Your Pleasure Is My World

Video: Your Pleasure Is My World

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Audrey is back for more treatment at the hands of Dr. Mercies and the huge-cocked Orderly Grind. Previously, we blindfolded and gagged her, because she likes sensory deprivation. But now, Dr. Mercies tells her she has to use her own mind to take away her senses. She will submit so fully to him, he says, that she will only see, hear, touch, and taste his pleasure. Of course, his pleasure involves lots of rude face fucking, ass fucking, ass to mouth, slapping, and degradation. Poor Audrey gets her tits smacked too and has to condition herself to feeling only Dr. Mercies’ pleasure when that happens. Then he feeds her a big, thick patient sperm meal and asks Orderly Grind to gag her face.

Stars: Audrey Holiday, Dr. Mercies, Orderly Grind

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MILF Hunter Volume 26

Video: MILF Hunter Volume 26

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Reality Kings
Bed Head

Levi was hung over after a wild night out and I showed up so he could clean up the truck after his buddies dirtied it all up. It took him forever to get out there and wash it! While I was waiting and preparing all the materials to clean, I noticed Misty was riding back and forth in front of our lawn. It was obvious she was looking for company but she really did not smile too much until Levi came out and as he put it… put the man out there by taking off his shirt and flexing. He went over to check the mail and struck up a conversation with her. It it did not take long for her to succumb to his masculine charms and she accepted his offer to go in for a drink. From the front yard, to the living room and from the living room to the bedroom. I made up some excuse about how Misty should check out the mess in his room and she jumped at the chance to take the visit into his room and start banging like crazy. All she was really looking for was some attention she was not getting from her loveless marriage and countless hours single-handedly dealing with her kid. Levi was more than willing to give it to her and her nice fit MILF body.

Lickin London

London was referred to Levi by Bree after she found out she was looking for a hot fling. Something on the side with no strings attached and just oozing sexual magnetism. She showed up while Levi was doing some chores and pretty much tried to dominate Levi. She did not give a damn if I was filming, she did not want any small talk or anything. She pushed Levi up against the wall and went to town on him. They took the battle of sexual wills to the bedroom and battled it out like two gyrating G-Spot gladiators of the Coitus Colosseum. This girl had me worn out when it was all said and done and I did not even lay a hand on her. This is a MUST SEE update.

Real Women

I met Rhyanna at the corner store a few weeks ago and she gave me a call letting me know she wanted me to meet a friend. Becky was a fellow horny chick who she met. They had hit it off right away and got real friendly with each other ever since they realized they were both single going through similar problems. She told Becky about me and how much fun she had being naughty with me. She convinced Becky to go out with her, my buddy Ash (as always) and me. They showed up just before sunset and we partied way before we even had a night out on the town. This was one freaky threesome. Both horny ladies had legs that just would not quit! Two tall and petite freaks between the sheets!

Room For Two

Levi and I decided to get some R&R with Mr. Tee at the country club. When we got there, the attendant decided to set us up with a couple who had booked the same slot we did. At first Levi and I did not want to deal with anyone else but giving Adryana a once over changed our minds. We played for a while and we got to know the couple. Adryana let down her hair and really started pouring on the flirts and sexual advances towards Levi. I thought her hubby was going to be furious but instead he just laughed along and almost encouraged her more. She finally reminded to her husband how they both always wanted to try a threesome. I am positive his idea of a threesome was a little different than the situation we had going on, but he agreed as long as he could cash in his threesome experience at a later date. Levi dashed to the golf cart and floored it all the way to the country club locker rooms. Adryana handled two cocks like it was just another day for her and her sweet Latina ass had her hubby and Levi going crazy.

U Me And My Girl

Levi called me up and let me in on what Misty had planned for the afternoon. It turns out her real name was Lisa but she introduced herself as Misty to protect her identity until she knew we were cool. Anyway, she came by with her bosom buddy co-worker who also happened to be one of her bed buddies unbeknownst to her estranged hubby. Her name was Deesiren and she was a super freak beyond that which even Rick James could possibly comprehend! They came over during their lunch break for an afternoon delight and put Levi through the ringer. Both of them sucked him hard and fast, went full on deep throat on his cock, let him go raw dog in both of their third inputs and Deesiren even squirted all over him and left him drenched in feminine love juices! This is a cannot miss update!

