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The Perfect Plumper 4

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Haley is a bubbly, horny, bounteous BBW, with some massive 38K boobage, who’s anxious to take Eric for a spin. Like a deer in the headlights, he’s enthralled by her titanic tits, burying his face in her massive mammaries and then briskly titty fucking them before she sensually sucks his savory sausage with sluttish epicurean delight. Ready for more, he fervently plows his titanic tool into her fur-covered garden of decadent delights as she moans ecstatically and her mountainous mounds of flesh undulate with every virile thrust. She then mounts his towering tool in cowgirl, her big beautiful fat ass ardently humping him with unbridled passions. After sucking her slut juice from his dingus, she resumes her wild ride in reverse cowgirl, slamming her hungry harlot’s hole onto him with impassioned zeal and moaning in orgiastic exultation. Once in doggie, Eric pounds his monster cock into her with fury, driving her into a moaning sexual delirium, begging for more. Rolling her into spoon, he vehemently drills his donkey dick into her as she fingers her clit, moaning in whorish rapture until he pulls out to drench her ginormous tits with a monsoon of creamy cum.

Moon Baby is a tattooed, pierced, big-boobed, brunette corpulent cutie doing her very first scene ever with Eric, our stud du jour. Eric suavely whips out his hard donkey dick in front of her, bringing a big smile to her face before she sensually savors sucking it with epicurean delight. As she fingers her clit, she ravenously devours his dauntless dong with wolfish hunger. Eric then licks her bald honey pot, inducing moaning whimpers of ecstatic joy before he ardently plows his joy stick into her garden of lecherous longings as she frenetically fingers her engorged clit, begging for more while moaning in orgiastic exultation. He titty fucks her giant jugs before she mount his fuck-pole in cowgirl, her big fat ass wildly humping him with unbridled lust while she moans ecstatically. After sucking her slut sauce off his dork, she resumes her wild ride in reverse cowgirl, ferociously slamming her gluttonous cunt onto his cock and exploding in a long, volcanic, screaming, body-convulsing orgasm. Once in doggie, he pounds his prodigious prick into her voracious cunt while she fingers her clit, moaning, whimpering, and cursing as he drives her into a dick- whorish rapture with a torrential, screaming, all-consuming orgasm bursting forth. He continues to probe her pussy in spoon, fiercely drilling his prick into her with impassioned zeal, prompting an orgasmic tsunami to engulf her. Eric rewards her with a cum facial, spewing his joy juice into and all over mouth and tits, leaving her glazed and dazed.

Bella’s a brunette, tons-of-fun, round ‘n’ raunchy fat girl who wants Chad to give her the good, hard fucking she has been craving, and he’s happy to oblige. She wastes no time in ravenously devouring his potent prick, sucking him with wolfish, sluttish hunger, gagging as she shoves every stony inch all the way down her gullet, relishing his commanding way of face fucking her. Chad vigorously drills his steely shaft into her gluttonous hole in spoon as she frantically fingers her clit, her massive mounds of flesh rippling and bellowing with every virile thrust while she moans ecstatically. Moving into the driver’s seat, her big fat ass ferociously humps his turgid tool in cowgirl, moaning in sluttish jubilation as she begs him to fuck her ass. After sucking her slut sauce from his dingus, she gets into doggie as Chad barbarically pounds his prodigious prick into her tight little asshole and her moans and screams of unbridled passions fill the room, ushering in a screaming, squealing, all-consuming orgasm. He continues his anal ramming in spoon, zealously drilling his dingus into her back alley with ardent zeal as she moans, screams, and squeals with whorish delight until he finally pulls out to shower her face with monsoon of creamy cum, leaving her happy, glazed, and dazed.

Stazi is big-boobed, redheaded, sex-crazed horny BBW who has come to partake of Jay’s humongous horse cock to satisfy her voracious sexual appetites. Jay kisses, licks, and fondles her mountainous mounds of fatty flesh before she devours his donkey dick, sucking him with ravenous hunger. Jay can’t resist titty fucking her monumental mammaries before he lays her down to lick her bald gluttonous pussy and asshole, fanning the flames of her smoldering passions into a raging inferno. He then brutishly pummels her pussy with his beefy battering ram as her fabulous fleshy mounds undulate with every potent thrust and she begs for more, moaning ecstatically. After she sucks her slut juice from his dork, he vehemently pounds his prodigious prick into her in doggie as she moans in whorish jubilation. Mounting his towering tool in cowgirl, her big beautiful fat ass exuberantly humps him with unbridled lust. Laying her into spoon, Jay diligently drills his massive meat stick into her tight, puckered asshole while she fingers her clit, moaning and whimpering in whorish rapture, begging for more. Jay continues his anal probing in a sort of side missionary, pile driving his titanic tool into her bunghole, driving her into an intoxicated, dick- sexual delirium. Having done his duty, he pulls out, showering a monsoon of cum onto her humongous tits.

Stars: Bella Bendz, Hayley Jane, Moon Baby, Stazi, Chad Diamond, Eric John, J. Crew

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