Taboo Diaries 15

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Desperate Pleasures

With a body like that how could Step-Daddy refuse her every desire!

Shae Celestine – After graduation I went to stay with my Uncle while checking out colleges. I was bored one day and stumbled across my cousin’s diary and found out that my cousin and uncle were fucking. I was so turned on I had to find out what he’s like. I went to the room and confronted him. He was totally shocked but soon she had his hard cock in her mouth just like I wanted. When he finally exploded we pinky promised to keep it a secret from everyone including my cousin. It’s going to be hard but Uncle Jay is well worth the risk.

Anastasia Knight – I started having some pretty intense fantasies. They were about an older man and so vivid that when I woke up my pussy was so wet. I realized the man was my step-daddy. One night when mom was gone I went and crawled into bed with him. I threw caution to the wind, pulled back the covers and started playing with his cock and managed to get into my tight pussy. He started to stir as my first orgasm hit me so I held him down and told him to just enjoy it. Soon he gave into his desires and started enjoying himself too.

Camille Black – A few months ago I got my boobs done and they looked so phenomenal, I was aching to show my step-dad. I wanted him to help me with a Brazilian Butt Lift to make my ass even bigger. He was speechless when he saw my new assets. When he found out the total price though he was mad. I knew I had to do something quick so I pulled off my top and started sucking his cock. He simmered down a bit when I wrapped my huge tits around his cock but I could tell he was still mad. That kind of excited me and I couldn’t help but straddle him and slide his cock inside me.

Stars: Anastasia Knight, Camille Black, Shae Celestine, JW Ties

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Teen Bush 4

Video: Teen Bush 4

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Team Skeet

Avi Love – Step-daddy, I got a job as a massage therapist. Want me to show you how I massage men? Do you mind if I rub my teen tits all over you? Okay, so you caught me sneaking in late. Why don’t I suck your dick to make up for it? Step-daddy, I made you breakfast in bed. Do I look sexy with my tits hanging out? Fuck me. You know you want to.

Liza Rowe confesses to her boyfriend about how her dad I never there for her. Since her dad hates her boyfriend she decides to fuck him just to get back at daddy! He takes out his huge rod and she sucks him like a freak – deep-throating and gagging on it! He completely manhandles her tiny frame – drilling into her over and over again!

Niki Snow – Daddy, come back here! Stop being so shy. I like it when you touch me daddy. Don’t make it so awkward. Just feel up your step-daughter. Yeah, you know you like it daddy. Why don’t you stick your finger in my pussy? While you’re at it how about you stuff it inside your step-daughter? Now blow a huge daddy load all over my face!

Aaliyah Hadid overhears an argument between her sister and her boyfriend. Never being one to miss an opportunity to get laid, she lets her sister’s boyfriend know she’s on his side by popping out a boob when he comes to the room. When she takes his dick into her mouth, he gives up any reluctance and gets busy with her wet, furry bush!

Stars: Aaliyah Hadid , Avi Love, Liza Rowe, Niki Snow, J-Mack, Peter Green

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Trash My Wife! (While I Watch)

Video: Trash My Wife! (While I Watch)

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Pascal’s Sub Sluts

Pascal’s Sub Sluts is back and they introduce us another great film “Trash My Wife! (While I Watch!)” These guys love when their wives are fucked hard in front of them.

Roxy Mae: Wimp of the month, slag of the year.

Cherri: “Daddy fucks my ass so much better than you do!”

Scarla Swallows: A lot more sub than hubby realised.

Monica: Punished to pay off his debt.

Stars: Monica Bollocksy, Roxy Mae, Scarla Swallows, Pascal White, Succulent Cherrie

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Daddy’s Girl Vol. 2

Video: Daddy's Girl Vol. 2

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Climax Films
These teachers love to play with their hot little schoolgirls. Check out all the fun they have after class. Daddy’s little girls are doing bad things behind his back and they don’t give a shit about it. These young baes love getting fucked like filthy pieces of trash and then return home acting all innocent in front of dad.

Stars: Jayden Pierson, Julia Bond, Lily Kingston, Taylor Tilden, Barry Scott, Johnny Sins, Justin Magnum, Will Powers

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Sex POV 17

Video: Sex POV 17

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Surprise! You are wondering why I am in your bedroom late in the night. Your sister let me in because I lost a bet with her and now I am here to take your virginity. It won’t be such a bad thing and will be over before you know it so let me get to work. She is outside the door and going to listen to the whole thing because this is my payment for losing. First I need to get it really hard so I can sit on it. I like to be on top to make myself cum. Then you get to fuck me while I bend over the bed but make sure you pull out to cum. Pull out before you feel like it’s going to cum out! Oh wow! Look at all that mess you made. It was kind of fun playing with you and I think I’m going to tell your sister that you and I will be hanging out more often. Glad I got a hold of that virgin cock before any of those college girl sluts did.

I have to ask you something. We’ve been roommates for about a year now and I don’t see you ever going out on dates. You are a decent looking guy so it makes me curious why I don’t see you out? Aren’t you ever horny? I know I am horny all the time and find many guys to satisfy my needs. Who satisfies your needs? What? You’re a virgin? Oh wow, I can’t recall the last time I knew an adult virgin. Wow, so now I am really curious about who gets to have your virginity? You know, I consider myself pretty good at sex and would be happy to take your virginity. We won’t fuck on my bed so it’s not an intimate thing. Let’s do it right here on this sofa. You ready to give up your virginity?

It seems like I’ve been away at college a long time doesn’t it? I miss the game we used to play when you first met my mom. I haven’t forgotten. You are the best step dad a girl could want. Mom is in the next room so isn’t this a little too risky? Do you think she will sleep through us having sex? Ok, I will be very quiet because I want you as bad as you want me. Can you help me get in the mood Daddy? Kiss me on the neck and touch my little boobs. Should I leave my panties on while you play with my clit? Oh yes, rub it and make it swollen. Here, let me pull my panties off so you can put your big daddy dick inside me. Put it in slow, ok? Don’t go to fast, we don’t want Mom to hear us. My bed squeaks so don’t push too hard into me. I know how you like to cum, with me in doggy style. Give me your big warm cum all over your little girl’s ass. Oh yes! Is that what you wanted? It’s what I wanted. You had better get back to bed with my mom before she wakes up. Thank you, Daddy.

The days when your wife goes away for business are the best days for us. I could hardly wait for my husband to leave for work this morning so you could rush over here. I know how much you like my matching bra and panty sets so here is a new one you haven’t seen. Let’s just get to it. I’ve missed you.

Stars: Nadia Styles, Aleksa Nicole, Claire Heart, Brooke Wylde

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Father Daughter Perversions 2

Video: Father Daughter Perversions 2

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Manipulative Media
Fathers have never liked the idea of another guy touching their daughters. After all… that’s why they call them “Daddy’s Little Princess”. But what happens when “Daddy’s Little Princess” is all grown up, and wants to touch Daddy? All of a sudden these twisted sexual desires tempt the senses, and unravel their better moral judgment, bringing this forbidden pairing closer than they have ever been before! Watch as these blended family members use temptation, blackmail & sexual manipulation to act out their perverted urges with each other! Now only two things can STOP them… Mom can NEVER find out, and “Daddy’s Little Princess” can NOT get pregnant!

Stars: Jade Jantzen, Bailey Brooke , Avery Adair, Mia Martinez, Levi Cash

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