Tickling Aerobics

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California Star Productions
Keeping fit and trim these days is not easy for some people. Their social activities at the gym seem to interfere with their workout sessions. But not with “Tickling Aerobics”. Tickling Aerobics is a program that literally keeps you tied to the exercise. To get the best possible results, each of the girls is tied in a variety of effective positions. Being tied up for long periods of time, going through the strenuous routines becomes unbearably hot, so of course their clothes must come off. Not only is this the hardest workout they’ve been through, it is also the most varied. Emphasis is places on toning up the legs and feet. With strict attention paid to the buttocks. And just for fun they work on the stomach and navel. Screams of pain mixed with laughter echo throughout the gym. Tickling Aerobics will definitely keep you on your toes.
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