Tall, Tan-lined and Titillating

Tall, Tan-lined and Titillating

Tall, Tan-lined and Titillating

“I get a lot of attention and I like it,” Tina Lee said. Tall, beautiful, tan-lined and titillating with 32G-cup boobs stretching her sweaters and tank tops, Tina learned about SCORELAND through her ex-boyfriend. “It was the favorite place of my ex-boyfriend to spend time,” Tina said with a laugh.

With her face and body, guys are always trying to pull Tina. “Don’t know if you know this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend,” is one old standard line she remembered someone saying to her. But lines don’t impress Tina.

Bras are always a challenge for the stacked girls at SCORELAND. “For me, it’s very important to have comfort and beauty at the same time, so a good bra is really not easy to find. I don’t need to emphasize my breasts because they’re doing that by themselves. If I want to get even more attention, I don’t put on a bra.

“I always try to wear simple clothing but even with simple clothing, my boobs stand out and people look at me. So it’s not very easy for me. All guys like my boobs but I hope they like not just my boobs, but also my personality.”

Yes, they do, and Tina’s chat video shows what a magnetic personality she has.

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Vixen’s super-slutty, ass-fucked debut

Vixen’s super-slutty, ass-fucked debut

Vixen's super-slutty, ass-fucked debut

This is Vixen’s first video, and after you see it, you’re gonna wonder, “If this is what she does first time out, what’s she gonna do for an encore?” Hey, fuck encores. A 45-year-old housewife says she wants to do it all right away, we’re not gonna stop her.

“I want to be fucked in the ass hard,” this 45-year-old housewife from Texas says after putting on a tits, pussy and ass show. “Unzip your pants, pull your cock out and get it ready because I’m going to take it up the ass for you.”

Vixen sucks cock hard. She gets it all wet and gags on it. “Damn, you’re hungry for cock,” the stunt-cock tells her. “Hell, yeah, yes!” Vixen says, and she gags on cock some more. Vixen’s wet mouth and pussy juices get the guy’s cock ready for her asshole, which easily takes every inch of meat.

“I like lots of different things,” Vixen said. “I like a man whose cock gets hard when he’s thinking about me. I like a man who adores my feet, my legs, my ass, my breasts and loves to kiss. The fastest way for a man to get me off is to grab my ankles, spread my legs wide, rub his dick on my pussy, let me suck it a little while and then just fuck me. I’ll cum every time.”

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MILF Mistress

Video: MILF Mistress

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Femdom Empire

Scene 1: MILF Loving Boytoy

Miss Julia Ann always keeps at least one young boytoy around to keep as her own personal pet. The younger the boys the more willing and enthusiastic they are to please their Sugar Momma. Of course their cock’s always need much more control and are kept locked in chastity 24/7 as a reminder of who makes the rules. Miss Julia makes her boytoy in training show how badly he wants his horny cock set free by proving his devotion to her sexy size 8 cougar feet.

Scene 2: Stepmom Knows Best

Miss Julia Ann catches her step-son red handed jerking off to porn in the living room which is completely unacceptable behavior. If he doesn’t want his Father to find out then he will have to accept a lesson in masturbation coming from the love of an M0thers touch.

Scene 3: Boy-Toy Pussy Servant

Sexy MILF Goddess Julia Ann loves transforming her young boy-toys into worthy servants who know how to please her at the snap of a finger. All slaves should be skilled in the art of licking pussy and she makes sure her fresh meat can listen and follow her instructions to earn a place by her side.

Scene 4: MILF’s Make The Rules

Miss Julia Ann is fed up with her step-son constantly breaking his curfew getting home at all hours of the morning. She waits up and catches this punk sneaking in to give him a piece of her mind. He has no respect for his step-mom and mouths off calling her a bitch that needs to mind her own business. Unfortunately for him Miss Julia has officially made this her business. Since he can’t obey a few simple house rules then she will just have to show him how much of a bitch she can really be!

Scene 5: Out of Your System

Your Step-M0ther Julia Ann knows all about your perverted habits…. Peeping while she is getting changed or in her robe. This behavior is completely unacceptable and she wants to have a little chat about it. She can see your erection poking through your jeans even at this very moment. “If you are so keen on taking a look a breasts I will show you, it is only natural to be curious about a woman’s body. I want you to get this perverted fantasy out of your head once and for all! I am going to take my breasts out and let you have a good look while you jerk it out of your system to step-mommy. This will be our little secret, but if I ever catch you peeping on me again there will be serious consequences.”

