Scale Bustin Babes 69

Video: Scale Bustin Babes 69

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Rodnievision (Rodney Moore)
Rodnievision presents the 69th installment of Scale Bustin Babes! Pretty, well fed and hot in bed girls! Rodney Moore brings you the hottest BBWs in the game, these ladies have it all! Their breasts are so big and heavy you will need two hands to left them. So sit back and enjoy the enormous natural titties!

Stars: Aleah Paris, Kitty December, Lilly Ann Marie, Miss Ling Ling, Mischievous Kitty, Rodney Moore

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TS Pussy Hunters 12 – Dicked Down & Dominated

Video: TS Pussy Hunters 12 - Dicked Down & Dominated

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Miss Jane Judge is an army private who is being tested by General TS Foxxy. Jane shows that she can be the perfect submissive as she gets cropped and spanked so Foxxy moves on to more harsh punishment. Foxxy fucks Jane’s face with her hard cock then pounds her pussy until she cums.

TS goddess Casey Kisses and Latina porn princess Mercedes Carrera fulfill their depraved desires. Casey immediately puts Mercedes in her place and demands that she worship her hard cock before flipping her over and fucking her tight pink pussy. Casey then blows her load in Mercedes’ whore hole and makes her clean it all up.

Welcome to the Ultimate Sex Fight Championship where all natural redhead Barbary Rose is taking on Natalie Mars. The girls go back and forth between having control of the other, rolling around naked pressing on top of each other, and sitting on each others faces. The winner takes her prize and fucks the loser then turns her into her personal cum dumpster!

Savannah Fox returns to her physical therapist Dr. Nina Lawless to continue treatment for a recovering knee injury. Nina helps her with stretches then starts alternative methods by pulling out her throbbing cock. Savannah sucks her big dick then gets pounded in her pussy & ass until Nina blows her load.

Stars: Mercedes Carrera, Miss Jane Judge (Trans), Miss Jane Judge, Savannah Fox , Barbary Rose (Trans), Casey Kisses (Trans), Natalie Mars (Trans), Nina Lawless (Trans), TS Foxxy (Trans)

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Soine – The Vice Club

Video: Soine - The Vice Club

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Philippe Soine Productions
Meet with an English tourist in Brussels …

If she is nice and naughty, anything can happen … After having a drink in a bar downtown, she wants to go in a sexy evening!

In the car, she shows her lingerie and makes me a little pipe. The evening starts well!

Arriving in the club, we discover a kind of glory hole with a girl who participates in a gang bang. A couple is waiting on a gynecological chair. Another couple shows off in front of two men. A Laron unwelcome women … After all, he also wants to fuck. As for my companion one night, she takes me to a dark room to suck me. Later, she goes to the locker room, where I catch up and fuck her. We come back.

Stars: Daphne, Elena Black, Miss Loly, Sexy Cleo, Alexandre, Damon, Peter, Philippe Soine, Rock

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Cock Starved Moms Volume 2

Video: Cock Starved Moms Volume 2

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Reality Kings

Scene 1: Lexi Luna “Fuzzy Peach”

It was a rainy day out last week but Bruce still insisted on checking out the pool at his building. Of course, there was no one in sight when we got there. We were about to leave when we struck gold, this amazingly hot chick came by wearing next to nothing as a bathing suit. We went to talk to her right away and found out she was staying at a friend’s house. She got really interested in coming to Bruce’s place when she heard he had his own balcony to sunbathe. When she came over, Bruce just took her straight to the couch where they started fooling around. You have to see the giant knockers on this hot momma and the rest of her awesome curves. It did not take long before Bruce was jamming his tongue in her wet pussy then ramming his cock balls deep down her mouth.

Scene 2: Brooke Paige “Just Right”

Brooke Paige was walking from her car to the mall entrance when we spied her. She had a sexy tight dress that caressed her nice round booty while it wobbled from side to side. We enjoyed the amazing vista from our car before making our approach. Soon after, we drove beside her and presented ourselves. After the pleasantries, Brooke told us that she was going shopping for her husband’s Bday. We suggested that she gift him sexy professional pictures of herself and that we were the guys for the occupation. Soon enough, we had her back at our place with a cock in her mouth. Hunter fucked her tight snatch and then sent her back to the mall after blasting his load all over her pretty face.

Scene 3: Olivia Fox “The Big O”

We found ourselves a seriously hot piece of ass out in front of Bruce’s building. She was coming to audition for some kind of video at a nearby office but we told her it was up in our place. She had an attitude at first but once she found out we were the supposed video guys she was all about us. We made it back to the studio and had her show off the goods. This hot MILF had a whole lot of ass and knew just how to shake it. She was not shy and just started ripping the clothes off, she really wanted the gig. We asked if she had any special skills that would help insure the job which of course led to her getting a hold of Bruce’s’ cock and showing off some dick sucking moves. This one had some giant tits to go with her curvy butt. Do not miss one moment of this hot momma getting railed hard and loving it.

