Spanking Delights

Video: Spanking Delights

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Bizarre Video

Marcy gets a lesson in proper servitude from her Mistress Daria. She quickly learns the meaning of obedience. After being well beaten and striped, Marcy must focus her attention and tongue on her Mistress’s pussy. Driven on by the sound and sting of the tawse frequently applied to her backside, Marcy does a superb job of licking and lathering. Pleased with her performance, Daria rewards the new little slut with another application to her reddened posteriors. Sensing that the girl is a wonton slut, Mistress Daria dons her strap-on and plunges into the girls now swollen pussy for a long fucking session.


Little Zara’s pert round bum is in for a butt blistering at the hands of her mother. The recalcitrant student has been skipping school and lax in her studies. Her mother is about to make her day a lot more uncomfortable. It’s over the knee with her for a hand spanking that leaves her smooth rounded bottom pink and smarting even through her panties. But when Mother catches her with her hands in her pussy instead of on her books, it’s on the bare for the young tart. Back over the knee she goes this time without the protection of her panties. Mother smacks and slaps away until Zara’s alabaster cheeks are red and bruised. No amount of pleading or squirming slows her mother’s hand. When she is left to tend to her books again, this time with a burning bottom, Zara finds her pussy much more interesting. The warmth in her blazing backside has swelled to the front of her body. She rubs her burning bottom and quivering quim to a subtle but satisfying orgasm, while dreaming about her next spanking.


This was Debora’s first spanking and what a blistering she got. She really squirms around over the spanker’s knee at the surprised intensity as his hand slaps away at her red bruising bottom.


In today`s set sexy brunette Viva Small dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl gets punished by the principal .She is put to stand in the corner and reflect on all the naughty things she have done . She can’t hold her pee anymore as she stands there so she lets a strong steamy stream into her panties. When the principle return he is aghast at her behavior and administers a hand spanking on her bared moist bottom.


Miss Hartcort, the piano teacher, employs some unconventional methods determined to make Amy a better piano student. She punctuates Amy’s playing mistakes with an over the knee spanking. When this does not prove to be effective she resorts to the strap and tawse. Amy is soon both dancing and singing while her poor behind is reddened and blistered. Taken with the young teens mischievous moves, Miss Hartcort offers Amy a more adult education employing the tip of Amy’s tongue to her clit and then rewarding the girl with a pounding strap-on pussy reaming.


Veronica is tied against the wall with her perky butt facing Sergio and his menacing crop. He lectures her for her misdeeds punctuating his words with a stinging smack to her ass cheeks. Bound tight, She can only twitch and whine after each staccato rap of the crop. When her backside is peppered with red marks, Sergio picks up a flogger and finished her off with strong howl producing strokes. Afterwards she is properly trained in cock sucking and a thorough pussy pounding.


Elleis paddled with the wooded ruler over her white cotton briefs, before they come down to reveal her creamy white ass cheeks. These are soon blotched and striped with painful red marks due to the principle’s application of the ruler and cane on her tender backside. When she thought it was finally over the worst of all occurred. She is made to lean over a desk and read her lesson while a spanking machine pummels her bottom with a steady rhythmic application of wooden paddles.


Lazy housemaid Athina is caught loafing on the job by her employer Brandy Smile, and there will be hell to pay in various delightful forms, After getting scolded and face-slapped by her boss, Athina receives a bare bottom spanking. More spanking follows, and punitive cunnilingus too, followed by a flogging on Athina’s fine cheeks! Mistress Brandy even spanks her maid’s soles. But the chastisement is not over by any means. Brandy gets naked only to put on a crotch harness complete with a red dildo! And her maid is going to learn the full extent of Brandy’s control when she is taken in her asshole.

