Superiority Complex

Video: Superiority Complex

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Meanbitch Productions

Finally, the scene everyone has been waiting for!: Marcelo the Office Wimp is terrified of the Office Bully Anikka and her friend Mena. As soon as the boss leaves the room they advance upon him and start toying with him. Anikka makes the little wimp lick her asshole and feet, with some help from her…

Your co-worker Ashley just sits around the office all day looking at porn. That’s because she’s the boss’s daughter and can do anything she wants. In fact, she can have you fired if she wants. She makes you get down on your knees and kiss her feet and ass. If you want to keep your job, you will have…

Julie Cash knows that men will do anything for her BIG HUGE ASS, especially MeanBitches members. So, she now goes to visit MeanBitches members who have their own companies and takes them. She brings Jack a contract to sell her his company for $1. He tries to resist, but her Ass is so huge and wonderful…

Mistress Mercedes Carrera is a loan shark who gives loans to losers. When you accept a loan from her, you become her property until you pay it back. Like her tiny little slave jasmine. Mercedes makes you crawl on the ground and worship her feet and her BIG ASS. She even makes you worship her slave too!…

Stars: Anikka Albrite, Ashley Adams, Jasmine Summers, Julie Cash, Mena Li, Mercedes Carrera, Jack Vegas, Marcelo, Tarantino XXX

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BBW Cock Milkers #1

Video: BBW Cock Milkers #1

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MelonJuggler Productions

One lucky guy is visited by three curvaceous women one at a time with only one objective to milk his cock dry. Watch Julie, Alexxxis and Eliza use their natural talents to fuck, suck and wank his hard cock till he is empty. These three big beautiful women show you just how horny they really are.

Note: There is no bonus scene with Alexxxis Allure.

Stars: Alexxxis Allure, Eliza Allure, Julie Rocket

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Julie Wants A Stronger Punishment

Video: Julie Wants A Stronger Punishment

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A Wizard of Ass

Something is immediately spellbinding about schoolgirl Julie, and it’s not just her striking young beauty.

For starters, she seems out of place in the Reform School: her school grades are stellar – and yet she caused mischief serious enough to bring her here.

It quickly becomes clear that corporal punishment just makes her laugh and “humiliation” appears to turn her on…

Well, she’s a “punishment slut”: a schemer who got herself sent to Reform School on purpose – as she finally admits. She confesses that she finds school boring because too easy; and that she has a strong fascination for BDSM, and is eager to experience it at length.

The Reform School Headmaster finally strikes a deal with her: she agrees to remain in school in exchange for being introduced to various intense BDSM activities – what is heavy punishment/humiliation for most other students is a treat for her!

Stars: Julie, Andre Chance

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Cyberbabes – Julie Rocket

Video: Cyberbabes - Julie Rocket

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This is the fourth and last clip in the Julie Rocket Quadrilogy. Beautiful Julie Rocket controls the sybian the way she wants it. In the beginning of this clip, you see how a girl works it if she’s running it herself. This may give you a hint as to what other girls like in terms of speed patterns. She’s doing this cute hand shaking thing when the motor is turned up. After a while I decided to give her some power as a reminder. I grabbed the control and cranked it up. I wanted her shaking for the ride home. This did it. She screams out in pleasure, lets loose a stream of profanities, starts shaking, nearly falls off the ride, and finishes in a sweaty mess.

Stars: Julie Rocket

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Full Swap Foursome

Video: Full Swap Foursome

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Naughty Allie

You know Jake and I never pass up an opportunity for a full swap foursome with our favorite swinger friends Jon and Julie. I rarely cum as hard as I do when I’m having my pussy pounded by Jon’s big dick as I watch Julie fucking my husband. There’s just something extremely erotic about watching Julie and Jake together while Jon fucks me like there’s no tomorrow. And this occasion was definitely no exception.

We started the evening with a few drinks at the hotel bar before heading back to our place. I think all four of us were naked within 30 seconds of walking in the door. Jake and I began fucking and sucking each other while watching Jon and Julie doing the same. I was dying to feel Jon’s cock inside me so I suggested that we all swap partners. Of course everyone agreed and we all happily switched spouses and continued our little fuck session without missing a beat.

Watching this video has gotten me so fucking wet that I’m calling Julie right now to see what they’re doing this weekend. Maybe it’s time for a road trip! ~Kisses, Allie

Stars: Naughty Allie, Naughty Julie, Jon, Jake Chase

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