Close To a Virgin

Close To a Virgin

Close To a Virgin

Helena isn’t a virgin. She made sure to tell us that when she contacted us. But she’s the first to admit that she doesn’t have a lot of experience. “I’ve only had sex once. I’ve only given one blowjob, too. I had a lot of fun, but I’m ready to explore and figure out more things,” she told us.

We asked Helena what position she prefers. She couldn’t come up with an answer. “I have only done it in missionary. When I read magazines, they recommend doggie-style because it will help the woman orgasm. I still haven’t had one of those yet, but I want one badly. I can’t get myself to that point alone. I need a man to help me achieve one!

“When I gave my first blowjob, I was surprised by how easy it was. At first, the guy told me to stop using my teeth. Once I figured out how to do that, the rest was easy. He was moaning and squirming until he finally came. It was the first moment that I felt like a powerful, sexy woman.”

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