Mommy Knows Best 19

Video: Mommy Knows Best 19

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Venus Girls Productions
Mommy’s gonna wrestle you down and milk you for every drop! Watch these MILFs put their men through the ringer! Nyomi teaches her stepson a lesson after she hears from the neighbors he’s a peeping tom. Bella lays the law down to her stepson that he will be signing over an inheritance so with her dirty talk & more, she gets the paper signed. Alura & her stepdaughter Raven are up to no good and her stepbrother can’t resist either one of them. They threaten to film everything & send it to everyone. Next, Makayla and auntie get to milking. Jasmeen is a good stepmom; she teases and takes of her stepson to get what she wants.

Stars: Alura Jenson, Bella Ink, Jasmeen LeFleur, Makayla Coxx, Nyomi Star, Raven

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Family Feud Volume 1

Video: Family Feud Volume 1

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Feet On Demand

Goddess Amara Romani needs her step bro Jake’s help so she can get a scholarship for her film project. She decides to influence by giving him something extra in his cocktail. When he wakes up, he is shocked to find his cock locked in a chastity device. If he wants her to free him, he is going to have to help her get that scholarship, but first she’s also going to humiliate him by making him worship her feet. She starts by making him kiss her beautiful bare feet and lick her soles from heel to toe. Watch her shove her entire foot in his mouth and make him suck on her toes before grinding against his cock to tease him. See her finish him off with a steamy foot job.

Goddess Amara Romani is working on a film project for a scholarship and she could use some assistance from her step pops. His son, Jake, is on the board for scholarship decisions so she wants him to talk to his friend about helping her get the scholarship. Knowing how much he loves her cute little feet, the beautiful brunette plans to seduce him into helping her, starting by letting him kiss, lick, and suck on her sexy bare feet. In no time, her tits are out and his cock is hard as she rubs it through his pants with her feet. Watch her hug is big cock between her soft, wrinkly arches, giving him the foot job he craves, foot milking him into helping.

Goddess Bobbi Dylan catches her stepbrother checking her out while she’s adjusting her dress and she is not amused. When he tells her he would do anything to have sex with her she decides to have some fun with him. To start, she has him kneel before her and strip out of his clothes before locking him up in a chastity device. She then has him take off her sexy nude strappy high heels and makes him lay beneath her feet where he belongs. Watch as she teases him, trailing one foot over his caged cock as he kisses and sucks on her toes before sliding his tongue along her soft, wrinkly arches. Then, after three days in chastity, the goddess treats him to a steamy footjob.

Goddess Bobbi Dylan wants to get out of being grounded so she decides to seduce her step pops to get what she wants. Watch as she puts her cute tattooed feet in his lap, teasing his cock through his pants by caressing it with her soft soles. Watch as he takes one foot to his face, kissing and sucking on her toes before wrapping his tongue around them, slipping it between each toe. See his tongue slither from her heel, up along her soft, wrinkly arches, and back up to her toes, worshiping her pretty feet just as they deserve. Soon, his pants are down and she’s hugging his cock between her feet, giving him the foot job he’s been craving.

Stars: Amara Romani, Bobbi Dylan, Damon Rossi, Jake Jordan, Tom Foot

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Let Lisa Straighen You Out

Let Lisa Straighen You Out

Let Lisa Straighen You Out

Staying with her girlfriend, Araya, house guest Lisa Canon enters Araya’s brother John’s bedroom while he snoozes and starts to play with cock.

She wants him to do the nasty to her. He wakes up and knows what the green-eyed, huge-titted brunette wants. He doesn’t need Lisa to carry a big neon sign blinking “Fuck Me” into the room.

Being a polite kind of guy who has lucked out because of XL Girls, John takes full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mount this chick and give her the old salami-stuffing she so rightfully deserves.

Lisa plops her hangers right over his hand so he can feel the weight of her soft sweatermeat, a feeling unlike anything else in the world. Burying a guy’s face with her hooters is one of her many skills. She gives his cock a squeeze between her tits and he slides through the cleavage and into her mouth.