Stars: Athina, Blue Angel, Brandy Smile, Cindy Hope, Daria Glower, Debora Rush, Elle Alexander, Laura M., Marcy, Victoria White, Viva Small, Zara, Andre Baylock, Ben Kelly, Nick Lang, Tony Desergio

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Tit Chat With Agnes

Tit Chat With Agnes

Tit Chat With Agnes

Agnes Poulin chats with the photographer after her sauna shoot. He has a lot of questions for the girl from Poland, a discovery of the great Valory Irene. Agnes can’t self-suck her nipples. She sleeps in a T-shirt and panties. She doesn’t know how much her boobs weigh and she’s never tried to weigh them. She thinks maybe two kilos. (Ask any girl if she knows how much her breasts weigh. She probably won’t know. On second thought, don’t ask.) She’s never dated a guy who didn’t care about big boobs. (Some SCORELAND Girls have.) And that blouse she’s wearing in this chat? Agnes probably wouldn’t wear it when she leaves her house.

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My Slutty Teenage Neighbor 3

Video: My Slutty Teenage Neighbor 3

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Reality Kings

What started as a cult following is now beyond control. From Alaska to Florida the CumFiesta house is now a renowned location of debauchery. Where girls from all over here the word Fiesta and suddenly get wet. The house is synonymous with facial loads and juicy pussies being piped down. Today we bring you Delilah Blue, one of the hundreds of lucky babes that have had the pleasure of the Fiesta. She was so damn thick in all the right places. And her titties were surprisingly huge! Delilah overheard the legendary shit that goes in the Fiesta and wanted to see for herself! If only she can get the cum out of her eye first!

Sophia Leone needed her cock hunger satisfied so she came over to the fiesta. When she arrived, Sonny looked her over and then he asked for the password. Sophia showed her perky big tits and access was immediately granted. Once inside and after revealing her sexual fantasies, Sophia got her pretty mouth stuffed with a hard cock. She masterfully slobbed on the knob and then got her pussy pounded. Sonny wrecked her tight pussy and then blasted his jizz all over her face.

Hot fire red heads are always welcome at the CumFiesta parties. This week we have Liz Leigh. She hails from South Carolina and besides long walks on the beach, she likes shrimp and grits, and masturbation. Liz has a pretty sexy southern accent, we don’t get those very often. She really does like to masturbate, she was touching and undressing herself without any instruction. We were trying to take it slow, but all that went out the window once the pussy is revealed. It’s time to get down and dirty and make her squeal like a pig.

Cali Sparks came by. She knew the password and was quick to show it to us. It was crystal clear that she wanted to party with the Cum Fiesta. Chad got all touchy feely while she stripped down for the camera. Once you see how gorgeous this girl is with her piercing blue eyes and toned body you will completely understand why he couldn’t keep his hands to himself for too long. She’s the kind of girl you’d be happy to take home to your family. A lady in the streets and a vixen in the sheets.

Lilly Sapphire attended the fiesta after endlessly hearing her friend brag about the good time she had. When Lilly arrived she was greeted by Jerry who asked her for the password. She gave him a glimpse of her perky tits and access was immediately granted. After the pleasantries, Jerry stuffed Lilly’s pretty mouth with his cock and then fucked her tight pussy all over the place. He blasted a ridiculous amount of jizz on her face and sent her back home with her own fiesta story to tell.

Sweet Adessa Winters graced us with her company today. As always, she heard from a BFF about us and had been looking forward to coming by for some dick. First things first, the password. We were mesmerized when Adessa lifted her blouse exposing the most beautiful pair of tits. Of course, we quickly let her in. She played with herself for a while and then fucked our lucky guy until he gave her a nice facial.

Stars: Adessa Winters, Cali Sparks, Delilah Blue, Lilly Sapphire, Liz Leigh, Sophia Leone, Chad White, Jerry Kovacs, Sonny Nash, T. Stone, Tyler Steele

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Staircase To Big Boob Heaven

Staircase To Big Boob Heaven

Staircase To Big Boob Heaven

Jay runs into Patty Michova in an empty stairwell. Patty is looking hot as usual. This girl knows how to show off her body. The sight of her gets Jay as horny as a monk visiting an all-girls’ school. He makes a play for her right then and there when she begins rubbing her boob and staring at him with a smile. Jay manhandles Patty on the steps. They start making out.

