MILFs Like It Black #4

Video: MILFs Like It Black #4

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Episode 19: Camryn Cross

By some fucking luck we got a call for a bachelorette party and needed to provide the women with some less then wholesome entertainment. Flash was on deck for this one, problem was, he doesn’t dance.

Episode 20: Mellanie Monroe

Greedy has been spending our money at the casino and as a punishment we’ve been making him work over time! So, now we’ve got him fucking Mellanie, and after taking a look at her, Greedy woke his lazy ass up and went to town.

Episode 24: Cassidy Lynn

All hell breaks loose on the season finale of MLB. The crew loses all money from the sale of the house, they are in debt more than ever before and the law comes crashing down on them. Cassidy Lynn is on board for two cocks.

Stars: Camryn Cross, Cassidy Lynn, Mellanie Monroe, Flash Brown, Greedy, Johnny Slim

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Cumming-on Party For A Mature Bra-Buster

Cumming-on Party For A Mature Bra-Buster

Cumming-on Party For A Mature Bra-Buster

Sally D’Angelo is a constantly horny 60something swinger with big tits and a husband who likes to watch his wife get fucked and creamed on. On this day, in this video, Sally only gets to talk during the first few minutes before two young dudes take turns fucking her tight cunt and dick-hungry mouth until they spray her face with nut-butter. Once the fucking starts, Sally has a dick stuffed in her mouth for the rest of this swinging and swapping session.

Sally is from Indianapolis and lives in Florida. Impressed by her buxom body, a SCORE staffer spotted her several years ago at a swingers convention in Las Vegas and talked to her about hot modeling but it wasn’t the right time for Sally. However, she remembered SCORE later on.

Sally has a dirty mouth. She has no interest in cleaning it up. She likes sex that’s wild and over-the-top. That’s why she became a swinger. It satisfies her hyper-sex drive. Usually people slow down when they get older but not Sally. She keeps her pussy tight with exercise. “You have to do the Kegel exercises. And when I fuck I make sure to squeeze my pussy. That helps to keep it tight. But I workout too.

“I cum a lot when I have sex any time,” Sally said to a TSG editor who could hear her screaming from the other side of the wall when she was grinding on cock. “If the guy is good, or the girl is good, I’ll cum hard. I can cum just sitting here talking about it, practically. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to get it. I love being fucked. The louder I’m moaning the harder I’m getting fucked.

“I like to be as naked as possible all the time. The less clothes I have on, the better. I walk around the house naked in high heels, too. My husband likes it. He’s a little perv. That’s why we fit. You know what they say, dirty minds think alike.” Yes, hub was there when this threesome was recorded.

Sally’s two fuck-mates had a blast playing with her. As in cum-blast all over her face. Some say sperm is good for a woman’s skin. Sally got a lot in this facial happy ending. We’ve been lucky enough to find older women who like to fuck as hard as any young 18eighteen or Naughty Neighbors chick. Sally D’Angelo joins this elite club. Once Sally got started, she became a GILF on fire and fucks on-camera like crazy. She especially worships black cock.

See More of Sally D’Angelo at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Who’s the ass-fucked boss?

Who’s the ass-fucked boss?

Who's the ass-fucked boss?

Lauren Taylor is a 56-year-old mother of two. She has a son, and if you think it’s easy growing up as the son of a hot mom, think again.

“He had to beat his friends up, and then he got kicked out of the group,” Lauren recalled. “A couple of them were very blatant. I had a pool, and I’d catch a group of boys watching me swim and lay out. Or they’d come into my bedroom. You know, they’d walk towards that part of the house and just wander in. It was pretty obvious.”

Lauren’s son’s friends were walking around with lumps in their pants “and telling me when they were gonna turn 18. It was pretty funny. And I’d say, ‘No, you’re still my son’s friends, so that’s not going to happen.'”

Lauren’s son’s friends never got any. But they’re over 18 now, which means they can legally view And maybe they’re sitting at their computers right now, watching the hot mom from their childhood getting ass-fucked on-camera.

In this scene, Lauren is a boss who catches her employee, Tony, using a remote-controlled camera to shoot upskirt videos under her desk. But she doesn’t fire him. She has him fuck her mouth, pussy and ass right there in the office.

