The Full Punishment Package

Video: The Full Punishment Package

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Shadow Lane
A beautiful brunette visits a discipline therapy clinic, to experience her most secret and embarrassing spanking and enema fantasy. Miss Gregory prepares Adriana for her treatment with an introductory spanking and an anal retention plug. But on her next visit, the shy charmer receives the full punishment package, including an enema and a stinging 24 stroke caning! Lusciously explicit, anal-centric spanking erotica with strict nurse Sarah topping and sweet Adriana bottoming, to their mutual excitement.

Stars: Adriana Evans, Sarah Gregory

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Sorry Daddy

Video: Sorry Daddy

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Television X

Alyssa’s been a bad girl. Not only has she gone to the news agents wearing nothing but a dirty old man’s raincoat and sexy lingerie underneath, but she’s been seen stealing a packet of crisps. Classic attention seeking, which Peter Oh Tool has no problem punishing. Alyssa’s a squirter and she loves tribbing Peter’s knee with her soaking wet pussy.

Crystal is toying with Pascal saying that if “step daddy” buys her some new shoes then she’ll let him fuck her. The shoot is interrupted by her angry stepfather banging on the door, storming into the house and trying to take her back home. But when he sees Crystal’s fruity nudity, and how keen she is to suck his enormous willy, he agrees to join in.

Fae’s been stealing Pascal’s chocolates, so he’s set her to work cleaning the toilet. He’s not impressed by her work and starts to wipe the toilet her face and body with chocolate paste, then cleans her down with cold water. He then gives her a good fucking to show her that he means business. Fae cums repeatedly, behaving in a way that suggests that she’s never been fucked like Pascal fucks her in her life before.

Andy has invited Demetri round to check out Charlotte to see what a good “Daddy’s Girl” she is. He’s already farmed her out once this morning to a friend who took her dogging site, the details of which she shares with both of them. But Charlotte’s always hungry for cock and she’s melting at the prospect of being used by Demetri and calling him sir.

Kandi’s being naughty in the garden with one of Pascal’s patients, playing with his willy. She’s the daughter of one of Pascal’s colleagues and always seems to be up to no good. So the good doctor takes her in hand to administer some sex therapy to cure her of her wayward ways once and for all. It doesn’t really work. She completely loses it because she’s such a cock addict. This is a pretty hard scene featuring anal. In the hardcore version. Geoff, the guy from garden, joins in the sex.

Stars: Alyssa Divine, Charlotte, Crystal, Fae, Kandi, Demetri, Geoff, Pascal White, Peter Oh Tool

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MILFs Like It Black #7

Video: MILFs Like It Black #7

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Darla Crane

This week we’re raising money for Lil’ Regg cause he busted his head and now is in a coma, and we can’t pay for his doctors bills. Anyways, we were taking calls and greedy fucking is picking up MILFs over the phone! Crafty bastard gets Darla Crane!

Andy San Dimas

We’ve got Bugsi shooting his music video for “My Swag”. As usual, we would rather trade services instead of getting the IRS taxing us on our money. So, we got Jon Jon to fuck the music video producer Andy San Dimas.

Lisa & Brooklyn

Amazingly, Lil’ Regg wakes up from his fucking coma! Well now we’re in shit ‘cause we got to pay his doctor bills. So fuck it. We’ll kill him and collect the death insurance money…just kidding. But we did fake his death, and invited a bunch of MILFs.

Ashley Winters

After performing Lil’ Regg’s fake funeral, the MLB crew decides to put him on the payroll and give him his first paycheck of $118.83, but Lil’ Regg’s moment doesn’t last for long when the feds show up. Ashley Winters is back for some more fucking.

Stars: Andy San Dimas, Ashley Winters, Brooklyn Jade, Darla Crane, Lisa DeMarco, Nicky Hunter, Flash Brown, Jon Jon, Lucas Stone

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The doctor is in… Bea’s pussy!

The doctor is in… Bea’s pussy!

The doctor is in... Bea's pussy!

Bea Cummins, 66, when she shot this scene, told us that for years, she was stuck in a bad marriage and had a bad sex life. Now, later in life, her pussy has come alive, and she’s getting more cock than ever. She loves it.

In this scene, Bea is her new, frisky, horny self. She goes to the doctor for her annual checkup, but from the moment she walks into his office, exactly what she wants him to check out is very clear. After looking over Bea and checking her heart rate and blood pressure, the young doctor thinks the examination is over. He has given Bea a clean bill of health. Pay your bill, woman! Go home!

But Bea isn’t done. She wants him to check out her pussy.

“But I’m not a gynecologist,” he says.

“That’s okay,” she says.

He proceeds to probe her with his cock. She gives his cock a thorough once-over with her mouth. He cums on her face. He’s not concerned about a malpractice suit. He’s fucked her very well, and Bea obviously enjoyed it.

As she should. She’s a happy silver slut.

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The patient is in the doctor’s asshole

The patient is in the doctor’s asshole

The patient is in the doctor's asshole

Lake Russell doesn’t have to look far to satisfy her appetite for black cock. In this scene, she’s a psychologist who’s treating a new patient.

“I’m having a problem with sexual inadequacy,” he tells her.

“I think I can help you with your problem,” Lake says.

Apparently, Dr. Russell thinks she can suck out his problem through his cock-head. Lake’s patient fills her mouth with his Mandingo meat then stuffs her pussy to the hilt.

“I could feel his cock hitting against the bottom of my pussy,” Lake said after this shoot was finished. “At one point, I thought I was going to pass out. Then I realized that he still had to stick it in my ass. I had to take a deep breath.”

Her new patient’s cock fit nice and snug inside of Lake’s tight asshole, and before long, she was lying back and enjoying a good butt-fucking. Than she hopped on top of his cock and stuffed it inside her asshole for a more thorough reaming.

“I knew his nuts were going to explode any minute,” she said. “I’ve been told my ass is really tight. Then, when he took his cock out of my ass and came all over me, knowing that his cock had just been in my ass made my orgasm even more explosive.”

Lake smiled.

“I’d make a really good sex doctor.”

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