Chicks Getting Whipped

Video: Chicks Getting Whipped

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Mr. Skin

Get ready to whip it, whip real good as you check out this playlist chock full of chicks shucking their clothes and cracking the whip. It’s a bit intimidating at first, but once you see boobs, bush, and butt, you’ll enjoy the ride. Get crackin’ and watch this playlist!

Julie Strain goes full frontal while whipping some topless chicks in 13 Erotic Ghosts,

Lavender Rayne shows complete nudity while getting whipped in The Sex Merchants,

Ahmo Hight jiggles her jugs on stage in Inside Club Wild Side,

Danielle Ciardi makes with the T&A in The Story of O: Untold Pleasures,

Sandy Carey teases her ta-tas in Sassy Sue,

Tanya Ferova wows us with her flawless three B’s in Terror,

Paola Montenero is three B fine in Il mondo porno di due sorelle,

Ovidie provides some boobage for a dude’s viewing pleasure in Mortel transfert,

Anzhelika Nevolina teases her T&A in Of Freaks and Men,

Yoko gives up every inch of her tight body in The Sidewalks of Bangkok,

Eliza Borecka and another hot chick goes full frontal in taken unknowingly by the Daleks,

Ann Pepper gives us a dash of T&A in Olga’s Girls,

Isabella Chow has no choice but to show us her boobs, butt, and backburger in Sex and Zen,

Claudia Cepeda wows us with complete nudity in Story of O, the Series,

Lesli Kay Sterling unveils her hooters in Petticoat Planet,

Michelle McLaren gives us a great view at her faux funbags in Brüno,

Debbie D gives us a healthy dose of complete nudity in Black Ribbon,

Eleonore Melzer loses her PVC outfit and unleashes complete nudity in Drei Lederhosen in St. Tropez,

Danielle Ciardi serves up her massive mams and tight butt while get leztastic in The Story of O: Untold Pleasures,

Monet Mazur brings her boots and boobs in Stoned,

Rebecca Brooke blows a dude and teases some flesh in The Image,

and Mina Asami shares a glance or two at her mini mams and ass in Female Prisoner: Caged!

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Lesbian Femdom 83

Video: Lesbian Femdom 83

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Kinky Europe Productions
The wonderfully cruel Princess Nikki is back for more fun! This time she’s hooked up with Afina Kiss for a toe sucking good time! Princess Nikki takes it right to Afina and sucks on her delicious –looking toes and feet! Eventually, Nikki goes down on Afina and her sensational pussy!

Stars: Afina Kisser, Princess Nikki

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Teens In The Woods – Marsha May

Video: Teens In The Woods - Marsha May

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Fetish Network

Gotta love the scams these teenage girls come up with for the sake of partying. Marsha May and her friend Lydia Black head out to a remote cabin in the Old North Woods to buy some fake I.D.’s that say they’re 21. They even decide to bring a cake to celebrate their phony 21st birthdays. The girls make out in the woods, and lesbian sex is imminent, but a masked lunatic has his own plans for the girls and chases them. Marsha soon becomes lost in the dark scary woods, but lucky for her, and even luckier for Ranger Brick, she finds his cabin. Ranger Brick is reluctant to cut into his vacation time to help her. Marsha tells Brick she’ll do anything if he helps her and lets her stay the night.

Master Brick ties Marsha’s wrists with rope and her sex slave training begins. A deepthroat blowjob with cake and sprinkles is just what Master Brick needs to get in the mood to humiliate Marsha with rough sex and BDSM. Marsha’s shapely ass gets spanked hard and her big tits and little pink nipples look great bouncing and jiggling as Brick fucks her in doggie, missionary and piledriver positions before unleashing a big load of jizz on her face and throwing her out into the night, naked and banged to bits.

Stars: Lydia Black, Marsha May, Brick Danger

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Cougars & Cuckolds 2

Video: Cougars & Cuckolds 2

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Kick Ass
How to Keep your Cougar Wife Happy? You thought the idea of having money and keeping her satisfied in bed would make her happy. You are seriously wrong! Well, it’s not her, it’s you. Your small pecker didn’t do the job. Now you’re the guy that has to suck another man’s cock and watch your wife get fucked by that same big dick! Don’t worry we hear it gets easier the next time.

Stars: Helena Locke, Katie Morgan

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Las 4 Sombras Del Placer

Video: Las 4 Sombras Del Placer

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Ruidher Productions
Who needs 50 shades of grey when you can have The 4 Shadows of Pleasure!? These kinky couples are ready to add a little spice to their love lives and inviting you to join them! Nora, Cristina, Carmen and Kiara are playfully submitting and walking the darker side of desire. Gags, crops, ass spanking, restraints and even anal penetration are just some of the raunchy acts these couples enact in four hardcore, ball draining scenes!

Stars: Carmen, Cristina, Kiara, Nora, El Rat, Javi, Jose, Bono

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