Ultimate Surrender – Rookie Class Finals

Video: Ultimate Surrender - Rookie Class Finals

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We’ve switched things up for tournaments this year. The rookies will not be going up against each other; rather we’ve chosen the most orgasmic rookies for the season to put up against our Feather Weight champions to see how many orgasms our champ can rip out of these horny sluts. Mona Wales goes round after round without a break to take on all these cumdrunk sluts. Then The 3 cummers get a chance to tag team against Mona Wales and make her cum. Losers are fucked and humiliated by Mona Wales and Each other. Losers take anal Strap on fucking, face sitting and humiliation.

Stars: Barbary Rose, Cali Confidential, Jenna Foxx, Mona Wales

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Girls Threesome With Gym Instructor

Video: Girls Threesome With Gym Instructor

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Fitness Rooms
Best gal-pals Carolina Star and Vanessa Decker knew they’d have fun signing up for a group fitness class at the Fitness Rooms, but what they didn’t expect was how much Ricky the instructor would turn them on! Before the class even starts, the ladies have made up their mind: today is the day they’re going to fuck Ricky! Carolina and Vanessa get in line with the rest of the ladies in the class and go through a stretching routine, never breaking eye-contact with Ricky as they angle their big tits and asses to afford him a sexy view. After the class, the rest of the ladies leave the room, but Carolina and Vanessa stay behind and jump on Ricky, pulling his pants down to give him a tandem blowjob. Turned on, Ricky fucks Carolina while Vanessa rides his face, then fucks Vanessa doggystyle so she can taste Carolina’s sweet pussy. The ladies then share a facial, and kiss to celebrate a well-executed plan!

Stars: Carolina Star, Vanessa Decker, Aslan Brutti

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Lesbian Workout Stories

Video: Lesbian Workout Stories

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Going Hard

Romi Rain is an intense fitness coach who always pushes her clients to the ultimate limit. Dillion Harper has been one of her favorite customers for a while, but with a recent breakup she’s extra feisty in today’s session. Punching at the boxing mitts with all her rage unleashed, it’s clear that things have gotten a bit unhinged. Romi asks whats up, inquiring whether she still sees her (in her opinion toxic) boyfriend. Dillion is a bit shy but then breaks the news that she is no longer seeing her man. Romi was never one to miss an opportunity.

As Dillion slowly confesses how she never really ‘felt good’ when she was with that boyfriend, Romi moves in, warming up to her nimble body and expressing shock that a man would not be grateful to be so fortunate having a girl like her. Bringing the boxing wraps around her supple back, Romi tells her how trainers learn skills to ‘really’ help their clients. Empowerment training can often involve surrendering to another’s will… As Romi gently ties Dillion’s hands and folds them behind her back, sensually caressing the beads of sweat on her fit body, she reaches down into her shorts, telling her she wants her to be the best she can possibly be.

Submission to this strong, assertive trainer makes Dillion even more aroused. She’s never been with a woman before, and feels unsure if its professional to fuck her trainer, but deep inside something needs Romi so bad she can barely speak clearly. The two drop to the mat, and under the pretense of a breathing exercise, Romi takes a giant whiff of Dillion’s wet pussy. Encouraging her further to scream out that her boyfriend does not deserve her fine ass, Romi strips off her shorts to lick and caress her bald pussy. As Dillion shudders with orgasm after incredible lesbian orgasm, she cries out to Romi ‘It’s too much!’

Finally, Romi Rain strips down to reveal her fit trainer’s body to scissor and grind on Dillion’s wet vagina until they both come together. Romi then spins Dillion around to kiss her sweet body while fingering her snatch, slowly moving her body over Dillion’s face to mount her pussy right over her mouth. As the trainer moans with delight while Dillion licks her pussy, she decides she needs to make her protege come one more time. Vigorously fingering and licking that dripping wet vagina, Dillion cries with pleasure as she squirts all over the blue exercise matt. Her man could never do that for her, that’s for certain. Maybe getting it on with her trainer was not so bad after all. They agree: ‘same time next week!’

Yoga Camp

Cassidy Klein has a big problem: she can’t stop thinking about Kendra James, her super hot yoga instructor. Her friends, Vanessa Veracruz and Alix Lynx have a naughty idea: Acro yoga! Looking super sexy in their tight outfits, they explain to Cassidy that Acro yoga allows you to touch and be close to each other. This way she’ll have no problem seducing her sexy teacher. Cassidy suggests they book a group class so they can all go together. She makes the call and with the class booked, the trap is now set.

Cassidy researches online and sees all the naughty positions she can get herself into, she can’t help but get turned on, she can barely contain herself as she strips off her night gown and starts touching herself while she plays with her perfect pussy. But she knows she’ll have to wait for the real deal. She goes to bed thinking about Wednesday’s class.

Wednesday arrives and Cassidy is nervous, she’s so attracted to Kendra James that she thinks she’s going to fuck it all up. Vanessa Veracruz and Alix Lynx have her back and assure her that their plan will go on without a hitch. They have some tricks up their sleeves; moves that could seduce the straightest of girls. The class starts as most yoga classes do, slow and boring but Vanessa Veracruz and Alix Lynx want her Cassidy to get her prize. They take off their tops and get the teacher to follow suit, before she knows it, Kendra James is completely naked just like all the other girls.

