Reverse Gang Bang

Video: Reverse Gang Bang

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Minx Productions
Blake’s job as an office manager only gets more difficult when his curvy, kinky assistants decide to teach him a lesson! All three dominant ladies strap on their cocks and ravish every hole he has! Blake is bound, stretched, and made to worship. The action culminates in multiple immense squirting orgasms!

Stars: Jewell Marceau, Selina Minx, Grace Marie, Slave Blake

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Nude Best Actress Oscar Winners

Video: Nude Best Actress Oscar Winners

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Mr. Skin

Some Oscar winners really know how to show off their trophies! Enjoy some golden globes with Mr. Skin’s Nude Best Actress Oscar Winners.

Halle Berry exposes her chest berries, front fur, and bodacious booty during an all out sex fest in Monster’s Ball,

Charlize Thero n bares her magnificent moist mounds in a bathtub scene for Head in the Clouds,

Susan Hayward’s nipple becomes a star when it slips out of her dress during a dance scene in With a Song in My Heart,

Sophia Loren unveils some ultra-rare hooters wearing a see-through costume in Looking for Sophia,

Julie Andrews shows her hills are alive by ripping off her top to show her lung buttons in S.O.B.,

Julie Christie provides plenty of shots of her perky pair, pelt, and posterior during a marathon hump session in Don’t Look Now,

Maggie Smith flashes brief left funbags while getting undressed in California Suite,

Glenda Jackson delivers her delicious domes when she pulls off her nightgown in Women in Love,

Jane Fonda floats out her impressive set in zero gravity in Barbarella,

Ellen Burstyn bursts out her bazongas and box while leaping out of bed in Tropic of Cancer,

Faye Dunaway shows ravishing rackage as she hurriedly strips off her clothes to get laid in Network,

Diane Keaton gives a dark look at her dainty dingleboppers while getting her carpet munched in Looking for Mr. Goodbar,

Sally Field shows off her tan lined tush and a hint of side boob while wandering around nude in Stay Hungry,

Sissy Spacek bares boobs, buns, and bush while slowly sudsing herself in the shower in Carrie,

Meryl Streep flashes her mammage while getting out of bed in Silkwood,

Shirley MacLaine gets her shirt pulled off and her heavy hooters fondled in Desperate Characters,

Marlee Matlin takes out her pearly pair in bed for In Her Defense,

Jodie Foster flashes a fuzzy look at her mini-mams through the shower door then reveals them fully while reaching for a towel in Backtrack,

Jessica Tandy heralds her hind-out as she takes a skinny dip in the ocean with Bridget Fonda in Camilla,

Kathy Bates reveals her rubenesque rack and back stack while hot-tubing nude in About Schmidt,

Tons of T&A from Emma Thompson as she gets screwed on every possible surface in The Tall Guy,

Holly Hunter bends over to show rare rear backburger and petite peaks in The Piano,

Jessica Lange shows off every luscious inch as a soused starlet in Frances,

Susan Sarandon opens her top for a photo shoot and pinches her pink-tipped peepers in Pretty Baby,

Frances McDormand lifts her shirt to flashes her perky peaches to some dudes in Laurel Canyon,

Helen Hunt dances out her danglers and a glimpse of seat meat in The Waterdance,

Gwyneth Paltrow’s delicate dumplings make an award winning appearance in Shakespeare in Love,

Hilary Swank gets her pants pulled off to reveal a bush that is all woman in Boys Don’t Cry,

Julia Roberts doffs her top for a quick flash of flesh playing a prostitute in Pretty Woman,

Nicole Kidman shows off adorable ass and perfect rack while getting fondled in front of a mirror in Eyes Wide Shut,

Reese Witherspoon bares her pert pieces while lounging in bed in Twilight,

Helen Mirren shows some serious hootage and amazing upper butt posing as an artist’s model in Age of Consent,

Marion Cotillard indulges in a long scene showing her succulent suckers and hairy happy valley while getting banged in Pretty Things,

Kate Winslet reveals her voluptuous all natural form while getting polished on a kitchen table in The Reader,

and finally Natalie Portman bares her rare rear port while getting undressed in Hotel Chevalier.

