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Bound To Please Volume 555

Video: Bound To Please Volume 555

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G.D. Douglass

She’s blindfolded in the dungeon- stripped and spread for inspection! Then the training really begins! Flogged, suspended, nipple clamps, gagged and bound- placed on a pedestal to be sold for auction. She’s ordered to pose for her buyers (you) with a series of spread leg spread cheek show pink prove its a girl poses!

Mr. Len’s day job is the manager of a department store. When our lovely shoplifter is caught on videotape, she’s given the classic choice of calling the police or submitting to a strip search. Then what follows is 100 licks with the leather belt and a finale of an over the knee bare bottom spanking. A very red butt and a very wet pussy all in this one video!

Stars: Nika, Master Len

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