Superiority Complex 3

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Meanbitch Productions

These bitches are mean, just the way you like it! Courtney Taylor, Nina Elle, Sarah Banks, and Savana Styles assert their dominance over mankind by making men their bitches!

Miss Elle is a mean boss. Marcelo made a spelling mistake so she slaps his face and then orders one of the other employees to beat the shit out of him. She makes him crawl on the floor, lick her feet, and kiss her ass to keep his job!

Jack’s new secretary Sarah Banks is black, bossy, and bitchy! She has no interest in working for him… instead she makes him work for her, as her ass licker and foot cleaner.

Marcelo borrowed money from loan shark Miss Styles. Now he has to pay her back, with his life. From now he will be a useful servant for her.

Jason has been fantasizing about licking his secretary’s asshole. When Courtney Taylor gets mad at him and tells him to kiss her ass, he falls to his knees and begs to do it. She knows exactly how to handle a submissive little bitch!

Stars: Courtney Taylor, Nina Elle, Sarah Banks, Savana Styles, Jack Vegas, Jason Katana, Marcelo

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