The Ballet Dancer

Video: The Ballet Dancer

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Fantasy Massage
Ballet dancer Darcie Dolce; regular masseuse isn’t available, so she booked with
Cassidy Klein. She shows Cassidy her tension spots then strips off her grey ballet
leotard but leaves on her leg warmers. Masseuse Lyra Law greets her self-defense
instructor Edyn Blair for her massage therapy appointment. Lyra’s forgotten a lot of
her lessons and she touches Edyn’s groin. Famous actress Riley Nixon books an
appointment with masseuse Giselle Palmer to get hands on experience for her
upcoming role. Giselle is thrilled to receive her famous client. Tutor Brett Rossi is
helping her student Cadence Lux study anatomy and physiology. She’s
overwhelmed with her tests and her rent, and the stress is giving her backaches
and neck pain. Good thing Brett used to be a masseuse!

Stars: Brett Rossi, Cadence Lux, Cassidy Klein, Darcie Dolce, Edyn Blair, Giselle Palmer, Lyra Law, Riley Nixon

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Big Tits Boss Vol. 26

Video: Big Tits Boss Vol. 26

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Reality Kings

Holly was dissatisfied with her new employee’s work ethic and his lack of attention to detail. She reprimanded him severely and also realized he’d lied on his resume and needed training. Bruno apologized and almost cried when he thought she was going to fire him. Holly instead decided to keep him on probation. Since Bruno was in dire need of the job, Holly knew she had him by the balls. She grabbed him by his new cheap tie and shoved his face onto her big tits. Then Holly opened her legs and instructed him to eat her sweet pussy. After smacking Bruno around, she gave him an amazing blow job and took his hard cock for a ride. To Holly’s satisfaction, Bruno pounded her tight snatch all over her new couch and then blasted his load on her pretty face and big tits.

Cherie had some painting she needed done at the house she was selling and she hired Jmac to do the job. Little did she know, Jmac was good at doing almost nothing. She fires him after catching him slacking twice but he offers to do something else for the money. He proposed that he was good at fucking which totally caught her attention. She soon found out that he was good at one thing only, slinging his big dong around for her to play with. You dont want to miss this hot sexy scene as Cherie takes over and shows Jmac how she likes getting titty fucked and pounded hard. This ones a classic, catch it !!

Summer was told Tyler could do a quick job and fix her cars. But Tyler had been spending more time staring at Summers tits. Once she realized the job wouldn’t be done in time for her appointment, Summer decided to have some fun with it. She placed his hand on her tits and grabbed his dipstick. She was ready to get a tune-up of her own. As Summer stripped down, we could see her beautiful blonde body, those two huge succulent tits, a juicy firm ass, and a fit toned body. Not to mention two amazing DSL’s. Tyler made sure he checked everything and got her engine running right. By the end, Summer came multiple times and got an added glossy finish across her face and tits. Tyler was ready to get back to work.

Doing work around the house for a bossy powerful female can be tough work. Sometimes, they’re just never happy with the service you provide. Whether it’s fixing a leaky roof or plumbing issues. It’s hard to concentrate too when she’s pushing her big knockers in your face. This happened to Brick the other day. He was called over to a hot, bossy, big knocker woman’s house to fix her plumbing. After harassing her hired hand and refusing to give him a bottle of water, this woman shoved her huge tits in his face. What else to do but service her every need. Watch a 20-year-old, hired plumber fuck his boss’s tight pussy until she begs for his jizz.

Gina’s gym was losing money, and she was fed up with Jmac, one of the other trainers, slacking on the job. He hadn’t been keeping up with clients and Gina’s fit sexy physique and big tits couldn’t do all the work. Gia figured she might as well get something out of hiring him; so she made him to work out, and then when the time was right, she’d sits on his face. Jmac didn’t object, especially since Gina started to blow him at the same time. These two got into some heavy fucking for an extreme workout session. Jmac got his cardio and weight training at once, as he worked out Gina’s body in many positions, including the Ballet Dancer and a standing cradle position.

Stars: Cherie DeVille, Gina West, Holly Heart, Licious Gia, Summer Brielle Taylor, Brick Danger, Bruno Dickemz, J Mac, Tyler Steele

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Private Dancer – Heather Heaven

Video: Private Dancer - Heather Heaven

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HoloGirls VR
Get ready for one of the hottest VR Porn striptease experiences! Heather Heaven is your private dancer for the evening and she is ready to give you a private stage show at the HoloGirlsVR Exotic Show Lounge! She loves being naked for you. She’s shy and doesn’t know what to say, so she lets her body to the talking as she twists and twirls on the pole!

Stars: Heather Heavens

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