My Step Mother Gives Us A Strap-On Lesson

Video: My Step Mother Gives Us A Strap-On Lesson

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The title “My Stepmother Give Us a Strap-on Lesson” tells you where it’s going, but there is so much more. Inna and her school chum Diamond got home from school and studiously started in on their homework. They start gossiping and goofing around and soon Inna tells Diamond Doll about the strange sex toy she found in her stepmother’s room. Soon the girls are horny and playing with each other and they’re so distracted that they don’t even realize that Inna’s mom (Anastasia Vega) has come home and she’s listening. Does she punish them? Not so much. Instead she sees an opportunity to teach a couple pretty girls a lesson that will serve them for many years to cum: how to use a strap-on.

Stars: Anastasia Vega, Diamond Doll XX, Inna Innaki

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