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A sun dress. A very simple, floral-pattern sun dress. There is absolutely nothing sexy or overtly sexual about the dress Karina is wearing in these pictures. In fact, if the average girl wore it, you probably wouldn’t give her a second look. But Karina is not the average girl, and on her, once again, simple becomes spectacular.

We’ve seen Karina in super-tight, cleavage-revealing sweaters and sexy lingerie. We’ve seen her as a vamp, and we’ve seen her as a slut. But these pictures truly reveal. What makes Karina so special; Her ability to make anything look sexy.

But Karina has a secret that she was willing to reveal to us: No matter what she wears, she likes to have on at least one thing that’s sexy on its own, even if that thing isn’t visible to casual observers on the street. And in this case, that something sexy is her underwear. The bra is a vintage push-up. Instead of panties she’s wearing a sheer mini-skirt that beautiful accents her womanly hips.

“Wearing something sexy makes me feel sexy,” Karina said.

There are other notables in this photo set, too, such as Karina’s gaping pussy and spread-wide asshole. But what makes these photos special is Karina turning the ordinary into extraordinary. She can do it every time.

See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!

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Under Construction

Under Construction

Under Construction

And you wanted to know why labor costs are so high for construction budgets today. It’s because the female workers like Kerry Marie are playing with their great, big, greasy tits instead of laying the foundation. And the bloody male workers are too busy watching her and wanking while she does it. It’s no surprise that these filthy punters are spunking off over Kerry’s antics when they should be laying pipe! Look! Look! Ten minutes in and a dirty minger is pawing her oily jugs with his grabby hands! No wonder we’re behind schedule! And who the bloody hell authorized a bloody dildo to be attached to a drill to make a drill-do? That’s clearly against the union rules. It’s enough to drive a construction foreman to go for a box lunch! (This video is part of the DVD Busty Kerry Marie Volume 2.)

See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!

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Boob Dominatrix

Boob Dominatrix

Boob Dominatrix

Welcome to Mistress Arianna’s Dungeon, where we get to see a side of Arianna few people have ever seen: fetish Arianna dressed in leather and latex, wearing a skull-and-crossbones, showing her dominatrix side. Wouldn’t you love to be dominated by Arianna? Actually, these photos are not far from reality.

“I usually initiate sex,” Arianna said. “I love to be in command. But once it starts, I like the man to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I like him to tell me what he wants and do what he wants with me. But sometimes, I will take control. I love to shake my boobs in a man’s face and see his reaction. One time, I tried to smother a man with my boobs. I was afraid I was going to hurt him, but he kept pulling me into him, like he wanted me to smother him some more. Of course, that got me very turned on, and we had wonderful sex.”

So listen to your mistress, men. On your knees! Suck her tits the way she tells you to. Eat her pussy as she demands. Believe us, the pleasure will be all yours.

See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!

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Two big black cocks for the golden girl

Two big black cocks for the golden girl

Two big black cocks for the golden girl

“This is a big day for me,” Jewel says at the start of this scene. “I’ve just had a fantasy forever to have two guys with big cocks for me to suck and to fuck. And I think I’ve got the right two guys!”

Two guys with a hard-on? That’ll do for Jewel, who, as usual, looks so classy, so Southern belle-like, but before long, she’s rubbing Lucas and Asante’s crotches and then she’s eating their cocks.

“There are times when the thing I most want to do is just suck cock,” she told us. “Not fuck. Not kiss. Not have my pussy eaten. Just suck cock. It’s very enjoyable. And suck balls, of course. When I’m sucking a guy’s balls, I can tell by his response if that’s a particularly sensitive area, and if he likes it, he’s going to moan or breathe heavier, and I can feel the twitch in the cock, so it’s a matter of exploring and finding out what feels good to the guy whose cock you’re sucking.”

Jewel takes turns sucking the guys’ dicks, and when her old pussy is getting fucked by one dick, she’s sucking the other one, and wouldn’t you know it, these guys fuck the class right out of Jewel.

“I’ve been called a slut,” Jewel said, “and I got upset because I thought the guy was demeaning me, but the gentleman explained, ‘No, that’s not it at all. You are the most classy slut.’ They love the connotation of slut, but they wouldn’t want a slut unless it’s their personal slut.”

Got that?

See More of Jewel at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!

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