BBW Team Players 2

Video: BBW Team Players 2

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BBWHighway Studios
Chubby cheating wife Ana Dhara just cant get enough cock! After doing her first group sex scene, first big black cock scene and first black cock 3some all in the same scene she couldn’t wait to come back for more! Don Prince and Mr.Stixxx give her a the pounding of her life! AGAIN! Double fisted cock sucking, cowgirl and more.

Stars: Ana Dhara, Don Prince, Mr. Stixxx

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Cougars & Cuckolds 4

Video: Cougars & Cuckolds 4

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Kick Ass

There are cougars that will make any man cum and some men whine and groan out of pleasure when they see their woman pleasing other men. After all, taking a big cum shot and having her husband eat it out is the best way to save their marriage. These sexy cougars are climbing the walls for all the big, hard cocks they can handle.

Mickey has an experienced pussy and her sissy boy just isn’t satisfying it. She calls on a well hung bull to mount and pump her hard. She loves that big black cock in her tight snatch.

Sofie knows her sissy cuck just can’t satisfy her. She brings her strong bull with a big thick cock to pump her tight shaved twat and stretch it out, then make her sissy man clean it up.

Stars: Micky Lynn, Sofie Marie, Marcelo, Nat Turner, Sean Michaels

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Lots Of Love 2

Video: Lots Of Love 2

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Eye Candy

Amanda’s an attractive, tall, Amazonian BBW slut with red hair and some gorgeous, mountainous mammaries with pierced nipples. Eric is the lucky stiff who gets to inaugurate Amanda in her first hardcore sex scene. After a brief get-to-know-her chat, he presents her with his infamous donkey dick, which she sensually sucks with aplomb. In turn, Eric earnestly tongues her bald honey pot, igniting her smoldering passions, before easing his dauntless dong into her ravenous hole while she rubs her clit, quickly bringing her to a moaning, yelping, and screaming orgasm. After sucking her pussy cum from his dork, she mounts his towering tool in cowgirl, her big, beautiful fat ass humping him with zestful fervency, moaning and squealing with delight. She resumes her wanton ride in reverse cowgirl, slamming her cunt onto his meat missile as he fires it up into her and she explodes in a volcanic, screaming, animalistic orgasm. Putting her through her pornstar paces, Eric barbarously slams his beefy battering ram into her in doggie, triggering another screaming, squealing, bitch-in-heat orgasm. He continues to pulverize her pussy in spoon, vehemently drilling his dingus into her as her massive mammaries bounce and sway with each virile thrust and a screaming, full-body-convulsing orgasm rips through her. Having done his duty, he christens her with a showering of cum all over her tongue, mouth, and tits. Welcome to the business, Amanda.

Nikky is a blond, big boobed, super-fat corpulent slut that Chad has been longing to sample. Psyched up, he excitedly extricates her from her minuscule clothing, going after her monumental fun bags, licking and sucking them with adrenalized ardor. She then devours his prodigious prick, sucking him with ravenous, wolfish hunger. Not one to miss an opportunity, he gives her titanic tits an intense titty fucking before licking her bald honey pot, eliciting some appreciative moans. Ready for more, he vehemently plows his steely shaft into her garden of lecherous longings, making her mounds of fatty flesh undulate with every potent thrust. She then takes him for a raucous ride in cowgirl, her big, beautiful fat ass exuberantly humping his fuck-pole with fury as she moans ecstatically. Putting her in doggie, Chad pounds her like a junk yard dog, as her large pendulous breasts sway rhythmically while she moans, squeals, and begs for more. Moving her into spoon, he drills his pork sword into her juice box as she urges him to fuck her harder with impassioned moans. She then mounts his massive meat missile in reverse cowgirl, slamming her cunt onto his steely shaft with unbridled lust, moaning, panting, and screaming in whorish jubilation. Unable to hold back, he finally fires a jet stream of jism all over her face and into her mouth, leaving her looking like a well fucked glazed doughnut.

Gia’s a sizable, sexy wench who is doing her first scene with Eric, the lucky stiff! Not one to waste time with idle chit chat, he soon has her demonstrating her oral expertise on his dauntless dong, as she savors sucking him with epicurean delight while she fingers her clit. Eric reciprocates by licking her bald honey pot to fan the flames of her smoldering passions. Having warmed her up, he ardently plows his titanic tool into her garden of lascivious longing while she fingers her clit, moaning in ecstasy. Wanting more, she mounts his fuck-pole in cowgirl, her big fat ass exuberantly humping his turgid tool with impassioned determination as she races to some libidinous Avalon, moaning in delight. After sucking her slut juice from his dork, she resumes her wild ride in reverse cowgirl, earnestly slamming her bald cunt onto him, moaning in whorish rapture. Once in doggie, he vehemently slams his meat stick into her hungry hole, driving her into an intoxicated, dick-drunk revelry. He continues to pulverize her pussy in spoon, zealously drilling his beefy battering ram into her as she explodes in orgasmic splendor. Then he pulls out to shower her face with a copious coating of cum.

