Cuckold and creampie

Cuckold and creampie

Cuckold and creampie

Nothing’s going to stop 64-year-old Leah L’Amour from getting what she wants, and if her husband is asleep on the couch, unable to service his hot wife, she’ll make a booty call to one of her young studs and have him come over and make her cum.

In this case, her young stud is 31-year-old Jimmy, who’s young enough to be her son. Leah’s hubby is in the other room, but Leah zeroes in on Jimmy’s cock, sucking it deep and having him fuck her pretty face. She sucks his balls quite nicely, too, but maybe they’re making a little too much noise because Mr. L’Amour walks in on his horny wife while she has Jimmy’s cock jammed down her throat.

But, like we said, nothing’s going to stop Leah from getting what she wants, so she keeps sucking, taunting her angry husband, and Mr. L’Amour is right there while Jimmy dicks Leah’s tight, old pussy every which way and cums inside it.

Leah is a mother and grandmother. She’s also a swinger. She was introduced to us by Madison Milstar.

“We met her and her husband on vacation, and she started telling me about it and suggested you guys might like me,” Leah said. “Her husband seemed to think I’d be perfect, and she did, too.”

Leah, a former decorator, told us, “I’d never had sex in front of the camera before I came here, but I love it. I’ve had sex in front of people, but I usually don’t pay attention to what they’re doing. I’m more focused on what I’m doing!”

Leah’s had sex while watching her scenes. She also showed one of them to her friends at a swingers party.

“They said it was great,” Leah said.

Her scenes are great, just like Leah.

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Silva fucks her step-son. Her step-son is JMac.

Silva fucks her step-son. Her step-son is JMac.

Silva fucks her step-son. Her step-son is JMac.

JMac is sitting on a couch, stroking it to porn, when Silva Foxx walks in. Silva is JMac’s step-mom, and he doesn’t know she’s there, so he keeps wanking, and she keeps watching. Offended? No way. Horrified? No. Silva likes what she sees. She’s wearing a low-cut top and jeans, and she obviously wants some of what he’s got. But here’s the thing: She has to let him know she’s there before he shoots his load. Otherwise, what good is he?

“Like what you see?” Silva says. “What are you watching?”

He’s watching She’s a 60Plus MILF. She’s 62.

“Maybe I can do something like that,” Silva says, and then she starts sucking his cock. Yeah, she can do something like that, and JMac can fuck her pussy and cum in her mouth.

Silva is divorced, but she has a significant other. He’s happy she’s here. She’s happy she’s here. She was sent our way by 60Plus MILF Leah L’Amour, who has become a great source of MILFs. Leah was discovered by Madison Milstar, and the Madison-Leah connection has proven to be very fruitful for us.

But back to Leah, who splits her time between Colorado and Arizona. She says the people she knows would be surprised to see her here. Then again, she’s a dom, so who knows? She’s had sex on-camera, but only for home videos.

If you’re reading this, Silva, consider this: Right now, some guy is sitting on his couch holding his smart phone in one hand and his cock in his other hand as he jacks to this video. Yes, you’re the star. Pretty crazy, no?

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Madison’s revenge. It involves a big, black cock.

Madison’s revenge. It involves a big, black cock.

Madison's revenge. It involves a big, black cock.

Poor Madison Milstar. She just found out her husband is cheating on her. What a bastard! What a jerk to cheat on a piece of ass like Madison. Fortunately for Madison, she has the tools for revenge: her dick-sucking mouth and tight pussy. So when the opportunity arises, she sucks and fucks some big, black cock. That’ll show the cheating scumbag!

Madison had just turned 66 when this scene was shot. The dude is 35, easily young enough to be her son.

What makes Mr. Milstar’s cheating even more upsetting is how well Madison treats him. For example, she told us this story about what happened when she and her hubby watched her scenes together.

“My husband was sitting there with a hard-on, so I wasn’t going to leave him high and dry! First I started jacking his cock, then I thought, ‘I’m going to do to him exactly what I’m doing in the video,’ so I sucked his cock, then I sat on his cock and rode him reverse-cowgirl so we could both watch my scene while we fucked. Usually he cums in my pussy, but that time, I got on my knees and jacked him off onto my face and into my mouth and ate his cum.”

Who would cheat on a wife who does stuff like that? And this?

“My husband used to shoot pictures of me,” she said. “The first time, he strapped me down on the bed, which was my first time being tied up, with Velcro straps, and he blindfolded me and started tickling me with a feather and touching me with different things, like ice cubes, and I was going crazy. Pinching me with little clothes pins.”

It led to fucking, of course, because almost everything Madison does leads to fucking.

Madison, if you’re looking to replace that rat fink hubby of yours, we know plenty of volunteers.

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