Wet Holiday

A definite member favorite Tara is BACK! Newly divorced, single and ready to mingle. She called me up and told me how badly she wanted to send off her horrible marriage the right way. She was hoping to celebrate with Sean but I was absolutely sure she would love Levi much, much more. I got her to meet me at his place while he was away and set everything up. She was kept warm by the pool and also got chilled just right when Levi showed up and popped the cold bubbly all over her bubbly booty. Tara is hands down, one of THE BEST MILFS we’ve met along our journey.

Stars: Adriana, Becky Lynn, Dee Siren, Emmanuelle London, Misty Law, Rhyanna Lee, Tara Holiday, Levi Cash, Marcus

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Office Footjobs Volume 1

Video: Office Footjobs Volume 1

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Feet On Demand

Goddess Stella Stone just received her holiday bonus at work, but she’s not pleased with the amount. She’s even more upset when she learns her coworkers received bigger bonuses than she did. When she has one alone, she seduces him with her pretty feet, allowing him to take off her sexy high heels so he can sniff and suck on her beautiful bare feet. See him taste her from heel to toe, sliding his tongue between each one of her cute little toes. After awhile, his pants are down and she’s hugging his cock between her soft, wrinkly arches, moving them up and down his shaft for a steamy footjob until she foot milks him. Once she’s done, she locks him up in chastity.

When the next coworker arrives at the party, Goddess Stella Stone gives him a tour of the house that ends in her bedroom. In no time, her high heels are off and she’s teasing his cock through his pants with her feet. Watch as she has him taste her from heel to toe, licking along her soft arches and sliding his tongue between each toe before sucking on them. Once their clothes are off, she takes his cock between her feet, fucking him with her feet for a steamy footjob as he rubs on her pussy. After foot milking him she binds him and puts him in chastity with her other coworker, where they’ll remain until they fork over their bonuses.

Goddess Valerie White is getting ready for her new temp job and is prepared to secure a permanent position with a pay increase. To sway her new boss to see things her way, she decides to seduce him, starting by slipping off her sexy high heeled open toe pumps and making him suck on her toes. Watch as he slides his tongue along her beautiful bare feet, slipping his tongue between her toes and licking her soft soles. See her rub her wet pussy, masturbating as he worships her feet. Once his pants are down she gives him the steamy foot job he craves, squeezing his cock between her soft, wrinkly arches. Will she foot milk him and make him cum all over her feet?

Goddess Valerie White has a new intern and she plans on making him do the majority of her work. When he tries to protest she lets him know that she is in charge and that she’s his boss. To make him learn his place, she has him remove her sexy open toe high heel pumps and kiss her feet, licking her toes just as she tells him. Watch her tease her pussy as he sucks on her toes, pleasing the gorgeous goddess. Soon his pants are off and her soft, wrinkly arches are wrapped around his cock, giving him his first ever foot job. See her stroke his cock with her pretty bare feet, foot milking him until he cums for her before locking him in chastity.

Stars: Stella Stone, Valerie White, Alex Adams, Jake Jordan, Tom Foot

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Carlos Tobalina’s Carnal Haven

Video: Carlos Tobalina's Carnal Haven

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Alpha Blue Archives
A sizzling tour of the marital lives of four couples brought to you by XXX theatre owner and director Carlos Tobalina, a driver behind all things porno in the 70’s Hollywood scene. His perchance for shooting hot porn in exotic locations flew him all over the world with top stars like John Holmes, Linda Lovelace, and Marilyn Chambers.

Stars: Clair Dia, Annette Haven, Lesllie Bovee, Candida Royalle, Desiree West, Bonnie Holiday, Sharon Thorpe, Mira Vane, Turk Lyon, Joey Silvera, Dashile Miguele, John Leslie, Ken Scudder

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Fuck My Sweet Ass Sensless

Video: Fuck My Sweet Ass Sensless

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Audrey likes sensory deprivation and anal sex. So to treat her, Dr. Mercies took away all her senses and re-educated her body to experience the world through only her ass. Sweet, young Audrey had to see, hear, taste, smell, and breathe ass while getting fucked up the butt by the good doctor. This anal therapy session includes some nasty whipped-cream anal and ass to mouth, with lots of deep ass-eating too.

Stars: Audrey Holiday, Dr. Mercies

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