The Guesthouse

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Nestled in the Spanish countryside, there’s a Guesthouse where visitors enjoy more than just the sunshine on their bodies. Come alone, come with a friend — just make sure you come.

Travelling alone in Spain, Olive is keen to relax by the pool. But there’s one thing in her way:
Felicia, who is hogging the sun loungers with no intention of sharing. The next morning,
Olive claims her lounger early, and Felicia is shocked to find her sprawled naked in the
sunshine. Olive asks for help applying lotion, and soon her former rival is giving an erotic
massage, covering Olive’s body with oil. Moving between Olive’s legs, Felicia uses her
tongue and fingers to give Olive an incredible orgasm. Olive reciprocates with some
seriously hot oral from behind, slipping two fingers into her wet pussy. Locking eyes, they
grind themselves together towards climax. We love this scene for its playful nature and
gentle curiousity. It’s every woman’s fantasy first time.

Just days into a relaxing solo retreat, Sophia is bored of her own company. That is, until she
spots Marco, a muscular gardener tending to the grounds. After trying hard to catch his
attention, Sophia finally gets what she wants when she greets him in the garden wearing
nothing but a tight bikini. Suddenly, Marco can’t keep his hands off her, gently laying her
down and tasting her pussy. Wet and ready for him, Sophia begs Marco to enter her and it’s
not long before she cries out in pleasure. The pair share a sensual kiss as she comes down
from her climax, before Marco builds up his speed, thrusting deeper until he can’t hold back
any longer and comes hard across her body.

As an artist, Paula’s biggest passion is the beauty of the human body. When sketching
nudes, she prides herself on her professionalism — that is, until she finds a new model,
whose physique rivals that of a Greek God. Hiding her lust behind the canvas, Paula gasps
as her muse drops his towel, revealing his obvious, rock-hard desire for her. Paula kisses
him, falling to her knees to take him in her mouth. The raw eroticism of this scene is
breathtaking as the pair have intense, passionate sex on the studio floor. Paula slides down
over his length, bouncing up and down to give him an incredible view of her body, making
him moan and shudder as his climax takes over.

Jim and Rosamund meet at a friend’s wedding, and are the last ones to leave the party. As
Jim’s hotel is close by, he offers her a place to crash, and although he’s determined to be a
gentleman, he can’t help staring as she steps out of the shower. When they crawl into bed,
neither one of them is tired. The sparks which have flown all evening start to intensify, and
Rosamund reaches under the covers, stroking Jim’s hard cock. He moves down to her
pussy as she rocks up and down against his tongue before thrusting into her. Jim watches
as Rosamund plays with her clit, bringing herself closer to climax. We love how Rosamund
grabs onto the railings as Jim fucks her from behind with both pure lust and deep sensuality.

Sick of being a singleton, Anna has written off the idea of meeting anyone as she travels to
Spain for the fifth wedding of the year. Soon, however, she meets James, a gorgeous man
who is not only sat next to her on the plane, but is booked into the same guest house. James
offers Anna a lift, and watches as she flirts with him from the back seat of the car. James
pulls over and the pair sneak into the woods for a quickie. They soon discover they’re not the
only horny couple nearby, as they spot a woman giving her partner a blow job in between
the trees. James and Anna watch on as the couple have intense sex, aroused and inspired
for their passionate weekend together.

Stars: Bianca Resa, Clea Gaultier, Julia De Lucia, Julia Roca, Sicilia, Anthony Gaultier, Emilio Ardana, Juan Lucho, Miguel Zayas

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Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes Of 2004

Video: Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes Of 2004

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Mr. Skin

2004 was the year that Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction that resulted in her breast being exposed to millions during the half-time show of Super Bowl XXXVIII, but she’s not the only celebrity that let it all hang out in 2004. Check out Mr. Skin’s Favorite Nude Scenes of 2004.

Kelly Brook dropped her bikini to take a slippery boob baring skinny dip in Survival Island

Rosario Dawson unleashes her massive melons, fluffy muff, and trim caboose in a ro ugh love scene for Alexander

Mimi Rogers reveals her huge natural knockers and trimmed bush as an artist’s model in The Door in the Floor

Brittany Daniel strolls naked around her house showing off her ripe rack and perfect heart-shaped heinie in Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders

Maggie Gyllenhaal is made to strip down to get her headlights and fur box felt up by an interrogator in Strip Search

Angelina Jolie’s opened shirt shows off her ample assets and a glimpse of her Bermuda triangle during a love scene in Taking Lives

Neve Campbell makes her nude debut by baring boobs and buns while masturbating in a sudsy shower scene for When Will I Be Loved

Jordan Ladd dishes out her dainty danglers as a perky gymnast in Club Dread

Beau Garrett shares her spectacular can while skinny-dipping on Entourage

Margo Stilley brings out her amazing a-cups and sweet seat meat then later unveils her whole enchilada for an unsimulated sex scene in 9 Songs

Jessica Collins tans her tremendous tatas playing a legal prostitute in The Ranch

Nicki Micheaux presses mams with her gal-pal for the benefit of a lucky dude in The Ranch

Diane Kruger presents her supple suckers and awesome ass as and adulterous princess in Troy

Sienna Miller brings out her petite pair for a long roam around her house in a thong in Alfie

Jessica Dunphy tans her succulent seat meat with a super stacked girlfriend in Dark Harvest

Tiffany Shepis shows off her puffy-tipped peepers and round rear while telling off a horny dude in The Deviants

Vera Farmiga reveals her mini-mams at the dinner table in Down to the Bone

Malin Akerman plays a slutty wife who bares her delicious miniature boobage Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Charlize Theron bares her moist mouthwatering mounds in a bathtub scene for Head in the Clouds

Emily Blunt lets out her luscious lung buttons while sunbathing topless in My Summer of Love

Sunny Mabrey shows off sublime boobage and amazing ass as an amorous alien in Species III

Abbie Cornish eats beakfats in bed with her hooters hanging out in Somersault

Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler circulates her crowning achievements in Seeing Other People

Juliette Lewis bares boobs, buns, and spread eagle beav in a moist underwater swimming scene for Renegade.

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Athena & Veronica Play With Toys & Enemas

Video: Athena & Veronica Play With Toys & Enemas

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A Wizard of Ass
Athena, now a cheerleader in college, returns to the dungeon where she was first introduced to kinky sex in her schoolgirl days (see her first film.)

There, she finds Veronica, a hot Latina, who makes her do some cheers – and then proceeds to place her on sex swing, strip her naked, put her in handcuffs, lick her toes, and oil her up all over!

But that’s just a warm-up! When Andre, her former school HeadMaster arrives, he places her in hogtie bondage, with Veronica’s assistance, then gives her an enema and fucks her in all 3 holes!

Afterwards, Athena learns how to be dominant, by practicing whipping, caning, etc, on Veronica, who gets tied up to the ceiling in a standing position, tiptoeing. Veronica’s butt turns flaming red, with pronounced welts!

Later, Athena gets to give Veronica an enema.

To finish up, the two girls take a bath together.

Stars: Veronica, Athena, Andre, Andre Chance

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