Terri’s After-School Special

Terri’s After-School Special

Terri's After-School Special

“I bet you boys could teach me a thing or two,” says Terri Jane as she loosens the tie of her sexy schoolgirl uniform, a very traditionally British little number that she looks ready to rip apart. The plaid skirt. The white cotton panties, the knee-high stockings. A super-hot look. Terri’s rounded mounds strain the fabric of her bra and tight, white dress shirt. We bet that Terri could teach us a thing or three!

“Do you like my uniform, guys?” Terri asks. “Do you want to see what I’ve got under this shirt?”

This is our kind of after-school special. Terri’s tits and ass need freedom. She’d much rather do a striptease for us and squeeze and rub her gorgeous, huge tits than crack a book and write a report on her notebook. She’s too happy and giggly to spend the afternoon studying some boring lesson. She’s happier when she can let guys study her anatomy.

“So hot in here. Just wanna get naked, I think. Such a naughty girl.” Terri needs to spank her ass for being a naughty English schoolgirl and thinking about sex instead of reading. Knees on her chair, panty-covered butt to the camera, Terri disciplines her tush cheeks. Now that’s true school spirit.

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