Stars: Julia Ann, Mistress T, Slave Kade

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Big Naturals Vol. 27

Video: Big Naturals Vol. 27

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Reality Kings

After a long night of partying Allison decided to have a little nap at our place. She was visiting from Alabama and a good friend of JMacs. She had the nicest fucking tits around and a cute accent to match. A total hottie. While chilling JMac decided to have some little fun with her perfect boobies. She was definitely delighted to have JMac play with her, and she was crazy for his large cock to stroke in between her breasts. Allison was a major freak and you’ll surely see why!

Today we bring you Nadya! Nadya and Voodoo were found getting freaky in the bathroom when Kat stepped in. Nadya was taking a shower when the sly Voodoo welcomed himself in and into Nadyas breasts and she loved it. Nadya was a sexy freak and horny as hell and she was dying for Voodoo to fuck her. So they did just that. But before that happened Voodoo lathered those beautiful breasts up and gave the good ol rub down!

Today we had the lovely Ruby visiting us today. I step into the room and there is this Ruby looking amazingly hot. On the bed with huge breasts and looking hornier than I had ever seen her. Knowing she would visit I decided to call my friend over. I told him how sexy Ruby was and he was fucking stoked! And he came exactly at the right time! She was rubbing her wet pussy and was ready for a huge cock to slide right through it! He comes in and she gets startled a little. I calm her down and he goes right for the tits! After a while she calms down and opens her fucking sexy legs for my friend! Thats where all the fun begins! Ruby got fucked proper and her breasts get the proper respects!

What an epic fucking scene! We had two of the sexiest German bars maid in history treating us like gods! They called me over to chill with them so I called Voodoo to back me up. I knew what they wanted and that was a little bit of fun and some cock! They treated us to some bread beer and boobies. They were horny as hell and so were we. It was truly a perfect day with our German hotties!

Today we bring you Gizzelle. A sexy Cubanita freak from the streets of Hialeah. She knew JMac for a while and she decided to chill with us today. On the way to her place we started to get a little frisky with her but she loved it. If I know anything is how sexual these Cuban chicks could get. She wanted JMac bad and she was ready for him. She teased us a little but made us wait and crave that body all the way home. When we got there she showed us her perfect beautiful boobs. They were on point and succulent. It was truly a Cuban feast indeed!

Stars: Adriana Kelly, Allison Evers, Gizzelle De La Cruz, Jasmine Black, Katerine Moss, Ruby, Tessa Lane , Bill Bailey, J-Mac, Nick Lang, Voodoo

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Mistress Chanel Preston

Video: Mistress Chanel Preston

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Femdom Empire

Pussy Slide the Cum Out

Mistress Chanel has allowed her chastity bitch the pleasure of trying out to be her new personal sex toy. Unfortunately her test dummy can’t even last while her wet pussy slides up and down his rock hard cock. He cums before she even allows him to enter her cunt and gets locked right back into chastity where pre-mature ejaculators belong.

Extreme Chastity Upgrade

A ball trap chastity device just isn’t secure enough for a horny slave and Mistress Chanel knows better than to trust a man while she is away. Her bitch gets the ultimate chastity upgrade to keep his cock, balls and ass completely locked away and denied from any wandering slave hands. A trial run is definitely in order as Mistress Chanel teases and tortures every inch of his body making sure his steel chastity belt is completely inescapable.

This Pussy Owns You

You are completely obsessed with this little area in between my legs. What it tastes like, what it smells like. Today is your lucky day, my panties are off and you will worship my divine cunt. The pussy that owns you, controls, you and drives you crazy. Your cock is denied in chastity while I ride your face to mind blowing orgasms.

Mindless Doll JOI

Mistress Chanel orders you to stare at the crystal ball she is swinging back and forth in front of her as her soft voice fills your mind, ordering you to relax. Once she has you totally calm, Chanel begins to control your mind, telling you that you belong completely to her and are nothing but a toy doll for her to play with. Chanel reinforces your helplessness by ordering you to stroke your cock as she rubs her breasts and pussy to get you even more excited. Once you cum, you will forever be Chanel’s mindless jerk doll – but looking at her beautiful face and hot body, are you even trying to resist?

Popping His Cherry

On the 10th year anniversary of slave wade’s service to the Femdom Empire it was decided that he must finally give up his anal virginity. The one humiliating thing he vowed never to do was anal sex, but he had no choice in the matter, the Mistresses have decided he must cement his devotion by popping his anal virginity! Mistress Chanel decided to do the honors in breaking him in as a new anal fuck toy.

Stars: Chanel Preston, Slave Wade

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