Scene 4: Mia Lelani “Moist Mia”

Johnny invited Mia to the beach for a workout session. He clearly had an ulterior motive and Mia was all in. After stretching out and then completing a set of squats, Johnny and the hot MILF went to a nearby bush. Mia masterfully slobbered on Johnny’s schlong while beach goers walked by. Minutes later, Mia thought someone spotted her with the dick in her mouth so they made a run for it. Back at the honeycomb hideout, Johnny relentlessly fucked Mia’s wet pussy all over the place. Then he jizzed all over her pretty face and sent her back to her loving husband.

Scene 5: Dana DeArmond “Sexy MILF”

Dana DeArmond always had the hots for her personal trainer and finally decided to drop a hint she was positive he wasn’t going to overlook. She was scantily clad in a cropped tee where her boobs were clearly visible. There was no way he was going to miss those puppies. She also put on some tight boy shorts she knew would accentuate her huge, delicious ass. It worked like a charm because they didn’t even get through the warm-up, stretch out phase.

Scene 6: Stevie Lix “Lix A Lot”

Hunter lured hot MILF to his place by posing as a world renowned lingerie photographer. Stevie the hot MILF answered Hunter’s ad and within a few hours, she arrived ready to flaunt her assets. Once Hunter started clicking away on his cam, Stevie got more comfortable and justified getting naked by saying that her husband would appreciate professional pics of her sexy nude body. Hunter suggested that she slip her panties to the side and Stevie did much more. She started to masturbate and signaled Hunter to go over and help her out. Hunter stuffed her mouth with his hard cock and soon after, he relentlessly fucked her pussy all over the couch before blasting his load on her face.

Stars: Brooke Paige, Dana DeArmond, Lexi Luna, Mia Lelani, Olivia Fox, Stevie Lix, Bruce Venture, Codey Steele , Johnny Castle, Seth Gamble

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Hey, fellas! Show your feminine side and ass-fuck Tracy!

Hey, fellas! Show your feminine side and ass-fuck Tracy!

Hey, fellas! Show your feminine side and ass-fuck Tracy!

Do you ever cry?

Are you unafraid to show your emotions?

Do you like to cuddle?

If you answered no to any of those questions, then try this one:

Do you like to fuck sexy, mature women in the ass?

Thought so. Well, start crying, buddy. Start cuddling, too. Because you don’t want to miss out on a horny piece of ass like Tracy Tello just because of a few details.

Yeah, Tracy loves men who aren’t afraid to show their emotions. Yeah, she likes to cuddle and watch TV. Yeah, she likes to get fucked in her ass.

Tracy is a red-hot 50something who in this scene doesn’t even seem to know the camera is there. She’s that horny. She’s that into it. And when she tells her man, “I want you to fuck me in my ass,” you know she means it.

Now doesn’t that make you all emotional?

See More of Tracy Tello at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!

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Femdom Raw Her First Time

Video: Femdom Raw Her First Time

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Brat Perversions Films
Daisy is a gorgeous blonde with nice rack and smoking hot ass. She’s a shy girl who never had a femdom experience – but that’s all going to change! She’s casually chatting in the elevator while going to her room, where she’ll make a guy her bitch and completely dominate him! They’ll start with the basics. Daisy slowly undresses and preps for the domination session. She’s taking off her black bra and panties while putting on leather strap vest which reveals her big, succulent tits and huge areolas. Her boobs are gorgeous and milky white, and she has a pair of beautiful legs. Miss Brat is there to help her out and give her instructions on how to create a perfect dominatrix session!

Her submissive guy is wearing a red bodysuit with pink hood. Daisy allows him to casually worship her feet and legs, and he’s enjoying every second of it. He’s sniffing and massaging her feet, kissing her long legs and enjoying their scent. She’s wearing long see-through panties. Her sub boy is aroused and she’s playing him like a violin. She’s touching his crotch with her leg while he’s on his knees and begging her for more. Then she lets him worship her amazing ass; he’s excited and wants more, but she is in control thanks to Miss Brat’s instructions. She’ll only let him go so far. She’s sitting on his face, letting him sniff her and feel the weight of her gorgeous, round button him. Then she will start playing with toys, and put a very special toy in his mouth. It’s a gag dildo, so he can’t talk but he can still pleasure her hungry pussy!

Once she has enough of that big black dildo, she’ll continue smothering him with her legs. He’s enjoying every moment of feet worship! After that – it’s time for the main event! Daisy is about to don a strap-on dildo and fuck him like never before. He’s helpless and can’t resist her charms. Miss Brat taught her well! She’s fucking her poor sub guy with a huge dildo and he takes it all inside until he cums!

Stars: Daisy Lynne

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