Becki’s a brunette, big boobed, bounteous BBW who has come to see Chad to satiate her carnal cravings. It doesn’t take long before she’s devouring his stony shaft, voraciously sucking him with sluttish, wolfish hunger, relishing his fucking her face. After some compulsory titty fucking, he vehemently plows his turgid tool into her bald garden of lecherous longings in missionary as she moans in whorish rapture and her abundant fleshy folds undulate with every virile thrust. They move into a brief but surreal doggie, in which she jiggles her ginormous ass while he spanks and fingers her as her fat rolls hypnotically and she gyrates. She then mounts his towering tool in cowgirl, her humongous ass humping his dingus with impassioned zeal, moaning with whorish jubilation. After she sucks her slut sauce off his dork, they return to doggie, and Chad slams his beefy battering ram into her with fiery fervor while she moans, whimpers, and squeals in orgiastic exultation. Moving into spoon, he drills his pork sword into as her mammoth jelly belly undulates with every thrust. Hungry for his joy juice, she sucks his dong until he covers her face with a copious coating of cum.

Stars: Amanda Foxxx, Becky Butterfly, Gia Star, Nikky Wilder

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Video: Verarscht

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Carmen Rivera Entertainment
Today the slave is literally “fucked” by his two mistresses Queen Jennifer Carter and Lady Carmen!
Lady Carmen is a guest with her “Fickobjekt” in the exclusive rooms of Queen Jennifer to try out the new sling. After his asshole has reached a certain volume, Queen Jennifer pushes in with her Bi-Boy. The constantly horny cock of Mr. P, who mercilessly keeps the fuck and blowhole of the slave busy.
The two strap-on queens are real bang buddies and professionals in the field of ass stretching. The new Strap-on, from Carmen Rivera’s Milan collection, has been strapped up and Queen Jennifer’s dildo collection, which she brought from, is in the ass of the slave, and gradually disappears.
Meanwhile, Mr P teaches the slave the proper leak training by letting him massage his asshole from the inside with his tongue until the juice splashes out of his cock.
Also the slave now has his long lasting erection no longer under control and while he can still suck at the foot of the mistress it suddenly and unexpectedly overcomes him… With erection disturbances is not to be counted on this afternoon in any case!

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Queen Jennifer Carter, Michelangelo, Mr. P

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Play Bondage For Me

Video: Play Bondage For Me

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California Star Productions

Here’s an unusual video with a twist to it. All you need is two girls, one man with a camera, lots of rope, a studio and you are in “The Game”. Our movie opens with one girl who is waiting for the photographer, who’s late, to arrive. Meanwhile, the second girl arrives and is told by the first girl that she’s the Photographer’s assistant.

“Now I would like to remove your clothes and sit in the chair.” She is bound by the “make believe” assistant. After she puts her through some bondage positions, the photographer finally arrives. He then asks “Why is that girl tiedup?” The tied up girl explains “Your assistant did this to me.” “What assistant? I don’t have one”, the photographer says as he looks around suspiciously. “I think there’s something funny going on here, and I’m going to spend the rest of the day finding out what. I am going to put both of you through some seriously tight bondage positions. I may suspend you from the ceiling. I might whip you. I have a whole day to do whatever I feel like doing to you both. I have a wonderful imagination so who knows what I might think up!!”

Stars: Roxanne, Tiffany

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Sex Dream Architect

Video: Sex Dream Architect

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When Eliza Jane gets the horrible news that her fiance died in a car accident, her best friend April O’Neil is there to console her. Eliza won’t stop moaning so April tells her people tend to get with someone else to make them feel better. Eliza is too devastated to hear about other people yet. April cradles her in her arms. They’ve been friends forever, April just wants to make her happy. But Eliza feels like her world is literally crumbling. In reality, Eliza and April are dreaming on the sofa while sex dream architect Kristen Scott is monitoring their brain waves. Kristen Scott is the genius who created the virtual reality which the girls are presently experiencing. Things are going fine, until Kristen’s partner announces his arrival home too loudly. His voice seeps into Eliza’s subconsciously and confuses her into believing Billy is still alive. Back in the dream, Eliza is listening to a voicemail from Billy letting her know he took out a life insurance policy in case of his death. He wants her to move on with someone else and be happy. April kisses her and promises her she’ll always be her best friend. She just wants to make her feel better. Eliza lets her kiss her some more. April slowly gets Eliza undressed and dots her body with lingering kisses. Relaxed and aroused now, Eliza admits that she always wanted to see her best friend’s tits. April takes the lead in licking Eliza’s pussy. After cumming in her mouth, Eliza lets April straddle her face. The big titted brunette grinds her bush against Eliza’s tongue, then she comforts Eliza by tribbing her pussy. Meanwhile, back in their actual reality, Kristen is making herself cum while she watches the lesbians fuck through her VR lenses. Pleased with her work, she rouses April from her slumber and asks if she got what she needed. She gives her thirty seconds till Eliza wakes up. They arrange to meet later for the payment.

