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Juan hired a maid to come to the house, but when she shows up she looks more like a hot BBW stripper than a cleaning lady. He tries to avoid looking at her thick body and huge tits while she cleans up the kitchen, but Juans’s about to find out that the only person hornier than him is his sexy BBW maid.

Alyson and her boyfriend JB friend are being real peeping toms when they spy on their neighbor through the window. All the hot steamy action has gotten Alyson all worked up. Her pussy is starting to drip and her nipples are as hard as glass. Soon enough these two are going at it. JB sucks on her tits, eats her we pussy and fucks her tight BBW pussy until Alyson is screaming with ecstasy.

Erin has had a shitty day at work so she goes home early to release some stress. She decides a good orgasm would do the trick so she begins to masturbate with her favorite toy. Just as she is about to cum Juan walks in the room, killing the moment and ruining her orgasm. Erin’s not too happy about that and gets Juan to give her back the orgasm he stole from her.

JB is concerned about Cotton who hasn’t been to work in a few days and hasn’t been answering her phone. He rings the bell and out comes Cotton dressed in a super sexy outfit, holding in those massive jugs on her chest. Apparently Cotton has been perfectly find all along. She just wanted her boss to come checkup on her. JB, somewhat irate at this point, but Cotton is able to calm him down. This is where this visit turns very wild for both parties. JB gives her a huge veiny dick to play with. After fucking her mouth and throat in a sloppy two-handed blowjob, JB bends Cotton over and pounds that pussy so hard. After Cotton jumps on top and rides JB’s dick, she drops on her knees for the tit shot.

Stars: Alyson Galen, Cotton Candi, Eliza Allure, Erin Green , JB Rodeo, Juan Largo

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