Lisa licks and sucks his bloated shaft to stiffness, then squats on it and lowers herself over the pole. She’s getting the fill-up she needs and he’s in hooter heaven over the velvety texture of her gripping cunt. It’s going to be a dirty ride. John can’t believe his good luck that he got the call from XL Girls.

See More of Lisa Canon at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Super Shocking Sex Scenes

Video: Super Shocking Sex Scenes

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Mr. Skin
Do flowers and chocolate and gently making love by candlelight make you a little queasy? Then perhaps Mr. Skin’s Super Shocking Sex Scenes playlist will be more up your alley. These skinfamous scenes are all notoriously ro ugh-and-tumble, and none of them play nice. Just remember: It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie….

First, the skinfamous scene of Jodie Foster assaulted atop a pool table while a gang of rednecks look on in The Accused (1988),

followed by the legendary “Singin’ in the Rain” sequence featuring redhead Adrienne Corri fully frontal and Cheryl Grunwald baring boobs as she’s held down for the old in-out, both from the perverse masterpiece A Clockwork Orange (1971).

Then we’ve got Farrah Fawcett blo odied up and baring her right tit as she’s physically and psychologically terrorized in Extremities (1986)

and low-budger shock-horror queen Emily Haack baring every inch as she’s handcuffed standing up, rou ghly scrubbed, threatened with a razor blade, and smacked around in Scrapbook (2000).

Then the Haack attack continues with more full nudity from Emily Haack in an intensely humiliating sex scene from Scrapbook (2000),

followed by Sara Paxton’s bare butt as she struggles and cri es in a scene from the remake of Last House on the Left (2009)

and more classic ’70s shock as Camille Keaton bares full frontal in a disturbing pair of scenes from I Spit on Your Grave (1978).

After that, we’ve got ripe, round ass galore as Carla Gugino goes skinny-dipping with two female friends, who then lesbionically themselves on her, in Jaded (1996), and a lingering shot on her bruised, sandy seat meat as she lies face-down on the beach the morning after.

Next are a couple of quick full-frontal looks at lithe blonde Delores Taylor tied to the ground in Billy Jack (1971) and of Shirley Jaffe as a gang of droogies rips off her clothes in A Clockwork Orange (1971).

And then we’ve got the original /revenge shocker The Last House on the Left (1972), featuring T&A from Sandra Cassel and Lucy Grantham as a gang of baddies strip them nude and ro ugh them up.

Then it’s a trio of Death Wish nudes as Kathleen Tolan has her shirt ripped off and her ass exposed as she’s assaulted on a couch (by a young Jeff Goldblum!) in the original Death Wish (1974), followed by Silvana Gallardo repeatedly attacked by some very ’80s-looking thugs as a young Laurence Fishburne cheers them on in Death Wish 2 (1982) and those same punks ro ughing up a topless Robin Sherwood, also from Death Wish 2.

Next Susan George bares her succulent suck sacks in the famous couch scene from Straw Dogs (1971), followed by Susan taunting a gang of workers outside with her toplessness in the same film.

Then Yvette Mimieux bares her little pokers receiving some very r ough treatment from a county sheriff in Jackson County Jail (1976),

Candice Lewald is thrown on a pool table and treated like a plaything by a gang of bros in Gutterballs (2008),

and Maya Barovich is treated with extreme cruelty by a trio of attackers who cut off her right nipple in Chaos (2005), followed by a similarly attack on a tied-up Chantal DeGroat in the same film. The only upside? Chantal bares it all.

Then Dawn Dunlap bares medieval mammage as she gets manhandled by a gang of burly, bearded barbarian dudes in two scenes from Barbarian Queen (1985), and Susana Traverso bares more boobage as Lana Clarkson defends her from a in the same movie. Katt Shea isn’t so lucky.

