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Roxy & Veronica Get Flogged & Chained

Video: Roxy & Veronica Get Flogged & Chained

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A Wizard of Ass
Spanking, bondage, enemas and sex for Roxy & Veronica!

Veronica returns to her Master with a new girl in tow, a friend named Roxy. Roxy is new to S/M, enemas and anal play. To her surprise, she likes heavy spanking/paddling, and can take a good amount. But anal play scares her a lot! By contrast, Veronica loves enemas and can take a monster-sized metal nozzle without blinking…

Veronica’s Master spanks and paddles both girls. Then he hogties them together, fucks them in every hole, and gives them 2 rounds of simultaneous enemas – which they expel sharing one toilet side-by-side.

To finish up, simultaneous enemas for both girls while they’re tied up together on a table, with a spandex hood imprisoning Roxy’s head. Afterwards, they expel this latest enema into buckets and on the toilet.

Stars: Veronica, Roxy, Andre Chance

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