My Little Schoolgirl 4

Video: My Little Schoolgirl 4

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Innocent High

Chloe Scott gets caught smoking by one of her teachers. After a harsh talking to, he tells her there’s something much better to smoke, his dick! Chloe is eager to learn everything about dick and gets pounded all over the classroom!

Bailey Brooke failed her CPR test and begged her teacher to give her another chance. He agreed but this time Bailey gave him mouth to cock resuscitation! Her teacher was shocked at first, but soon realized that her technique was the best he ever felt.

Izzy Bell is stuck in detention. When the teacher falls asleep, these naughty kids come up with better ways to spend their time! First she flashes her tits and then starts sucking and fucking a student’s cock right on the teacher’s desk, all while he sleeps!

Krystal Orchid is so nervous about playing Juliet. Her drama teacher offers to help her practice her lines by playing Romeo. Soon Krystal notices the bulge in his pants and realizes that she won’t be nailing her lines tonight. She’ll be getting nailed instead!

Stars: Bailey Brookes, Chloe Scott , Izzy Bell , Krystal Orchid, Ryan McClane

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Hardcore Gangbang – Loud Mouth Stuffed With Dick, DP, Double Anal, Tons Of Nasty Squirting

Video: Hardcore Gangbang - Loud Mouth Stuffed With Dick, DP, Double Anal, Tons Of Nasty Squirting

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Sultry Savannah Fox is reduced to a wailing whore as she completely looses control to 5 guys and their raging hard cocks. Hot take-down scene where she is hauled off to a warehouse and tied up with a bag over her head and left there to wait and anticipate. Just as she gives up on freeing herself, the guys come back and start pounding her. She starts wailing so they stuff dicks in her big mouth to shut her up. First gang bang, tons of nasty squirting, DP, double anal!

Stars: Savannah Fox , Astral Dust, John Strong, Marco Banderas, Mr. Pete, Toni Ribas

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Daddy I’m A Big Girl Now! 3

Video: Daddy I'm A Big Girl Now! 3

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Desperate Pleasures

Dani Arcadia A few nights into my college tour trip with daddy I started having these urges. one night I was touching myself in the shower and I realized I had a thing for my Daddy. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself when I got dressed. I hopped on Daddy’s bed and was determined to get what I wanted. Daddy was extremely shocked so when he tried to resist I smothered him with my tits while grabbing his cock. Daddy had me so turned on it wasn’t long before I was riding him hard. After my first couple of orgasms Daddy took control and it was wonderful.

Mya Blair I went to a bar and met an older guy that couldn’t stop starting at my HH tits. We hit it off surprisingly well and i went back to his place. We played pool until a tit popped out of my shirt. he took that as an invitation and sucked and massaged my tits. I sucked his cock and titty fucked him. He got so excited he put me on the table and started fucking me hard. My tits were bouncing as he fucked me to a wicked orgasm then exploded all over my pussy. The next day, while we were talking I was shocked to discover that I had just spent the night fucking the dad I never knew!!

Luna Panda I started noticing certain things about my Daddy. The way he walked, things he said and his flirty nature. Every now and then I heard Addy fucking mommy and dream Daddy’s fucking me. I don’t know how much longer I can keep these feeling inside. I finally couldn’t hold back anymore and confronted Daddy with my desires. I walked in in skimpy lingerie and Daddy was speechless. I stroked and sucked his cock. He started fucking me until we both came really hard. That was sooo intense I can’t wait to do it again.

Stars: Dani Arcadia, Luna Panda , Mya Blair, JW Ties

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Fun With Hot Wax & Isabella

Video: Fun With Hot Wax & Isabella

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A Wizard of Ass

Isabella looks like an angelic, old-fashioned schoolgirl – but the moment she opens her mouth, you know that she’s an insolent mega-brat with a rotten attitude!

The Headmaster sets out to straighten her attitude with an extended corporal punishment – only to discover that smartass Isabella is a pa in slut!

Fortunately, a punishment enema reaches Isabella in a way that spanking alone doesn’t…

Isabella punishment starts out with OTK spanking and paddling, using a ping-pong paddle and a wooden paddle. Since her insolence remains unabated, the Headmaster positions her swung over a large wedge, ties her up and brings out riding crops, a wooden spoon, a large wooden paddle, a cane, a whip (flogger), and a large belt. But, if anything, Isabella’s foul mouth gets worse, and then she even starts smiling! She finally even admits that she likes it…

The Headmaster in turn admits, “Sometimes I meet girls who cannot be disciplined with spanking alone, because they like it!” And that’s when he reaches for the enema bag! First, for extra humiliation, he destroys her pussy with a wand vibrator. When she complains that she needs to p ee, he makes her p ee into a bucket, while still hogtied.

To finish up, hot wax (while still hogtied) and a lit candle up her pussy!

Stars: Isabella, Andre Chance

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Office Footjobs Volume 1

Video: Office Footjobs Volume 1

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Feet On Demand

Goddess Stella Stone just received her holiday bonus at work, but she’s not pleased with the amount. She’s even more upset when she learns her coworkers received bigger bonuses than she did. When she has one alone, she seduces him with her pretty feet, allowing him to take off her sexy high heels so he can sniff and suck on her beautiful bare feet. See him taste her from heel to toe, sliding his tongue between each one of her cute little toes. After awhile, his pants are down and she’s hugging his cock between her soft, wrinkly arches, moving them up and down his shaft for a steamy footjob until she foot milks him. Once she’s done, she locks him up in chastity.

When the next coworker arrives at the party, Goddess Stella Stone gives him a tour of the house that ends in her bedroom. In no time, her high heels are off and she’s teasing his cock through his pants with her feet. Watch as she has him taste her from heel to toe, licking along her soft arches and sliding his tongue between each toe before sucking on them. Once their clothes are off, she takes his cock between her feet, fucking him with her feet for a steamy footjob as he rubs on her pussy. After foot milking him she binds him and puts him in chastity with her other coworker, where they’ll remain until they fork over their bonuses.

Goddess Valerie White is getting ready for her new temp job and is prepared to secure a permanent position with a pay increase. To sway her new boss to see things her way, she decides to seduce him, starting by slipping off her sexy high heeled open toe pumps and making him suck on her toes. Watch as he slides his tongue along her beautiful bare feet, slipping his tongue between her toes and licking her soft soles. See her rub her wet pussy, masturbating as he worships her feet. Once his pants are down she gives him the steamy foot job he craves, squeezing his cock between her soft, wrinkly arches. Will she foot milk him and make him cum all over her feet?

Goddess Valerie White has a new intern and she plans on making him do the majority of her work. When he tries to protest she lets him know that she is in charge and that she’s his boss. To make him learn his place, she has him remove her sexy open toe high heel pumps and kiss her feet, licking her toes just as she tells him. Watch her tease her pussy as he sucks on her toes, pleasing the gorgeous goddess. Soon his pants are off and her soft, wrinkly arches are wrapped around his cock, giving him his first ever foot job. See her stroke his cock with her pretty bare feet, foot milking him until he cums for her before locking him in chastity.

Stars: Stella Stone, Valerie White, Alex Adams, Jake Jordan, Tom Foot

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