Put It In Her Ass Volume 6

Video: Put It In Her Ass Volume 6

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Reality Kings

All Natural Puppies: Renato brought Nasta to the apartment from the airport. She was looking so sweet. Her accent made her even sexier. I’m glad she was willing to make the payments by other means. I don’t know what I would have done if she was going to pay in cash. She was smiling all the way to the end. You could see her jump every time Renato hit her clit. She loved every position and touch Renato put on her. I gave her four extra days for her anal action. She was so hot and horny, they started fucking after I turned the camera off, but I got a little more action out of them.

Butt Full Of Love: Ginna went out to buy an apartment and she ran across a nice flat. The current landlord was Steve and he liked what he saw. Ginna was super fucking hot and he thought he would make her offer she couldn’t refuse. He knew she would accept and soon he would get a taste of that delicious ass! Ginna loved anal and would soon get rammed like the wild girl she was!

Great View: Ivana was interested in renting one of our apartments but it was in the process of being cleaned. We took her to our leasing office to wait until the apartment was ready. On our way to the office, Ivana partially paid for the rent by giving James an amazing blow job in the car. When we arrived, James fucked her all over the new desk and then blasted her face with an unbelievable amount of jizz.

Kitchen Doll: Tifani arrived from France to meet some friends. Her friends were so kind to tell her about my apartment, and the fact we can negotiate the price of rent. This is to good to be true. I asked her right out if she liked sex. A couple smiles later and she agreed, even though I think she was well informed by her friends about what it was going to cost. She was so sweet and sexy. She did a little strip tease and let Chucky have a taste of her pussy. He slide a finger in her ass and she just moaned. They fucked all over the kitchen, and she swallowed his load like she was starving. That wasn’t even enough for this French vixen. After the big gulp, she was asking for more as she rubbed her wet pussy. I think I need an apartment in France.

Lost In Translation: Nicoline came from Russia to stay at the apartment. She did not speak English, so a friend was called to translate. He explained how she could pay the rent with a special payment and she agreed. Soon after, she was getting her pussy and ass munched on. She sucked that cock and deep throated it nicely. She got her pussy and asshole pounded and got man juice all over her pretty face. The rent was paid.

Sexy Curves: Angelrivas came to pay the rent to stay at the apartment. She was a hottie with beautiful eyes. She did not mess around, she agreed to pay the rent by making a sex video and began undressing. She revealed her luscious tits and delectable ass. She began by getting her pussy munched on, then she sucked that cock nicely. She got her pussy pounded and then asked to get fucked in her ass. She got her asshole drilled and got man juice all over her. She loved making the payment for the rent.

Stars: Angel Rivas, Gina, Ivana Sugar, Nasta Zya, Nicoline, Tiffany Doll, Antonio Ross, Csoky Ice, James Brossman, Renato (i), Steve, Tony

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Kitchen Mate

Kitchen Mate

Kitchen Mate

“When Terry made her SCORE debut in the July ’07 issue, we had a translator ask her questions in Czech and translate her answers,” SCORE editor Dave wrote. “But in Eleuthera, Bahamas, there wasn’t a single person who spoke more than a few words of Czech. But Terry didn’t exactly get the silent treatment. The girls were all amazed by Terry’s figure: huge, full tits; a big, bangable ass; thick, curvy thighs. And, on top of all that, a curvaceous waist. ‘Built like a brick shithouse’ might be a cliche, but it’s an appropriate description of Terry’s body. I caught Angela White drooling over her several times. The great thing about Terry is that she doesn’t need to be told how to be sexy. She understands the power she has over men, and she knows how to give them just the right look, do the right thing. I loved walking up the stairs behind Terry. She always wore booty shorts, and that was quite a view. I would’ve said, ‘Nice ass!’

But she wouldn’t have understood me. Besides, she knows.”

This pictorial was shot for December 2007 Voluptuous.

See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

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Breast Care 101

Breast Care 101

Breast Care 101

“I love rubbing oil and cream into my breasts and my butt,” Arianna said. “It feels so good and makes them feel good. Don’t you guys love watching me do it?”

