60-year-old Kokie and a 23-year-old

60-year-old Kokie and a 23-year-old

60-year-old Kokie and a 23-year-old

Kokie del Coco catches 23-year-old Peter jacking off to porn on his smart phone and decides to give him the real thing. Happens all the time, right? In our fantasies, it does. At 60PlusMILFs.com, it does. Kokie, a 60-year-old divorcee with kids and grandkids, isn’t one to let a hard-on go to waste, so she gets right to it, stroking Peter’s big cock then going down on it and sucking his balls, too. He fucks her hairy pussy every which way and cums all over her face.

“I am a go-getter,” Kokie said. “I like to break the ice.”

Actually, we think in this case, Peter broke the ice by having his cock out when Kokie walked in. He didn’t do it on purpose, of course, but when you’re sitting in your living room with your cock out and the door’s unlocked, things can happen. In this case, good things.

“I’m old enough to do what I want, and, frankly, I don’t care what others think,” said Kokie, who lives in Bronx, New York. “If my friends or family find out about this, who cares? They might be surprised, they might not, but I’m doing what I want to do and having fun.”

Kokie enjoys going for walks, sewing, cooking and reading. She’s had sex on a plane. She and her friend Crystal King, who she recruited to 60PlusMILFs.com, had a threesome with a guy. She’s been a limousine chauffeur and a cook. And now she’s revving our engines with her hot body.

See More of Kokie Del Coco at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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MILF Mistress

Video: MILF Mistress

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Femdom Empire

Scene 1: MILF Loving Boytoy

Miss Julia Ann always keeps at least one young boytoy around to keep as her own personal pet. The younger the boys the more willing and enthusiastic they are to please their Sugar Momma. Of course their cock’s always need much more control and are kept locked in chastity 24/7 as a reminder of who makes the rules. Miss Julia makes her boytoy in training show how badly he wants his horny cock set free by proving his devotion to her sexy size 8 cougar feet.

Scene 2: Stepmom Knows Best

Miss Julia Ann catches her step-son red handed jerking off to porn in the living room which is completely unacceptable behavior. If he doesn’t want his Father to find out then he will have to accept a lesson in masturbation coming from the love of an M0thers touch.

Scene 3: Boy-Toy Pussy Servant

Sexy MILF Goddess Julia Ann loves transforming her young boy-toys into worthy servants who know how to please her at the snap of a finger. All slaves should be skilled in the art of licking pussy and she makes sure her fresh meat can listen and follow her instructions to earn a place by her side.

Scene 4: MILF’s Make The Rules

Miss Julia Ann is fed up with her step-son constantly breaking his curfew getting home at all hours of the morning. She waits up and catches this punk sneaking in to give him a piece of her mind. He has no respect for his step-mom and mouths off calling her a bitch that needs to mind her own business. Unfortunately for him Miss Julia has officially made this her business. Since he can’t obey a few simple house rules then she will just have to show him how much of a bitch she can really be!

Scene 5: Out of Your System

Your Step-M0ther Julia Ann knows all about your perverted habits…. Peeping while she is getting changed or in her robe. This behavior is completely unacceptable and she wants to have a little chat about it. She can see your erection poking through your jeans even at this very moment. “If you are so keen on taking a look a breasts I will show you, it is only natural to be curious about a woman’s body. I want you to get this perverted fantasy out of your head once and for all! I am going to take my breasts out and let you have a good look while you jerk it out of your system to step-mommy. This will be our little secret, but if I ever catch you peeping on me again there will be serious consequences.”

Stars: Julia Ann, Mistress T, Slave Kade

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Neighborhood Swingers 20

Video: Neighborhood Swingers 20

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Devil’s Film

Two couples are out for a fun evening at Putt Putt Golf. T-Stone is really bad and begins to get discouraged. He is a very competitive person and because of this, he wants to stop playing. Jessica (Eric’s Wife) feels that all he needs is a little motivation. So she figures out a way to spice it up.

Two couples are coming home from dinner when they ask if they want to come inside for a nightcap drink. They sit down and small talk pursues. The girls begin to talk about bathing suits and the vacation that they are going on. They start to show each other where they want to lose the weight so that they look good at the beach in Mexico. Conversation changes to talking about how nice each other’s boobs are.

Two married couples are finishing up dinner. They go into the living room to wrap up the evening. Tommy asks Anna a question about how the two of them ‘interact’ because of the big height difference between them. Anna decides that it might be a better idea if she shows him rather than just explain it.

