Doctor’s Perverse Games – Schoolgirls Want More

Video: Doctor's Perverse Games - Schoolgirls Want More

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DDF Productions

Spanish cutie Carolina Abril is a sexy babe quite famous for as long as she has been involved in the adult entertainment industry. The petite submissive is an instant turn-on and cock-stiffener

Our two absolutely stunning models Tina Kay from Lithuania and Luna Rival from France will get their asses stuffed by Doc Erik Everhard. Luna keeps coming back into his office over and over again, while Tina tries to have a sultry and kinky moment with him. The green-eyed brunette is so horny and wants to suck his hard cock, when they decide to make it a threesome and humiliate hot young disturber! He probes her anus while the nurse feeds her a huge black double dong. She receives some ass fingering and gets her deep throat stuffed with his thick dick. Tina penetrates her asshole with that mega dildo and crams her butthole with that sex toy over and over again. Luna then licks her shaved pussy and hard nipples while getting her ass fucked by the doc. The babes use spitting to lube up their buttholes! Now that nurse Tina sees Erik bang Luna’s butthole, she wants to receive some ass fucking herself and double penetrates the young teenager with the double dong while getting her anus filled with Erik’s hard-on. Finally, Tina licks that spunk off his rod after he came, and keeps on banging that girl next door with the black double dong!

The erotic treatment continues in Part 2 of this kinky roleplay thriller starring Kayla Green from Hungary as the cruel dominant doctor and Misha Cross from Poland as the all-too-trusting college girl teen who falls into the doc’s clutches at the DDF clinic and finds herself a submissive lesbian sex object at the mercy of the whims of the fishnet-clad physician! Now that the doctor is stripped to her stockings, sinful scarlet thong, and high heels, she has Misha bound thighs and wrists and ankles to the exam table by straps, there to lubricate an anal vibrator with her mouth to ease its way into her vulnerable asshole under the guidance of Dr. Kayla, whose hands look ruthless with their dark polished claw-like fingernails as they insert the toy. The lustful doctor gets Misha laying across the table, where the tattooed cutie’s curvy ass receives continued treatment from the vibrator, which Kayla has on remote control. Then Kayla substitutes a regular black bullet style sex toy into Misha’s butthole, which sticks out like a tail as the submissive sweetie must then give her doctor pussy licking to orgasm in the climax of this Full HD fetish XXX video brimming with lesbian bondage!

Kiara Lord has an attitude when she goes to the doctor…she’s one of the more rebellious students in the college, and her teacher has recommended a thorough physical exam to determine if Kiara’s inability to behave has an organic basis. However, the college’s resident physician, Dr. Sabby, has an attitude as well…a sadistic one! After getting Kiara to spit out her chewing gum, the devious doc plans his every move. He then carries her through a hidden door into his secret room of kink, where he binds her wrists to the ceiling, spanks her, pulls down her panties and licks her pussy, and then whips her with a rope before putting her on her knees to suck his dick. Yes, the doctor has his way with the student in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex, the roleplay climaxing with Kiara being fucked from behind while her wrists are bound, and then her tongue getting spunked by the doctor’s ruthless dong.

Stars: Carolina Abril, Gina Gerson, Jasmine Webb, Kayla Green, Kiara Lord, Luna Rival , Misha Cross, Tina Kay, David Perry, Erik Everhard

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Scale Bustin Babes 70

Video: Scale Bustin Babes 70

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Rodnievision (Rodney Moore)

When Rodney’s model for the day flakes, he’s still horned up and looking for some relief for his blue balls. So, the thick and sexy makeup artist he’s hired for the shoot catches his eye. BBW Amy Villainous has a pair of humongous breasts he’d love to jerk off to. Before he knows it, she’s on her knees polishing his cock and licking his balls. Rodney buries his face, then his huge dick, in between her enormous boobies. Each one is even bigger than the size of his head! Then, Amy submits to Rodney for a good face fucking while he twists and pinches her big, pink nipples. He spanks her massive mammaries before he shoots his monster load all over her panting mouth.

