Chocolate cock and a facial for Gillian

Chocolate cock and a facial for Gillian

Chocolate cock and a facial for Gillian

Brunette beauty Gillian Sloan wears a tight, low-cut, yellow dress. She claims her tits are 34Ds but they look much, much bigger. She turns around and lifts her dress to show the camera her very squeezable butt.

“I can’t stop thinking about that nice, big, black, hard cock that’s going to be filling my pussy,” said Gillian, who used to be a hooker. Yeah, that’s right. A hooker.

Gillian’s worked up. She’s ready to be boned. An assertive woman, submission to the BBC satisfies Gillian’s fantasies of being taken.

“There’s nothing like a big black man to satisfy me, make me cum. I can’t stop thinking about him. I’m obsessed with big, black cock.”

Gillian slips the top of her dress down, exposing her nipples. She has terrific tan lines.

“I want to tongue those heavy balls.”

That she will be doing. And she’ll be sucking his cock. And she’ll be fucking his cock. And she’ll take his load on her pretty face.

“I usually don’t let men cum on my face or even let them fuck me bareback but since this is a big fantasy experience for me, too,” she said. “I let my imagination loose and enjoyed every minute of it. I asked him to give me a facial. His cock was very big. I could barely get half of it in my mouth, it was so big. Lucas liked to be in control on every level. I could tell that right away. He dominated me completely and banged me really good. I think a lot of guys are going to cum when they see this.”

Damn right.

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Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Nia is a sweet, wholesome teen.
This Oklahoma girl is a soccer athlete and dancer who also loves to play the piano and the guitar. She’s a psychology student, and in her free time she paints. So what’s she doing here? “I wanted to do something wild!”

We get the feeling that posing in a porn mag is out of character for you.
“It is. Everyone back home would be shocked to know I did this. I’m even a little surprised that I’m doing this. But it’s been a secret fantasy of mine, and I just decided to go for it. I was always kind of shy about sex, and now I’m starting to open up about it. I have all these horny feelings, and I don’t want to have to ignore them. I want to act on them!”

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Blackzilla Rises 4 – Alena Croft

Video: Blackzilla Rises 4 - Alena Croft

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HushHush Entertainment
Blackzilla is back to spread some more tight white pussies! Now it’s Alena Croft’s time to take on Dredd’s big dick to satisfy her chocolate cravings. Alena is no stranger to a big piece, but she can’t believe the size that Dredd is packing! But Brave Alena is not intimidated by the challenge! Don’t miss how she deep throats that huge cock!

Stars: Alena Croft, Dredd

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Body Painted Beauties

Video: Body Painted Beauties

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Mr. Skin
There’s nothing to hide the art parts of our Body Painted Beauties, a thin coat of paint only highlights the body beneath. These babes are masterpieces of ass!

Kari Wuhrer shows everything as she and Stephen Shellen use each other as human paint canvases in Luscious,

Kate Upton wears body paint and not much else on the outtakes from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shoot 2011,

Roselyn Sanchez shows off tons of T&A during an incredible stripping routine wearing animal body paint in Yellow,

Jennifer Lawrence is covered in blue paint and latex to play Mystique in X-Men: First Class,

Christine Nguyen is painted silver and donning a helmet while making a wacky robot sex tape in Celebrity Sex Tape,

Rachel Hunter shows off her sexy silhouette with a painted on swimsuit in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2003,

Rihanna ends her music video in only gold body paint in Umbrella,

Holly Huddleston’s nipples are blurred out but it doesn’t hide much as she gets a cold airbrush straight to the boobs in Sunset Tan,

Uma Thurman and her impeccable pair appear in a movie as living art in Where the Heart Is,

Kendra Wilkinson throws off her robe to reveal a ref uniform painted on her rack in Kendra on Top,

Kendra Wilkinson serves up drinks in a painted-on shirt in Las Vegas,

Gianna Lynn coats her peaks, poon, and posterior with paint and makes a pretty picture in Bubba Raw Vol. 3,

Shannon Tweed brings out her boobs covered in glowing paint under a black-light in Cold Sweat,

Jen Rosendahl shows off some left bongo with her body-painted pal in Viva Hot Babes,

Karyn Dwyer and Christina Cox smear each other in body paint and make lesboid love all over the canvas in Better Than Chocolate,
Sophie Quinton becomes the ultimate art piece when she brushes red paint all over her bare full frontal in Avril,

Grace Jones offers up some hard-to-see breastage behind a metal bra in Vamp,

Linnea Quigley leads a kinky ritual in the Cult of the Chainsaw, dancing topless in body-paint in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers,

Candy Samples shows her cannons and thick retro-bush as she enjoys a naked body-painting in Prison Girls,

Andrea Bogart and Sasha Williams show T&A and body paint as they touch and caress each other in DarkWolf,

Debbie Rochon and April Monique Burril sport body paint and shirtless snoobs when they perform a freaky, witchy ritual in The Good Sisters,

Michelle Ruben is posing for nude photos wearing nothing but body paint and a smile in The Story of O: Untold Pleasures,

Candy Samples parades through the house wearing nothing but some body paint in Prison Girls,

Scarlett Schwarze’s serving cocaine at a party, wearing nothing but body paint in Eight Miles High!,

Bo Derek bo-bos are painted white by those wacky natives in Tarzan, the Ape Man,

Rene Bond lets her man add an artistic touch to her already museum-quality frontal flesh in Les chic,

Diane Lane’s painted right rounderis hanging out of her shirt during a hippie-esque frolic fest in A Walk on the Moon,

Sally Kirkland writhes totally nude for a dude, spouting poetry and showing off her shaved frontal and ample ass in Flexing with Monty,

Rachel Nichols, Zoe Saldana experience green alien love in Star Trek (2009)

Olivia Colman bares painted boobs, pubes, and butt when she and her man get hitched in the buff in Confetti,

Rachel Griffiths spreads her prop wings and reveals her body-paint-smeared smackers to the utter delight of the rowdy crowd in Blow Dry,

Bridget Marquardt and her beauteous boobage get sprayed with blue paint for a shoot in The Girls Next Door.

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