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The Three Knot Challenge

Video: The Three Knot Challenge

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MelonJuggler Productions
Dr Art and Kore Goddess throw down the gauntlet to these plump and curvy ladies. Who can take all three sizes of knot shaped dildos? Our three ladies attempt to stretch their pussies in order to win the surprise of getting fucked by Chance the wonder dick who will fill them up and spurt cum all over bellies, tits and pussies. Kore and Lila start us off with some hot lesbian action getting themselves wet and ready, Eliza Allure is next and Kore makes sure she has her gushing for that big white knot and finally Mistress Sophie St James sets about spanking Kore’s ample ass before she too takes on the challenge.

Stars: Eliza Allure, Kore Goddess, Lila Lovely, Sophia St. James

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