At Home With Delirious Hunter

Video: At Home With Delirious Hunter

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Wasteland is proud to present their next title At Home with Delirious Hunter. Movie Where Mistress Delirious and her submissive have just finished having dinner and Mistress wants to make sure that Ava has cleaned the kitchen and has put everything away properly. Alas that is not the case and she needs to be punished!

Stars: Ava, Delirious Hunter

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MeanBitches POV Volume 11

Video: MeanBitches POV Volume 11

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Meanbitch Productions

Here’s a HOT GKPOV – this time it’s Lola Luscious’s beautiful hairy bush – smashed right into your face!! No professional camerawork on these, just a GoPro strapped to Glenn King’s forehead so you can see what he sees!

Anikka Albrite is one of the hottest women in the world today. I have described her ass many times as “Two Balloons that got together and became besties”. Here’s her latest set of Slave Orders. You will want to please her!

This week’s POV Slave Orders are from Amazon Latina Mercedes Carrera! She charms you into becoming her sex slave. You will do anything for her, including eating her ass, kissing her feet, and servicing her pussy. Includes a masturbation countdown!

Here’s a new Glenn King’s POV with the AlphaDomme – Aiden Starr! Up close and right in your face! No professional camerawork on these – just a GoPro strapped to Glenn King’s Forehead!

Blonde Hottie Cali Carter is back! And we shot a great clip of her Ass smashing right into your face! Again, no professional camerawork on these- just a Go Pro Camera strapped to Glenn King’s forehead.

In this week’s POV Slave Orders, Tattooed Goddess Lily Lane brings you into her Massage Parlor so you can massage her. And Obey Her. And Worship every Inch of Her!

Watch Karen Fisher lower her HUGE ASS onto your face!! No professional camera work here – just a GoPro camera strapped to Glenn King’s forehead for some amazing closeups!

We at MeanWorld are proud to Introduce you today to a new Mistress – Mistress Lyra Louvel ! She’s a Pro Domme who loves to use men for sexual pleasure. You will love being her sex slave!

Here’s our latest BIG ASS Discovery: Virgo Peridot! She shoves her 44 inch ass in your face and orders you to worship her. You will happily lick every ounce of sweat off her ass and feet!

Stars: Aiden Starr, Anikka Albrite, Cali Carter, Karen Fisher, Lily Lane, Lola Luscious, Lyra Law, Marsha May, Mercedes Carrera, Richelle Ryan, Tory Lane, Virgo Peridot

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Mistress Austin Lynn

Video: Mistress Austin Lynn

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Femdom Empire

Bottom Boot Feeder Mistress Austin keeps a boy slave around to do all the menial tasks in her life. During her winter boots season his mouth is busy polishing every pair of boots she owns. Mistress Austin makes good use of his tongue as she orders him to lick every square inch clean. Even the filthy bottoms. Her designer boots will remain perfectly polished all season as her bottom feeder sucks them clean.

Balls Bound Pussy Licking Mistress Austin has come up with a diabolical way to insure that her slave is truly devoted to providing her pleasure; she has him by the balls! With his balls tied off to a leg spreader, her slave had better make sure she orgasms, or he will suffer for his failure. Austin unzips her latex catsuit and puts her slave to work, grinding her pussy on his face while she excites her clit with a vibrator. When she wants him to lick harder, she pulls him up by his slave harness, which puts even more pressure on his poor balls. When she wants full pussy access for her vibrator, Austin has her slave worship her asshole for a while. When she is near orgasm she puts her slave back to work on her pussy, orgasming all over his face. She leaves her slave helplessly bound to her throne, mocking him with a “Thanks bitch” as she walks away.

Hard Cock Encouragement Mistress Austin loves the sight of a slave jerking his hard cock to her beautiful body, his entire body shaking as he cums in tribute to her superiority. Austin tells you exactly how she wants you to stroke your dick as she plays with her huge breasts. How much would you love to suck on them? Or stick your cock in between her cleavage and fuck away?And don’t forget to also worship her beautiful ass as well! Austin notices the precum oozing out of your hard cock, but she wants more. That’s right, keep stroking until she finishes her countdown and grants you permission to release that load. But remember, Austin enjoys seeing you eat your own cum just as much as she enjoys seeing it burst out of your dick….

The Puppy Game Mistress Austin tells her slave that she is in the mood to play a game; she is going to make him into her human puppy! The slave is reluctant to play at first, but once Austin shocks him with her hand held electric prod, he quickly complies with her wishes. Austin locks on a latex puppy hood, then takes her puppy for a walk, training him how to walk properly on her leash. Austin realizes that something is missing – her puppy has no tail. She remedies this by shoving a huge butt plug, complete with a pup’s tail, up his ass. After passing her visual inspection, the puppy is taught some tricks, like playing , before Austin decides to reward her slave by letting him worship at her boots. Austin then tells her slave that she has decided to keep him as her 24/7 puppy forever, then orders him to kiss her ass as a sign of his humble compliance. She then leads him away to be locked in his new kennel until she wants to play with him again.

Rubber Sissy Submission Rubber slut training is officially in session as Mistress Austin Lynn transforms her slave into a proper sissy doll. His little man clit is locked in chastity forever since there will be no more pussy for Mistress’s new princess. The only sex her rubber bitch will ever have will be when a big cock is penetrating his soon to be gaping slut-hole.

Stars: Austin Lynn

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Rubber Freaks

Video: Rubber Freaks

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Spinner C13 is what you would call a real pleasure pig. He just cannot go out without latex. His greatest passions are dark places and graffiti. He hopes to make contact with a demanding Mistress in these places. Today he even has fun and his wish is in the form of a true rubber goddess comes true. But sometimes what you ask for can come differently then you hoped!
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Ultimate Surrender – Ariel X Vs. Mistress Kara, Rematch, The Champion Falls

Video: Ultimate Surrender - Ariel X Vs. Mistress Kara, Rematch, The Champion Falls

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Highly Anticipated Match of the century. Champion vs. Champion

Two of the greatest of all time meet in the mats for the highly anticipated Rematch of the century. Mistress Kara is here for redemption. Ariel X is here to prove she is the GOAT (greatest of all time). One wrestler is out matched. A true Display of dominance in the wrestling. One of these wrestlers makes the other wrestler look like an utter failure. It’s hard to believe that one wrestler of such high caliber can be made humble so easily. Loser is collared as a slave, tied up and fucked until her pussy gapes. Loser is Hand Gagged; command kissed and made to worship the muscle of the dominant winner. Winner trib fucks loser until they both cum. As a final act of humiliation, the winner strips the loser of all her accolades and turns her into a common rookie without bands or titles. Loser is banned from competition until she can prove herself.

Stars: Ariel X., Mistress Kara

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