Kink University – Cleo Dubois Presents Flogging 101

Video: Kink University - Cleo Dubois Presents Flogging 101

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Cleo Dubois presents the basics of sensual flogging. With her demo bottom, Nerine Mechanique, she demonstrates how you can use a flogger to explore and excite the body’s wide range and capacity for pleasure, from light touch to strong sensations, often mislabeled as pain. In addition to flogger selection advice, safety, timing, and effective flogging stances and swings, Cleo explains how skilled flogging can create a wonderful energy exchange that will send you and your partner flying. With informed consent, focused intent and a few floggers, you and your partner will have new tools for sharing energy from sweet to fiery. About Cleo Dubois Mentor, BDSM/kink coach and community player, Cleo has been teaching kinksters how to play well with others almost as long as she’s been playing herself! She created the Academy of SM Arts to dispel the myths surrounding SM and Fetish, helping folks explore their erotic fantasies in a mutually satisfying way. Rooted in leather, her work focuses on connecting heat, heart and spirit. Photos for this tutorial include a set with step-by-step captions.

Stars: Cleo Dubois, Nerine Mechanique

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