Getting ass-fucked makes Erica happy

Getting ass-fucked makes Erica happy

Getting ass-fucked makes Erica happy

For Erica Lauren, a 57-year-old wife and swinger from California (born in New Orleans, Louisiana), it doesn’t matter where the cum shot lands. Cum on her face. Cum in her ass. Cum in her pussy. Cum on her tits. In this case, the stud, who has a big cock, shoots his load all over her face, which is fine with Erica. But what’s important is…

“He fucked me hard and he fucked me good,” she said. “First he fucked my pussy, then he fucked my ass, and I swear, I felt every vein in his cock while he was pumping me. It felt so good!”

Glad to hear that, Erica. Sure, we’re here to make our members happy, but we also like when our models have a good time. Erica always has a good time when she’s having sex on-camera.

“I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it,” she said.

Erica says, “I’m just a normal, everyday person who just happens to have sex on-camera. Several years ago, I got into porn pretty much on a whim, and it’s been a wonderful experience ever since. My nature is to be outgoing, and I love to laugh and have everyone around me laughing, too.”

And jacking, too. Laughing and jacking…what a way to live!

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