CFNM Volume 21

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William Higgins Productions

Scene 1: Filip Vacek is the slave of a very attractive girl as she plays a game with him. She has Filip gagged and shackled wearing just underwear, with his nipples taped. With Filip at her mercy she uses her whip and torments him, pulling off the tape and clamping his nipples. Then she rips off Filip’s underwear, giving access to his cock. She wanks Filip’s dick and the uses clothes pins on his balls as she continues to whip him. Filips cock gets rock hard as it is played with and the girl squirts oil all over his sexy chest, rubbing it in. She continues to whip him and then releases his legs, lifting them to show off his ass hole. She soon has a dildo pushing into Filip’s hole as his head jerks back when it slips in. She fucks his ass and wanks his cock at the same time. Changing to a butt plug she shoves it into Filips ass, and leaves it there as she wanks on his throbbing cock. Then the whip comes back into play as his hole is filled with the plug. Releasing him from the bed she stands Filip up for more abuse and puts him back on the bed to fuck him deep, with her strapon. She really works his hole before allowing him to wank himself to a nice big cumshot.

Scene 2: Milan Pokorny is in for a medical checkup. The sexy nurse who is going to examine him has some questions first, and then she tells Milan to remove his shirt. She checks his back and then listens to his chest. She continues the examination, checking eyes, neck and mouth. Then she tells Milan to remove his jeans too and to lay on the table. The nurse presses on his belly and then lowers his underwear a little to feel more. She massages the belly area and then removes Milan’s underwear. His cock seems to be stiffening and lies on his belly. The nurse takes some lotion and rubs his groin area, her fingers rubbing against the swollen cock. That cock gets even harder and she takes hold of it and slowly wanks it. Then our naughty nurse leans forward and takes the cock in her mouth. She sucks and wanks that cock a while. Then she moves Milan to the exam chair, with his legs in the air. That way she can insert the scope into his tight ass for to check it out. The scope stretches his tight hole then is removed. The nurse slides a gloved finger into the hole and gently fucks it. The finger works into the tight hole and a second one goes in too. Then she says she needs to go deeper. She works the fingers in as far as she can and then removes them to probe with something else. A dildo is pushed into Milan’s hole, going deep. The nurse fucks his ass with the dildo as she also wanks his rock hard cock. Then she removes the dildo and shoves a different one into that hot ass. She wanks his big cock too and then removes the dildo and pulls on his ass cheeks to check the open hole. Having loosened that hole she moves onto more. The nurse puts on a strapon and has Milan suck on the rubber cock. Then she lays him over the table and shoves her rubber dick deep into his ass. She fucks him a while and then lays on the table so Milan can slide his ass over the strapon. He rides in and wanks his own cock. Then as the examination comes to an end Milan lays on the table and wanks himself until he deliver a squirting cumshot.

Scene 3: Kolja Muskanec is gagged and his hands are shackled high above his head. He is wearing just his army boxers and is soon joined by a sexy colleague. She has a whip and starts to flick at Kolja’s body with it. Taking some clamps she attached them to his nipples and pulls on them. Kolja moans as he feel it and then the whip lands on his hot body again. His underwear is pulled down exposing his hot ass and his soft cock. The girl keeps whipping on his ass and thighs. Then she takes hold of Kolja’s cock and wanks it a little, feeling it start to swell. She oils his body and then returns to wanking his cock until it is rock hard. She keeps up the whipping and clamps his balls too. His bulbous headed cock stands proud and the girl uses a vibrating toy against his balls and along the sensitive cock. She moves him re-arranging his shackles so that his legs are up. She starts to fuck his ass with a vibrator, making Kolja moan. Then he moans more when a thicker one goes in that ass. That is then replaces with another that goes in nice and deep. With the hole opened nicely a dildo on a stick is shoved deep into his ass. It fucks him hard as he keeps up his moaning. The girl moves Kolja onto his knees so that she can fuck him with her strap on. She releases Kolja from his shackles and the gag and oils his body before wanking his thick cock again, until it shoots his stringy, creamy load. Then she lets Kolja go off to the shower to clean up.

Stars: Kolja Muskanec, Milan Pokorny, Filip Vacek

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