Stars: Anna Kelly, Astrid Star, Jessica Rex, Lucy Foxx, Penelope Reed, Rachael Cavalli, Eric John, Eric Masterson, John Strong, T Stone, Tommy Gunn

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Naked And Dead Chicks

Video: Naked And Dead Chicks

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Mr. Skin

Just because they’re playing dead doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the view. Mr. Skin enjoys the flesh of dead just as much as he enjoys the flesh of the living. And we get the feeling that you guys feel the same. For you guys who enjoy the darker side of nudity, check out this playlist of chicks that are dead and naked. Kinda gives you a new perspective on the phrase “drop dead gorgeous”.

Sharon Stone is stone cold dead and topless in Action Jackson,

Beau Garrett is half a torso but she has a full rack in Turistas,

Betsy Rue bares right boob in My Blo ody Valentine 3D,

Christina Ricci racks out on the autopsy table in After. Life,

Courtney Love shows boobs and bush while on the bottom of the tub in The People vs. Larry Flint,

Katie Holmes right boobie makes an appearance in The Gift,

Keira Knightley is racktastic on the slab in The Hole,

Danyi Deats shows bush and boobs in River’s Edge,

Danielle Harris shares some b loody boobs in Halloween II,

Katherine Rose shares her sweet chest treats in Are You Scared 2,

Ann-Beate Engelke gets a knife through her amazing breasts in Bl oody Moon,

Jenny Spain chesty lumps get revealed in Deadgirl,

Chelsea Richards bares bl oody boobies in Feast 3: The Happy Finish,

Mary Demas has quite a pair in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,

Robin Sherwood is sure to give you wood when you get a gander at her T&A in The Love Butcher,

Rikke Louise Andersson flaunts her fine behind and a little backburger in L.A. Confidential,

Julienne Davis is all boobs and bush in Eyes Wide Shut,

Angie Everhart flaunts her supermodel snatch and hooters in Jade,

Jewel Shepard shares her bare buns and amazing knockers in Mission: Killfast,

Deborah Kara Unger hangs around long enough to let us gaze at her T&A in Whispers in the Dark,

Virginia Madsen is dead and boobalicious in Gotham,

Paz de la Huerta lets us see her de la hooters in The Limits of Control,

Catherine Sutherland gives a rack-tastic performance on the cold slab in The Cell,

Linnea Quigley wows us with her undead pair in The Return of the Living Dead,
Misty Mundae is bushy and booby in Dinner for Two,

and Dita Von Teese teases her titties in the trunk of a car in Saint Francis.

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Teen Creeper – Mia Pearl

Video: Teen Creeper - Mia Pearl

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Fetish Network
Sexy young slut Mia Pearl is out by the pool, sensuously competing with her MILF of a step-mom for the pool guy’s attention. Later, when Mia’s alone in her living room, Creeper calls and reveals that he knows how slutty she is. She challenges him to get past her mother and prove he’s not all talk. In an instant Creeper pounces on her and ties her up with rope. What follows is intense sexual domination and extreme rough sex ending in an epic massive facial.

Stars: Mia Pearl, Brick Danger

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Flexible Females

Video: Flexible Females

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Mr. Skin

These ladies have the moves and the flexibility to enthuse, entertain, and send tingles to your main vein. If you like seeing nude chicks do the splits and bend like a pretzel, you’re really going to enjoy this playlist.

Pixie Le Knot teases a look at her thong-clad crotch in Game of Thrones,

Denna Thomsen shows off her moves and her sweet milk duds in Fjögur píanó Video,

Tammy Morris gives us a look at her fit fanny while getting pounded by Dane Cook in Good Luck Chuck,

Carrie Ann Inaba puts on a topless show on the pole in Madonna: The Girlie Show,

Carolkim Tran does some three B-baring interpretive dancing in The Bathers,

Wanda Mendres undresses and impresses us with her three Bs in Police des moeurs,

Zoli, Bambu, Posh, Rambo, and James Suicide do some totally naked yoga in SuicideGirls: Guide to Living,

Francis Raines isn’t shy. She shucks her clothes for a rump, rack, and rug exercise routine in Breeders,

Ariane Labed wipes away the tears and gets topless while proving her flexibility in Alps,

Spanky Doll lifts her leg to tease her hairy box in Bloodspit,

Nadine Velazquez stretches in a skimpy outfit on My Name is Earl,

Taylor St. Clair and Ahmo Hight both get totally nude and leztastically close in Hotel Exotica,

Taimie Hannum puts on a topless, thong-baring show on the pole in The Awakening of Gabriella,

Jessica Saint flaunts every inch of her tight body by the pool in Poolside Heat,

JoeLean does her stretching routine in the buff in First Nudist Retreat,

Meg Tilly proves her flexibility but shows no skin in The Big Chill,

and Yvonne Racz reveals some rackage while getting drilled on the dance floor in The Next Step.

These flexible femmes will have you stretching out the elastic in your underwear!

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