Skin Classics In High-Def

Video: Skin Classics In High-Def

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Mr. Skin

Sometimes nude scenes are so titillating, so scintillating, that their glory cannot be diminished with the passing of time. But when these skinstant classics come out again in crystal-clear HD it’s a real reason to celebrate. So settle in and pay tribute to Skin Classics in High Def!

The bikini-popping revelation of Phoebe Cates hoisting her fine form out of the water and unveiling her matchless mams in Fast Times at Ridgemont High launched a million fantasies,

Sharon Stone’s legendary airing out of her tidily-trimmed bush in Basic Instinct will always have a place in our hard-ons!,

Bad girl Angelina Jolie gave a great look at her heavenly body for the T&A thrillfest Gia,

The unforgettable ménage à trois in Wild Things has Denise Richards getting champagne poured all over her supple set and indulging in a steamy sapphic makeout with Neve Campbell,

Jamie Lee Curtis peels off her top to admire her bountiful boobage in the mirror in Trading Places,

Rebecca De Mornay gives up gorgeous glutes, perky pair, and a flash of furburger while getting frisky with Tom Cruise in Risky Business,

Demi Moore bares her all natural knockers and cute caboose to get banged like a cheap gong in About Last Night…,

Get up close and personal with Elizabeth Berkley’s tits, trim, and tail during an energetic striptease in Showgirls,

See Nicole Kidman’s sweet teats and perfect posterior as she gets fondled in front of a mirror in Eyes Wide Shut,

Demi Moore shakes her DD’s at the apex of her silicone enhancement with a bump and grind that’s sure to please in Striptease,

Lisa Bonet makes with the muff, duff, and gazongas while getting skincestuous with Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart,

Bo Derek’s jiggly jugs bounce beautifully as she jogs on the beach in 10,

It’s buns, buns, buns when Brigitte Bardot lounges in the nude for Contempt,

Anne Bancroft’s body double provides her milf-tastic mams in The Graduate,

You’ll splish splash when Maria Schneider shares her sudsy suckers and extra fluffy crotch thicket for a bath scene in Last Tango in Paris,

Simonetta Stefanelli strips off her nightie to unveil her amazing Apollonia’s in The Godfather,

Jacqueline Bisset wins our wet t-shirt contest by going scuba diving in a thin white tee in The Deep,

Kelly Lynch shows her incredible ass off along with a side helping of rack and a flash of fur in Road House,

Cindy Morgan liberates her boobs during a bedroom hump session in Caddyshack,

Jennifer Inch’s chest buttons gets a thorough exam from a fake doctor in Screwballs,

Béatrice Dalle flaunts full frontal funbags and fur as she gets out of bed, then more comely can as she struggles to pulls out a couch in Betty Blue,

Pouty-lipped stunner Gina Gershon gets lesbianic with the volcanically voluptuous Jennifer Tilly in Bound,

Kim Basinger gets nippley as Mickey Rourke rubs ice all over her red-hot body in 9 1/2 Weeks,

Kathleen Turner turns our head when she unleashes her long-nipped pokies for a sweaty sex session in Body Heat,

Rene Russo’s perfect round upturned pair make an appearance in a topless sunbathing scene in The Thomas Crown Affair,

Natasha Henstridge bares her black widow wobblers for a doomed dude in Species,

Legendary sexpot Ursula Andress fondles some conches in a skimpy bikini for Dr. No,

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Helpless Teens – Kiley Jay

Video: Helpless Teens - Kiley Jay

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Stranded little cutie Kiley Jay is relieved when she spots a windowless white van approaching her. She waves the driver Jax over and convinces him to give her a lift into town. A bit down the road Kiley reveals that she doesn’t have any cash. Fortunately for this little slut, Jax also accepts total sexual submission from tiny teens. This super petite teen is bound with rope and fed a mouthful of BBC in the van then dragged back to a dungeon and fucked like a toy. Jax plasters her pretty face with a big cumshot when he’s done using her.

