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MelonJuggler Productions
Kore Goddess is addicted to anal sex. She has a fantasy about Chance the Stallion and dreamt of what it would feel like to have something so big and deep in her ass. Kore found a company that made a life size replica of her favorite fantasy cock and now we can watch her living her dream. But that’s clearly not enough for her one big fantasy toy was all it needed to get her aroused so next it’s a huge fantasy tentacle in her ass and a cock in her pussy simultaneously and last of all she gets all her holes filled together so she is airtight. It’s time for Chance the Stallion, Dr. Arts cock and a sex machine to fuck her like crazy and cover her with cum. if you dream of watching a real life slut having her ass filled with fantasy toys and fucked senseless then you need to buy this DVD.

Stars: Kore Goddess, Dr. Art

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