Big and sexy girl Asstyn Martyn accidentally stumbles onto Rodney’s porn set, and he convinces her to be in one of his adult videos. Her humongous ass is just perfect for a face-sitting video. In fact, every inch of her is curvy and voluptuous, and he can’t wait to be smothered by her intoxicating rolls. So, he crawls under her and sticks his tongue up her juicy butthole. Along the way, he grabs her gigantic breasts and sucks on them too. Next, Assstyn takes a turn gobbling up Rodney’s long, fat dick while he spanks her jiggling boobs. At last, he dives into her fat pussy with his hard cock and fucks her fat pussy while her ass shakes up and down. After doling out a little corporal punishment, Rodney rewards his BBW with a healthy dose of jizz that she licks off her nipples.

Rodney’s ready for his big date tonight, but he’s run out of boner pills. So he goes to the doctor’s office, where pretty redhead BBW Alexa Grey tells him the only option he has is an erection injection into his dick! Rodney’s too scared of needles, so he decides to try the old fashioned way. He whips out his cock, gets a good look at Alexa’s gorgeous breasts, and encourages her to give him some physical attention. He jerks his big rod against her hard nipples, and then slides her panties down so he can fuck her. He slobbers all over her huge boobies before Alexa takes a turn sucking on his humongous meat stick. He sits on her face, and then pounds her hard from behind. Next, kinky Alexa puts on an eye mask, and dives tongue first into Rodney’s man cave. After a nice rimming, Rodney shoves his engorged dick into each and every curvy crevice, including her bulging belly button. At last, Rodney cream pies Alexa’s fat, sticky pussy and rubs the creamy jizz onto her forehead.

Rodney has cum to Dr. Kamille Amora to heal a bad habit. It seems that every time he photographs a sexy model, he has the compulsion to pull out his dick and start stroking! So the female doctor tries to use negative reinforcement–in the form of a slap to the face–to get him to stop. But just as he’s cured, Kamille demands payment in the form of his cock. He’s gotten her horny now, and she wants to get fucked! So, she starts kissing Rodney and letting him squeeze her humongous boobs. He buries his face in them and sucks her huge nipples. Her breasts are so big he has to use both hands to hold onto them. His cock gets rock hard again in a second, and she gives it some expert oral attention. She sucks his big dick and then sits down on it and takes a ride. She moans loudly as he jackhammers her tight pussy from below. Then, she spreads her legs wide and Rodney takes a dive into her puffy pink pussy with his tongue. He slips his cock back in and fucks her so hard her whole curvy body jiggles. He even gets a little playful revenge when he smacks her in the face with her own gigantic breasts. Turns out the doc needed a big dose of vitamin D herself! Rodney gives her the kind of fucking she can only get from a porn professional, and she seems to fall into a pleasurable trance with each pump. Finally, Rodney gives her the real star treatment…a huge facial made from 100% organic man milk.

Stars: Alexa Grey, Amy Villainous, Asstyn Martyn, Kamille Amora, Rodney Moore

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Turning The Boss Lady Bi

Video: Turning The Boss Lady Bi

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Smoking Females
When she first started at Smoking Females, Brooke worked during the day at a bank and had a female boss. They hit it off and became friends. Once, when they were talking, her boss Maggie let it slip that she sometimes likes to be dominated. Brooke took advantage of that information and set up a party for Maggie. Brooke got into the “Mistress Brooke” persona and gave Maggie a night to remember! She made her suck cock, shipped and spanked her and made Maggie have her first bisexual encounter with another woman! What a night! Mostly live audio. Nudity, graphic language, explicit sex. Runs Approx. 45 Minutes. XXX-rated.

Stars: Brooke Babylon, Maggie Mays, Mike, Tres Huevos

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Put The Bag Back On

Video: Put The Bag Back On

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A female fan calls Carl up and asks if he would mind fucking her, even if
she’s very ugly. Carl says that he is interested and goes to visit her. She is wearing a bag
over her head and refuses to remove it, Carl doesn’t care and eats her out, licks her
asshole, fucks her pussy and asshole and then licks up his cum. He asks her if she’ll take
off the mask since they had some great sex, and he would like to come by and see her
again. She starts to take the bag off of her face and ……

Stars: Connie (i), Carl Hubay

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Strapon Extreme

Video: Strapon Extreme

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Goddess Tramell Catherine
Goddess Tramell Catherine in her best, and dirtiest face possible! We have everything here! Toe fucking, dildo sucking, anal play, teasing like never before and much much more! So, if you’re looking for some humiliating, fem dom, mind blowing action, trust us, you came to the right place! Editor’s note: There are no strapons in this movie, just a regular dildo.

Stars: Goddess Tramell Catherine

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