Stars: Kiley Jay, Jax Slayher

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Teens In The Woods – Cadence Lux

Video: Teens In The Woods - Cadence Lux

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Aspiring cat burglar Cadence Lux, along with her partner in crime, Lydia Black, plan on robbing an empty cabin in the woods of its valuables to help pay their college tuition, but not before a lezzie makeout session and a run-in with a creepy park ranger who warns them not defile his woods. Unfortunately, the two extreme teen sex maniacs get separated and Lydia disappears. Poor Cadence becomes desperately lost and it’s getting dark. Luckily, she finds a cabin with the lights on and to her surprise, Ranger Brick opens the door, and despite their earlier hostilities, he agrees to help, he even allows Cadence to take a shower. When the ranger finds burglary tools in Cadence’s backpack however, he regrets his hospitality… but not as much as Cadence will! In order to avoid arrest and expulsion from college, Cadence has to make a deal with the ranger fast! She agrees to her new master’s terms, and in a flash, her wrists are bound with rope and her sex slave training begins. No humiliation is spared as Ranger Brick face fucks the pretty blonde and makes her give him a hot, sloppy, deepthroat blowjob. Hard and fast fingerfucking, and hard slapping and spanking of her most delicate areas. Rocking and loud rough sex from beginning to end and a big load for cadences eyes and mouth. Karma’s a bitch, huh Cadence?

Stars: Cadence Lux, Lydia Black, Brick Danger

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Andi’s Big, Black Cock Day

Andi’s Big, Black Cock Day

Andi's Big, Black Cock Day

When this scene opens, Andi, 45, is wearing a baby blue satin dress that hugs her big, shapely butt. She runs her hands over her ass and plays some ass games for us, dancing seductively.

“I’m very, very horny today,” Andi says. “I especially would like to have a nice, big, juicy, black cock inside of me. It’s all that’s been on my mind since I woke up. I can’t wait for my friend to come over and fulfill my fantasy.”

Which he does, eating Andi’s pussy, then filling her mouth with his cock, then filling her pussy with his cock, then cumming all over her face. Yeah, Andi gets a facial, and she obviously enjoys it. But, like we’ve said before, this lady only does things she enjoys.

“I feel lucky to have my appearance at my age, so I might as well enjoy it before it’s gone,” Andi said. “And I think men like mature women who are real. I think there are too many young women out there who are concerned about being beautiful and pretty and not just being themselves. There’s too much fakeness out there, especially boobs. I thought about getting mine done, but all I’ve heard is how great it is to stay natural, and that’s really the attraction now. Guys want to see something real. Well, good. That makes me feel even better.”

Andi makes us feel better, that’s for sure.

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Women In Prison – Babes Behind Bars

Video: Women In Prison - Babes Behind Bars

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Mr. Skin
Lock ’em up and throw away the key! When a woman does time, you’ll be doing some hard time by yourself, especially when she shucks her orange jumpsuit and shows off her hard body. Enjoy this playlist showcasing some of the best scenes of women in prison getting sexy and naked.

Linda Blair and Sybil Danning rack out in the shower, surrounded by babes baring all three B’s in Chained Heat,

Taylor Schilling shows her lil’ bitties when her shower is interrupted by a rude gal in Orange is the New Black,

Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling enjoy a leztastic, boob-flashing shower in Orange is the New Black,

Kathryn Erbe teases her bush to a sex-starved inmate in Oz,

Rachel Shelley wows us with her cute cans and a bit of bush in The L Word,

Linda Blair, Sylvia Kristel, Sonja Martin, and Sue Kiel rack on during a steamy shower in Red Heat,

Ava Cadell gets her shirt ripped open and her titties exposed in Jungle Warriors,

Sybil Danning receives a sensual ass massage in Jungle Warriors,

Anne Heche heats up a shower with her perfect pair in Girls in Prison,

Ione Skye’s right rackage says ‘hi’ while she gets leztastic and clean in Girls in Prison,

Aimee Graham teases some tittage while exploring a sexy chick in Reform Sc hool Girl,

Catherine Oxenberg shucks her top, exposing her right boobie in Time Served,

Catherine Oxenberg returns to show some shower-fresh T&A in Time Served,

Roberta Collins puts on a boob-riffic performance for a perv in The Big Doll House,

Gail Harris leads a gaggle of gals in a T&A performance in Cellblock Sisters,

Lori Jo Hendrix slowly unveils her awesome rack and shaved clam for a guard in Prison Heat,

Pamela Sue Martin is the center of attention as a topless inmate in The Lady in Red,

Ynez Veneracion is all ass during a rubber glove inspection in Selda 14,

Karen McKevic soaps up her completely nude body in The Big Bird Cage,

Natalie Portman briefly bares her tush in Goya’s Ghosts,

Laura Gemser strips down to show every inch of her slender body in Vi olence in a Women’s Prison,

Dyanne Thorne dunks her double D’s in the bath before cutting to a flesh-filled shower scene in Ilsa: The Wicked Warden,

Maggie Gyllenhaal flaunts some T&A while a guard get grabbie in Strip Search,

and Lisa Eichhorn gives us a look at her boobs and buns in Opposing For ces.

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