Karla Kush is pregnant but she is not seeing the baby’s father anymore. Her mother is mad at her for getting pregnant in Thailand. Karla is feeling alone and without a female role model when her mother’s best friend Mona Wales surprises her with a visit. The women catch up on Karla’s bed. Mona can’t take her hands off Karla’s pregnant belly. She offers to rub her feet. Karla gets comfortable on the bed and Mona describes how much harder her pregnancy was on her body. Karla confesses how tough it is being on her own. She hasn’t had sex since she got pregnant. Mona asks her if she’s heard of orgasmic births. She remembers having the most powerful orgasms during that time. She offers to give Karla an orgasm, but Karla thinks it would be awkward given her friendship with her mother. Mona insists on standing by her like her mother should be doing. She convinces Karla to let her anoint her glowing pregnant body with oil, then Mona removes her dress to avoid getting staining it with oil. Mona caresses Karla’s swollen belly and large breasts, which are also swollen from preparing for lactation. Her nipples are dark and hard. Mona asks if she can kiss her belly. She also licks her belly and her feet. Soon, Karla is moaning with pleasure. She takes off Karla’s panties and begins to do energy work on her pussy. Karla spreads wide for her deep pussy massage. She brings her mouth to her puffy clit and sucks on it. Mona’s still hungry for Karla’s cum so she lets her sit on her face and ride out an orgasm on her tongue. Amazed at how good she made her feel, Karla devours Mona’s pussy in return. Karla plants her wet pussy on Mona’s and tribs her until they both cum. Karla feasts on Mona’s delectable pussy until she emits one more rattling cum! Think this will be the first of many visits? Click to find out!

When roommate Anna De Ville blares music in her bedroom, topless Kat Dior stops masturbating to tell her to turn it down. Kat encourages shy Anna to go out with some friends since it’s Saturday night, but Anna would rather stay home. When Kat presses her shy roommate further, Anna admits that she met a girl at a punk concert. Kat is taken aback and tells Anna to show her what she plans on doing with this girl she’s supposedly seeing. Anna doesn’t know what she means, or why she’s naked. Kat pounces on Anna and shimmies off her plaid shirt and bra. She kisses her lips and breasts seductively, before pulling off her panties. She licks an orgasm from her pussy, then flips her over and eats out her ass while Anna fingers herself. Kat plunges her fingers inside Anna’s pussy, then Anna follows suit, finger fucking Kat till she squirts all over the bed! Anna gyrates her face between Kat’s legs making her cum again. Then Kat fingers Anna till her pussy erupts in a fountain of squirt! The lesbians 69, then Kat’s grinds Anna’s pussy, before making her cum in her mouth!

After April O’Neil hires sex dream architect Kristen Scott to plant an idea in her best friend Eliza Jane’s mind, she goes to her house to cover the compensation. Kristen drags her inside after she recites the password. April is concerned with any long term after effects the experience might have on Eliza. Kristen blows off her worries more interested in hearing how her pussy tastes. April has lots of questions about Kristen’s amazing virtual reality technology. Apparently, Kristen’s a grad student working on a human interface technology. She’s in charge of locking up the equipment at night and can’t say more than that. Typically she would charge big bucks for the service, but she’s willing to waive the usual fee if April agrees to hang out for the night. When Kristen asks if April is into girls that aren’t her best friend, April lets her kiss her to find out. But April can’t stop thinking about Eliza and if she’ll be traumatized. Kristen reassures her that she’s fine and kisses her again. April wants to know how she can tell if this moment with Kristen is a dream or not. Kristen laughs because she gets that question all the time. She teaches her trick. She hands her a spinning top. If it keeps spinning, it’s a dream. If it topples over, it’s reality. The spinning top topples over, and April and Kristen return to their necking. Kristen gets April undressed, then she licks her pussy till she cums in her mouth. Kristen lies her lithe body on top of April then crawls up to her mouth. After April’s busy tongue releases Kristen’s orgasm, Kristen eats her ass then tribs her pussy. The stuff that dreams are made of!

Stars: Anna De Ville, April O’Neil, Eliza Jane, Karla Kush, Kat Dior, Kristen Scott, Mona Wales

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