Cassidy can’t hold back anymore, she kisses Kendra multiple times: it looks like class is over so they move inside where the really fun can begin. Vanessa Veracruz and Alix Lynx start making out and all the girls take turns kissing each other, licking their wet pussies and their asses; they take turns 69ing, switching partners so everyone can have a taste. I’m sure this won’t be the last yoga class these girls will fuck in!

The Cooldown

Aj Applegate and Jessa Rhodes return home from an intense workout at the gym. Jesse is exhausted, she goes and takes a shower while Aj checks her emails. As Jessa undresses Aj can’t help but take a peak. Seeing her naked body is turning her on. Aj just has to get a closer look. Seeing the hot water against Jessa’s perfect body makes Aj wants to join her in there.

She starts touching herself thinking about all the things they could be doing in there together. Jessa Rhodes catches a glimpse of Aj in the mirror and likes what she sees. AJ’s completely unaware of Jesse and has no idea that they’re both masturbating over each other. Jesse shuts off the water and off goes Aj running back to the couch trying desperately not to get caught. She tried to make a run for it but Jessa knows she was watching her and is turned on.

Aj tries her best to cover it up and keeps making excuses to leave but Jessa knows it’s all an act. She touches her shoulders and starts taking off her top telling that she saw her watching her shower. Aj wonders why it took her so long to tell her, she responds that she’s was just having some fun with her and after all, the chase is better than the catch. They start kissing but Aj is still a little shy, Jessa tells her that since they’re friends she’s shouldn’t be and should give in to her desires.

Jessa takes off Aj’s pants and kisses her again and again. She licks her perfect nipples as she starts playing with her pussy. Her shyness dissipates as she gives in to it. Going down on each other, scissoring and tribbing, they get in some extra cardio that wasn’t planned as they cum again and again!

Stars: AJ Applegate, Alix Lynx, Cassidy Klein, Dillon Harper, Jessa Rhodes , Kendra James, Romi Rain, Vanessa Veracruz

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Uplifting Elevator Scenes

Video: Uplifting Elevator Scenes

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Mr. Skin

Being trapped in an elevator is a claustrophobe’s worst nightmare, but getting trapped in an elevator with a beautiful lady can have a much happier ending. Especially when sexy celebs are getting the shaft, like in Mr. Skin’s Uplifting Elevator Scenes. Talk about going up!

Ruby Brown strips down to black lingerie, then to bare breasticles and panties in an elevator before taking a dude to bed in French Kiss,

Christina Fulton will light your fire when she whips off her shirt in an elevator in The Doors,

One sweet keester and a side-peek at the A-cups as Traci Lind stands naked in an elevator in The Road to Wellville,

Tishara Cousino’s tempting right tweeter is visible as she takes a ride on her man in an elevator in Las Vegas,

Vickie Benson’s bikini bottoms ride up, doing their best thong impression, before her boobs pop out to thrill some dude in a hotel in Private Resort,

Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon race to the Vegas hotel pool, little boobies abounce in The Girls Next Door,

Karina Szafranska drops her clothes in an elevator full of drooly dudes in Sexmission,

Victoria De Mare pops off her bra in an elevator and airs out her cute little booblets in George’s Intervention,

Aubrey Miles heaves out her high-hung hooters as she gets a hard pumping in an elevator in Xerex,

Glenn Close gets her dress ripped open and right roundie munched in Fatal Attraction,

Several glimpses of Joan Collins’ juggalos as she gets down in an elevator in The Stud,

Salma Hayek changes her shirt on the elevator, her colossal cleavage quivering and shaking inside her black bra in Ugly Betty,

See boobs, pubes, and thrusting butt as Susanne Schiesse and her man screw all over in The Raspberry Reich,

Liliana Komorowska gets her lil’ boobies sucked when she and her man prepare to knock boots in The Hunger,

Perfectly proportioned vixen Monique Gabrielle shows up totally nude in a elevator fantasy in The Big Bet,

See Leslie Redden’s top deck and rear entry as she goes up and down on a dude in an elevator in Hot Line,

See the right half of Amanda Tapping’s rack as she gets screwed in a trapped elevator while a dude and his daughter watch in Stuck,

Margaret Howell shows left funbag while making out with her guy in an elevator in Tightrope,

Carla Gugino and Connie Britton get trapped in an elevator and the temps soon force them to strip to their skivvies in Women in Trouble,

Robin Ballard yanks down her jeans to give her guy a look at her front in Elevator Movie,

Christina Hendricks steps onto the elevator and the camera goes close-up on her heaving chest in a thin shirt in The Family Tree,

Wei Mei wearing a barely there dress, the outline of her nipples clearly visible in The Devil’s Advocate,

Megyn Price’s dress gets caught in a closing elevator, pulling her skirt way up over her panties in Rules of Engagement,

Carla Gugino is down to her bursting bra in a hot elevator in Elektra Luxx,

Jacqueline Bisset’s wearing a tight leather skirt, but when she takes it off it’s in a distant side shot in Class,

Melora Walters is rolling around in a super short skirt and bra before her elevator fun gets interrupted in Speaking of Sex,

Kristy Swanson throws open her trench coat to flash her lingerie and stocking-clad stems in Zebra Lounge.

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