Hey, we’d enjoy watching Arianna watch TV, but, yeah, given the choice, we’d pick Arianna rubbing cream into her good parts over watching, say, Great Performances on PBS.

“I know it is very important to make sure my breasts feel soft,” Arianna said. “If they feel soft, men will want to play with them.”

But how about her ass?

“I have never had anal sex,” Arianna said, “but I love having a man’s hands all over my ass.”

Arianna’s tits look creamy and suckable in these photos, and her ass looks fuckable. But then, they always do, cream or no cream. But given the choice, we’ll take cream with those titties.

See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!

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The Young & The Restless

Video: The Young & The Restless

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Scarlet and James have insanely hot passionate sex!

You would swear that they are a real-life couple.

Great shots of her beautiful eyes and perfect body as she sucks and rides him.

He makes her cum with his mouth and then slides his large cock in her tight pussy. You can hear the pleasure from her involuntary moan.

Moving together until they can’t hold back for the explosive finish.

Young and restless is an understatement.

Stars: Veronica Radke, James Dean

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Summer Camp Movie Babes

Video: Summer Camp Movie Babes

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Mr. Skin

What would summer be without summer camp, and what would summer camp be without a bevy of bare babes to satisfy your oldest and most innocent of fantasies: The summer camp hookup! Hook up with these 19 skinsational scenes set at summer camp, just make sure you’re all cleaned up before dinner. It may be called the mess hall, but not for that reason!

Kirsten Baker bares it all for the requisite late-night skinny-dipping session in Friday the 13th Part 2

2009’s Friday the 13th featured Willa Ford looking killa waterboarding topless. Great looks at her chest patties, followed by some Jaws-style underwater boobulars!

Tania Maro & Kaye Penaflor spruce up the cyber-woods by whipping off their tops, flashing their pretty, pretty palookies, and then snuggling down into their sleeping bags in Jason X.

It’s a wild, wet, wobbling octet of steamy, dreamy boobage! Rachel Veltri (at the bottom of the frame then on the left) bares teats in the shower with three other gals in American Pie Presents Band Camp.

It’s bouncing boobage from strawberry blond Maura Murphy as she does some topless trampoline jumping in #1 Cheerleader Camp

Bountiful bare boobage from Betsy Russell in Cheerleader Camp

Carrick Glenn’s puffy-tipped teats get a solid showing when she rinses off in the outdoor shower at the camp in The Burning

Susan Marie Snyder quickly flashes her nice chest to her fellow campers in Sleepaway Camp II

Curly-haired cutie Stacie Lambert shows off her heavy-hanging hooterspheres just lounging around her bunk with the gals in Sleepaway Camp III

Two dudes look on as a gaggle of hot girls scamper off in towels. Kristi Ducati’s blue robe and Neriah Davis’ red towel slip, and both bare beautiful booties in Meatballs 4

Jewel Shepard’s bare jewels get some attention from a gaggle of horny nerds…and a hockey-masked killer in Party Camp

You know that old joke about how women’s eyes should be on their boobs so they could stare back at men? Well, Happy Campers’ Jaime King has eyes. On her boobs. No foolin’.

Valerie Hartman wakes up topless and gives the campers something to write home about as she roams around the cabin showing off her impressive rack in Sleepaway Camp II

“And The Tops Come Off”? The song title comes true when dark-haired goth goddess Ashley Hanna and sweet blond thing Emma Manion doff their bikini tops and bust out their all-natural perkers in Camp Blood: The Musical

Blonde Klara Hlouska soaks up her all-natural small knocker and landing strip FFN while lezzing it up in the tub with a gal in Girl Camp 2004

Wet and wild T&A when our dearly departed Savannah soaps up in the shower in Camp Fear

Mystery solved! Tiffany Shepis, it appears, keeps a “Bare Wood Floor,” as evidenced by this brief full-frontal flash from Bloody Murder 2

Blonde and pert as a nubile cheerleader, Christina Luoma graciously shows each titter and her tiny tush as she and her varsity boy-toy get bodily fluids all over Mom’s good hardwood floor in Camp Slaughter

It’s bare funbags by firelight as Saye Yabandeh and her beau make out by the fire while camping in Within the Woods

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