Nude At The Doctor’s Office

Video: Nude At The Doctor's Office

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Mr. Skin

The stars that get Nude at the Doctor’s Office are in for a thorough sexamination. Nurse, Code Boob!

Anne Hathaway pulls out her scrumptious left mam and shows it to the docs who diagnose a spider bite in Love and Other D rugs,

Penélope Cruz’s mams are deliciously revealed when a doctor commences a highly inappropriate examination in Don’t Move,

Meredith Baxter manifests her magnificently massive left melon for the doctor, who gives it a nice rubdown in My Breast,

Emily Procter bares her pretty much perfect pair, much to David Schwimmer’s delight in Breast Men,

Mara Cuevas bares a hint of right boob and a bethonged behind as she gets dressed after her exam in Oscura Seduccion,

Laura Gemser slips behind a curtain to strip down to complete and total nudity prior to a medical examination in V iolence in a Women’s Prison,

Elvira briefly bares her right boob when the doctor inadvertently pushes her scrubs to the side in Jekyll & Hyde…Together Again,

Erika Jordan goes full frontal to get a thorough sexamination from her doctor in Alley Dogs,

Kim Cattrall shows her righty as the doctor gives her a breast exam in Sex and the City,

Anna Silk bares back crack to be examined by an amorous lady doctor in Lost Girl,

Candice Rialson gives up a brief shot of her nice cans in a hospital bed in Candy Stripe Nurses,

Christine Smith shows off her jawdropping breasts in the doctor’s office and even lets Cameron Diaz fondle them in Bad Teacher,

Yasmine Vox shows her incredibly perky, bouncy, and oversized pair in the doctor’s office in Good Luck Chuck,

Holly Pelham bares her ripe, juicy left cantaloupe while Dr. Gere checks her out in Dr. T and the Women,

Stacey Adams issues some TLC when she raises Black Dynamite’s temperature with some bare right boob in the doctor’s office in Black Dynamite,

Jennifer Inch’s giant jubblies get a few squeezes from a horny idiot posing as a doctor in Screwballs,

Gloria Guida delivers boobs aplenty as she strips down for a doctor’s exam in La Ragazzina,

Diane Franklin bares her budding breastage and the top-most curls of her lap-fro while undressing in a doctor’s office in The Last American Virgin,

Emmanuelle Béart is seen fully naked as she’s strip-searched in prison in Les Enfants du désordre,

Brief T & A as Laura Antonelli is ogled by yet another horny doctor in Secret Fantasy,

Lilli Carati down for a most thorough examination, with the doctor taking special care in noting the health of her teats, tush, and dense turfage in Il Corpo della ragassa,

Laura Antonelli gives a good look at her buns as she awaits a shot in the doctor’s office in Doctor Casanova,

Edwige Fenech lies on the examining table with her french pastries bared in La Dottoressa del distretto militare,

Misty Mundae’s marvelously miniature mammages get a thorough examination by an extremely sketchy doctor in Shadow: Dead Riot,

Ajita Wilson enjoys a little naked acupuncture in a doctor’s office in The Nude Princess,

Brinke Stevens dreams that she’s lying tits-up on an operating table in Haunting Fear,

Nastassja Kinski shows off some incredibly healthy-looking rack while the doctors run tests in Maladie d’amour,

Yuriko Hirooka thoroughly enjoys her doctor’s breast exam in We Aren’t Afraid of a Hospital.

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Lomp’s Court – Case 2

Video: Lomp's Court - Case 2

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Elite Pain
Mr. Lomp’s private court is open for trials. For taking a case before Lomp’s Court both the victim and the offender can go through the process quite swiftly, and can avoid jail. But there is one catch. If Mr. Lomp finds the offender guilty, the sentence is quite painful. But if the accusation is false, then the other party must endure the pain. In this case Mr. Lomp finds that for the benefit of both girls they must suffer together.

Stars: Linda, Mandy, Maximilian Lomp

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Wheel Of Pain 2

Video: Wheel Of Pain 2

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Elite Pain
Catherine is a pretty blonde in need serious need of a flogging! Rules are the following: The player must first spin the wheel for a body part and position and then spin for an instrument of the 12 different types. In the first round she receives 10 strokes and the number of strokes increases with 5 in each round. Let’s see how much pain Catherine can take!

Stars: Catherine, Maximilian Lomp

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Slave Auction

Video: Slave Auction

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Elite Pain
We randomly invited some of our customers to participate in our special slave auction. In this case they could bid for certain punishments which our slaves had to endure. Beware, this video is not for the squeamish. If you order this video, you will be included in the pool for the next episode’s guest entry drawing.

Stars: Vanessa, Nessy

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Master Sessions – Master Dayhan & Dea – Master Loki & Skarlett

Video: Master Sessions - Master Dayhan & Dea - Master Loki & Skarlett

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Inflagranti Film Berlin
Inflagranti Film Berlin presents “Master Sessions”, this time with sexy submissive amateurs Dea and Skarlett. They had no idea what they were about to experience.
One can almost feel the tremble in Dea’s breaths while she’s wearing blindfold and at the same time Master Dayhan touches her pussy with his cane. Dea wouldn’t have thought that it would be such an agony to get her pussy vacuumed after some hot wax on it. She now knows what it’s like to get spanked like a horse. Almost same goes to Skarlett, only she has to bear all the agony while gracefully keeping roses on her back and not letting them fall. If she fails, god knows what Master Loki is capable of doing to her!

Stars: Dea, Skarlet, Master Dayhan

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Doma Surprise For A Japanese Slave Girl

Video: Doma Surprise For A Japanese Slave Girl

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American Mistress Ann plays a bizarre game with her Asian slave girl. She gets naked and there’s plenty of domination. The Doma works her way to her cunt lips. The slave girl endures bondage, clamps, pussy punishment, flogging, hot candle wax and controlled masturbation. Also this Mistress wants her slave to fuck her and the sub girl is a very good girl.

Stars: Mistress Ann

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