Patty wants his cock right now. They don’t care about people seeing them. Patty sandwiches his wiener between her boob-buns then sticks it down her wet throat. Jay takes Patty’s head with both hands and fucks her mouth. Patty can get his cock all the way down her throat.

Jay turns Patty around and drops her tight jeans so he can slide her tiny panties to the side and finger her pussy-slit to prepare it for his woodie. Patty presses against the wall of the stairwell as Jay jams into her cunt and fucks her hard from behind. This is only the first position they’re going to fuck in. Patty sits on his dick and pumps up and down. Her dancer training and athletic body make her a high-energy sex partner.

Jay eats her out and fingers her again. Then in one move, he picks Patty up while she’s standing and facing him. While Jay is carrying her, Patty slides her panties to the side and puts his horn inside her pussy for a standing power-fuck. The more they fuck, the hornier they get.

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Thick Chicks 2

Video: Thick Chicks 2

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Sensational Video

Scene 1: Hard Cock & Chill

Tiffany Star just got home from a long day at work. The first thing she does is head to the shower to get all the filth from the day off of her. She soaps up her meaty ass and tits while she works her wet pussy. But when her boyfriend comes home, he catches Tiffany in the shower all by herself. She spots him watching, decides that his hard cock would make her even wetter, and then deep throats that big dick until it’s hard enough to make her pussy squirt. Finally, he covers her lovely face with a huge facial!

Scene 2: Serving Preggo Pussy

Vanessa London just found out her boyfriend has gotten another girl pregnant. So she plans out her revenge on the guy who served her his maternity papers. She gives Juan some super sloppy head, slobbering all over his dick while he fucked her pretty face, and then spread her beautiful pussy to take his fat cock balls deep in her perfect little asshole. Juan fucks that pussy hard in epic fashion before finally busting a nut all over her huge belly.

Scene 3: In Her Hole

Jay was playing some pool with Lynn Underwood one evening. But all he could do was fantasize about her beautiful body. He thought maybe they could play for each other’s clothes. He went first and next thing you know Lynn was stripping down, revealing a beautiful pair of big tits and a pristine pussy just waiting for him. He licked and fucked that wet pussy hard, making Lynn juice all over his dick. He pounded that pussy and Lynn came over and over again, until it was finally his turn. He busted a fat nut all up in that pretty pussy.

Scene 4: Ring Ding Dong

Curvy Quinn accidentally lost her ring at Juan’s place so she had to go back and search for it. Luckily he was home and being the gentleman that he is, Juan was able to help her out. They started looking for the ring by the couch. Not before long Juan was telling her how sexy she was looking in her dress. Her tits were really busting out of it. Juan was on the ball on this one when he knew he could get into Quinn’s tight plumper pussy.

Stars: Curvy Quinn , Lynn Underwood, Tiffany Star (i), Vanessa London , Jay, Juan Largo

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Painal Doll

Video: Painal Doll

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Kat Monroe is a hot girl with a big, juicy ass and the spirit of a tough wench from bygone times. She’s the kind of girl you want to destroy and respect at the same time. This inspired Dr. Mercies, and he went to town on all her holes. He dressed her up like a voodoo doll and stabbed her mouth, ass, and pussy hundreds of times with long dildos and his cock. We’re talking about some VERY harsh gagging and ass fucking here–not the session you want to see if you prefer any sensual warm up. The good doctor blew his load in and around her eyes, then scooped it up and drilled it down her throat with the dildos. Finally, he suspended her and vibrated her pussy in a mean way as a sort of half-reward. Kat was totally owned, but you have to respect her strength.

Stars: Kat Monroe, Dr. Mercies

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