I let this useless slave brush my hair for me so I could admire myself in the mirror, but he got my princess hair tangled…so I had to put him over my knee for a spanking! I gave him a good hard LOUD spanking…and then I flipped him over and masturbated him to a messy milking while I brushed my own hair. Talk to you later, Dear Diary!

Dear Diary, I was playing in my princess house, wearing my favourite white knee high socks, reading my fairytale book when a nice big, juicy cock popped into my princess gloryhole! I love to play with nice hard cocks! I wound up my music globe, to play pretty music while I milked all the sperm out of the cock!! I don’t know who my Prince was today…but he sure came! — Princess Stacy

I had to give my slave a good hard spanking today before his milking! I admired myself in the mirror as I made him shoot his mess! I looked so pretty as I jerked 🙂 I like the sounds they make when I make them to shoot milk! Talk to you later Dear Diary!
— Princess Montana

Princess Nikki and I are bored so we decide to play The Spanking Game. Here are the rules. Each princess rolls the pink princess dice and gets to spank the slave as many times as the dice say. We each pick an ass cheek to hit. At the end of the game, whoever has inflicted the most damage on the slave’s ass, gets to milk him while the other princess makes him smell and lick her feet. Princess Nikki won the game so she got to pull the boy goo out of him, while I made him worship my feet. He was very loud and made a big mess, so Princess Nikki shoved it all down his throat and made him eat it!

Stars: Brittany, Faith, Kira, Lexy, Montana, Nikki, Stacy

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