So, to recap: Lauren’s son’s friends got nothing. Her employees get it all.

See More of Lauren Taylor at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!

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Cougars In Control

Video: Cougars In Control

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Feet On Demand

Goddess Parker Swayze is not pleased when she finds out her boyfriend hasn’t been doing any work for Goddess Maya Bijou. His behavior is unacceptable, which means the beautiful goddesses are going to have to teach him a lesson. To humiliate him, Goddess Parker Swayze makes him strip and locks him up in chastity, giving the key to Goddess Maya Bijou so that she owns him. Watch as she makes him remove her heels and stockings, training him to be a good little foot slave. See her strap her heel to his face with her stocking, making him smell her heel while he kneels before them as a foot rest for their pretty feet. Keep watching to see these beautiful babes make him worship their feet like they deserve.

Goddess Parker Swayze is having a problem with her pool because the water is too cold! To show the pool repair man how cold the water is, she makes him feel it from her pretty bare feet. He is reluctant, at first, but soon can’t resist her, especially after she loses her bikini top, showing off her big, round, perky breasts as she oils up her long, sexy legs and beautiful bare feet. After making him crawl to her, she has him rub his hands all over her soft, oiled up feet. Watch as he begs to worship her feet as he plants soft kisses all over them. See him kiss, lick, and suck on her feet from heel to toe before she treats him to a steamy foot job.

When Goddess Jessica finds her stepson sniffing her high heel pumps and rubbing himself, she is less than amused. She threatens to tell her husband but when he begs her to keep it between them, she decides to humiliate him instead by making him worship her feet like the pathetic little worm that he is. To start, she has him kiss her bare feet, licking them from heel to toe. Watch as he slides his tongue in between each one of her pretty little toes, tasting them before sucking on them. See her tease her pussy through her panties as she shoves her foot down his throat. Watch the generous goddess treat him to a foot job, foot milking him until he explodes.

Goddess Jessica has had an exhausting day and has her husband rub her pretty bare feet for some stress relief. After having an interesting encounter with her stepson, the brunette babe would like to keep him around the house, but her husband isn’t too keen on the idea. To persuade him to see things her way, she allows him to pamper her sexy feet. Watch as he kisses, licks, and sucks on her from heel to toe, tasting each digit as he slips his tongue between each toe. Soon, his pants are down and her feet are wrapped around his cock, hugging his shaft between her soft, wrinkly arches for a steamy foot job. Will foot milking him make him agree? Watch and see!

Stars: Jessica Torres, Maya Bijou , Parker Swayze

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Short ‘n’ Stacked Sally’s First Time

Short ‘n’ Stacked Sally’s First Time

Short 'n' Stacked Sally's First Time

When Sally D’Angelo walked into our studio for the first time, heads turned. Every guy in the building was staring at this stacked MILF who was wearing a tight top, a short skirt and fuck-me pumps.

Imagine if they knew she wasn’t wearing panties.

Sally, who is 58 years old and turns 59 on March 8, is wearing panties (if you want to call them that) in this scene, her first-ever dalliance on-camera. Those panties are actually pearls attached to cloth, and they do almost nothing to cover her pussy when she spreads her legs. Which she does often. Sally was wearing these panties when the editor interviewed her. Or tried to interview her. He kept looking up her skirt, and Sally kept improving the view by spreading her long pussy lips.

“I don’t like wearing panties,” Sally said. “I love showing off my pussy.”

She also loves showing off her big tits, which are at least F-cups (she doesn’t know; she usually doesn’t wear bras), and her long legs (she’s five-foot-one but leggy) and her ass and her almost-completely-shaved pussy. She always wears sexy, tight clothes and, if you hadn’t guessed, she loves to fuck.

“I love being my hubby’s hot wife,” she said. “I love going out with my boyfriends and coming home and telling my husband what I did with them.”

She sucked and fucked them, that’s what she did with them.

Sally is from Indiana, but she’s now living in Florida. She’s a swinger and has been one for 30 years. She’s a nudist who almost never wears clothing around the house. She’s a mother of one and a grandmother of three. And she loved sucking off the 24-year-old guy she’s with in this scene. Yep, she’s 58, he’s 24. Sally had no trouble keeping up with him.

See More of Sally D’Angelo at MILFTUGS.COM!

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