Video: Backlash

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Gotham Gold
Master Luc Wylder brings sexy Ari into the room, where Nikki is sitting there. He asks Nikki is she’s ever been tied up or whipped. Ari is a bad girl, she hasn’t been listening, and the Master shows Nikki what happens when you don’t listen. These lovely ladies get whipped & tied. Master Luc even lets Ari have submissive Dave Morris worship her feet. The next scene is called Chain Of Command starring Michelle Monroe, two women are bound in a jail cell and they know whose boss. “A lesson Well Taut” and then Toe-Tales Vol. 1 with Charlie Latour and she’s the dominant one.

Stars: Ariana (i), Charlie Latour, Michelle Monroe, Nikki, Spikette, David Morris, Luc Wylder, Spike

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