Nia Nacci

Nia Nacci @ Nia Nacci has a fetish for semen: Sperm…Jizz…Cum. The more on her face — and down her throat — the better! Smear it all over her beautiful ebony tits! Blast it all over her ass and back! The more the better! But there’s a problem. Her boyfriend only has one set of balls, and they needs some rest from time to time, especially if they’re empty! What’s a fellah gonna do to keep her lady happy? Bring in some pals, of course! He’s going to keep…

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Ivory Logan

Ivory Logan @ Ivory Logan is a “madame”…but not the kind of madame you’re thinking. She doesn’t pimp girls, Ivory pimps gigolos! That’s right! Ivory sends handsome, young men to the mansions of Beverly Hills…mansions owned by lonely, older woman who don’t want to use “apps” or the internet in order to find men to escort them to dinner. And more! Today, Ivory’s got two new studs to interview, and you guessed it: she’s going to have to “test” the two men before she hires them! They’re going to…

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Arie Faye

Arie Faye @ Arie Faye is on her way to a date. Her man, Malik, is taking her to dinner and a movie. Before she gets to Malik, there’s one stop to make: booty call! Arie and Malik haven’t been having sex…for a while. And then they did, Arie was disappointed. “They say all black men are well-endowed, but I’m here to tell you that ain’t true!”, Arie tells all her girlfriends. “It’s white dick for me!” And Arie’s booty call is a handsome white boy who’s packing serious…

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Maya Bijou

Maya Bijou @ Maya Bijou loves teasing her step-dad. She started right when he married Maya’s mom…right when she turned 18. Maya was immediately attracted to him. Soon, she was wearing panties and see-through wife beaters around the house, smiling as she’d watch step-dad become aroused. Maya also knows step-dad loves watching dirty movies. She’s heard moans coming from the bedroom while her mom is out of town. Speaking of that, mom’s on another business trip, Maya can hear step-dad’s moans…and Maya wants to borrow his car to go…

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Mistress For Hire

Video: Mistress For Hire

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California Star Productions
The darkly beautiful young Talia eagerly wants to learn more about the bondage scene in LA. Thumbing through the latest copy of “Fetish Times” she sees an ad for the Neo-Gothic “Mistress Margarite”. Her fingers quickly dial the phone number and a date is made! On arrival Mistress Margarite shows our novice the ropes…She is soon tied up in several hot bondage positions. Talia then offers the Mistress a bonus if she will submit to Talia’s bondage! Not one to say no, the flexible Mistress is then placed in several uncompromising positions.

Stars: Margarite Laroux, Talia Monet

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