After that, Elen Sandweiss re-defines “getting wood” as she’s held down and penetrated by a twat-hungry tree in The Evil Dead (1981) before fleeing through the forest,

and Laura Gemser struggles as a topless babe holds her down in Emmanuelle’s Daughter: Queen of Sados (1979). Check out that fantastic full frontal!

Next, a baddie cuts off Susan Sennett’s clothes with a pocketknife as her kid looks on (!) before a man in a van comes and pulls her attacker off of her in The Candy Snatchers (1973),

and Barbara Hershey shows supernatural snatch and snoobage as she’s manhandled by an invisible hand in The Entity (1981).

Then we get a killer’s eye view of Brigitte Bako blindfolded, stripped naked, and rou ghed up in Strange Days (1995),

followed by the quickest glimpse of Leslie Stefanson fully frontal lying on the ground and surrounded by a gang in The General’s Daughter (1999)

and Jennifer Jason Leigh proving you’ve got to be careful what you wish for when she rips open her top in a bar before passing out and being treated like a sex toy in Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989).

And who’s that up next, flashing quick looks at her tits, thatch and tush as a rowdy gang of soldiers has their way with her in Flesh + Bl ood (1985)? It’s Jennifer Jason Leigh again!

Then Francesca Ciardi shows every inch she’s got as she violated, beat with sticks, and torn to bits by cannibals in stills and SKIN motion in Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

and Elisabeth Shue suffers a slightly kinder (but not by much) fate, as she recalls being attacked by a group of jersey-clad jocks as she showers off in Leaving Las Vegas (1995).

Next we SkinVision an otherwise dark and shadowy scene of a guy throwing vAsia Argento onto a bed and exposing her left great in The Stendhal Syndrome (1996),

and we get a much better view of Lori Jo Hendrix as she suffers the indignity of lesbian prison assault in Prison Heat (1993). Nice melons, though.

Then Margaux Hemingway plays a model who bares boobs, butt and bush as a thoroughly creepy Chris Sarandon strips her, ties her up and smears her with lipstick in a long, assault scene from Lipstick (1976).

Next, Lara Belmont bares FFN as she gets a doggy-style humping from dear old Dad with her brother looking on in The War Zone (1999),

the gorgeous Brigitte Petronio shows her pretty little pink nips and dense blonde muff as she’s terrorized by David Hess, who cuts her perfect pale skin with a razor, in The House on the Edge of the Park (1980),

and stripperfied bottle blondes Lauren Palac and Renee Sloan have a wild, T&A filled three-way with a big beefy dude before he cuts them to bits with a razor in Murder-Set-Pieces (2004).

Then Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen are adulterous yuppies threatened by a gum-chewing thug who then attacks Jen in Derailed (2005)

and Tara Reid gets emotional recalling a tits-out date-scenario in Body Shots (1999). Cheer up Tara, your funbags look great!

After that Hilary Swank goes bare from the waist down when some flannel-clad bullies expose the secret snatch in her jeans in Boys Don’t Cr y (1999),

Chloe Russell exposes her cantaloupes as a creepy trucker himself on her in Suspect Zero (2004),

Edwige Fenech succumbs to an insistent suitor who rips her top off outside in the rain in The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971),

Lynn Theel is covered in goop and slime as a monster rips her bikini top off and mounts her in Humanoids from the Deep (1980),

and then a pair of scenes showing Lynn’s lungs in the slimy aftermath of the attack and Linda Shayne’s jugs jiggling as she takes a swipe at the creature in the same film.

Finally, a gang of thugs rips off Francesca Neri’s top before having their way with her in a dark, shadowy scene from Outrage (1993),

and Blythe Auffarth is , blindfolded, and strung up like a side of beef before a gang of perverted little kids strips off her clothes to expose her tight tush, trimmed thatch, and tiny little ta-tas in The Girl Next Door (2007). Keep telling yourself…It’s only a movie…only a movie…only a movie…

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